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9/11/21 NCL cruise to Alaska - Any swingers cruising along with us. - Are there any swingers cruising to Alaska in this cruise. Cruise ends the 18th

weight approperate - -

Then Don "De Libertine" said...

Well, like age, lifestyle, hygiene and other physical attributes, weight is subject to an individual's taste. We are all unique in what we desire and while some do not mind overweight people, some do. Should we fault them? One should think not. We should just find those we are most compatible with. I am a bigger guy (230) and I do not expect any woman to "get" with me just because they show interest in being friends. The sex part of this is a reward that comes after both parties have established where they stand in the meeting or friendship. Just because we are all "Swingers" doesn't mean we lack taste. Swingers couple are single people X 2 in regard to sex. Meaning as a single you don't look for any ole piece of ass that comes along. You try and find what you consider a hottie. Same goes if you are looking as a couple. Can you be friends without fucking??? SURE! Can you be friends you are not attracted to??? YES!!!! I say again... Suck up and drive on. There's a couple out there for you. Keep diggin :-) -D-

Friend collectors or swingers - - [quote=COUPLE801801]We agree. #1 we dont accept blind friend requests #2 if we take time to message you and you ONLY send back a friend request, dont wast our time. #3 if you are on our friends list, we do kinda expect to keep in touch even if its periodically.[/quote] I think those are pretty common ideas here. We take it a bit further in that we only keep people in our friends list if we have a rather immediate desire to meet up (next few weeks); with covid, that has kept our friends list very small.

Place to Hang out and Play - Have an Idea - It surely seams that the number of swingers in Utah is LARGE. I have heard some thing before like, (Utah has the most subscriptions to sexy magazines per capita) and that the numbers of swingers in Utah is in the top 5 on the list. So with all those people how is it Utah is still so controlling of what the people want? Here in Florida we have ON PREMISE clubs that are completely legal. Yes every now and then the news tries to gain a few points with the religious WRONG. For the most part if the club keeps it's nose clean everyone else stays out of it. We also have house parties and places called house parties that are 3 days a week every week. It's by invitation only and you BYO-drinks, a dish to pass and most donate to the cause. Keep in mind these are BY INVITATION ONLY... Meaning if you don't donate you may never be invited back. The owners DO live there and have regular bills sent to these homes. There are some that move around from hotel to hotel also. By invitation only... About a year ago a house party was busted out in the sticks. A few people were harassed by the local news jerks. Since then that TV station has lost a large number of people watching them due to their ON CAMERA BS... We are members of an ON PREMISE club in Port Richey, Fl. The police have been trying to find a reason to shut our doors a few times. 1st go around was people that lived in the vicinity. This brought on an investigation and the TV NEWS CREWS. They interviewed many of the homeowners and also the people in the stores below the club. Well the neighborhood wanted us out and the store owners wanted us to stay pointing out how clean and decent things have been since the BAR upstairs became a nice quiet swingers club. About 6 months or so ago the TV NEWS crews were at it again. This time the people in the neighborhood watch all around the club had said their crime rate had dropped like a rock. NO reports of anyone ever needing the police or an ambulance and no homeless people hanging around trying to sponge off people anymore either. Also no broken bottles in the parking lot. So now the locals are happy with us... Go figure...

Swingers in China - Doh! - - [b][i][/i][/b]It's nice to know that even in a "godless communist state" they suffer with the same crazy morality police that at times try and take all the fun out of life.[b][i][/i][/b] I wonder if some of the people form Utah (of Georgia, Florida, or any other state I guess) went over to help them draft their laws I love the numbers of people on the swinger site (21). I don't think Swingular has to worry about a China takeover to the swing web page business BEIJING

Why are people afraid to give out their email address - -

E'ONE, The Don

This issue is easily remedied. You can give out your email address. We have two. One for strangers and spam, the other for friends and family. We use one to register for shit and communicate with strangers and potential friends. The other is given the potential friends and strangers. As long as you are not giving out personal information on the false front email, you have not worries. There is no risk. There is no arguing, you are as safe as your browsing habits. You do stupid shit like post personal shit that you don't want to be know, you can expect to be revealed. There is always a risk of compromising your indentity, when you allow it to be on the internet. So, If you don't want shit known, don't post it. As for the original subject. It all has to do with anonimity. They paid money for features on this site. One was email to correspond with other swingers on this site. Clicking an icon to open swingular is no different than clicking your Outlook icon. So, I see no issue with it. Do what makes the other person comfortable. If they don't want you to have their email... They don't want you to. People are not going to change because someone has an issue with how they interact. There are a few fucktards on this site that tried to get me to think like them and I still refuse. Fuck those fuckin whiney little cum dumpsters. HAHAH! Anyway, Have fun and fuck em if they don't like how you operate.
-Don- "Ich habe einen kleinen Vogel in meinem Kopf."

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Why are there so many swingers from Utah? - - Yep either in Utah or Florida. Or Course they can't be in Illinois. :-(

Lifestyle friendly RV camping areas within a couple hundred mil - - I am putting a trip together fun swingers/ nudist on April 28-30 at baker Hotsprings It is around Delta UT Lots of places for RV's and tents Have been doing it for about8 years Everyone is welcome Come early stay late

Polyamory - Please share your thoughts.... - polyamory Definition: participation in multiple and simultaneous loving or sexual relationships bigamy Definition: marrying while one has a wife or husband still living, from whom no valid divorce has been effected. polygamy Definition: 1. the practice or condition of having more than one spouse, esp. wife, at one time.. 2. the habit or system of mating with more than one individual, either simultaneously or successively. swingers Definition: a person who engages in the exchanging of spouses for sexual activities. monogamy Definition: 1. marriage with only one person at a time. 2. the practice of having only one mate. 3. the practice of marrying only once during life. (btw. i didn't write these myself. they were on dictionary.com)

Ways to point out Swingers in public - - HAHAHA Yeah, I wouldn't ever think it is a guarantee on any level. We always wonder when we see other women wearing them. But as you mention, it seems like A LOT of people wear them, so we would never approach someone based on that. :) Hopefully at some point someone does approach us based on how i'm dressed, etc. But in our experience it means more for our playtime and fun than anyone else :)

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