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Swingular is the ULTIMATE dating site for REAL swingers. Featuring thousands of photo personals, instant messaging, chat, forums, contests, swing advice and more. Come join the hottest, sexiest couples from around the world! Swingular was created for adults interested in meeting other lifestyle swingers with similar interests. We offer video galleries, booty call, REAL and VIP validation, mobile messaging, custom profiles and more. It's easy to create your free profile for swingers. Just fill out our simple 6 step form and you'll be on your way to meeting hundreds of thousands of swingers just like you.

What kind of people can you expect to find here? A very wide variety. We have everyone from sexy couples, to single men, to the elusive unicorn, the single female. We have all ages and body types as we do not discriminate. One thing you will find though is our members are all very classy and real. Other sites are over-filled with webcam girls, fakes and bots. You won't find any of that here. Just swingers.

Free Swinger Personals

Swinger personals, swingers ads and adult dating sites have popped up all over the internet but have attracted thousands of spammers and fakes. We have features that help eliminate these annoying pests to make your experience a pleasant one. Our free dating site makes posting your personal ad easy. Join today!

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You'll find the most complete Swingers Personals here at If you are new to swinging or even a seasoned swinger, then Swingular is the site for you. We offer the best features to find other swingers through our easy to use dating site with complete ads and profiles. Place your personal ad today for free and start searching for swingers.

Swingers use social networking sites like Swingular to find other sexy adults to play with. Not only can you find matches, you will find party listings and events as well. Group travel is also a very popular option. Swingers will find destinations to Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the Carribean and more. They will also find complete cruise ship take overs for five to seven days every year. During your vacation, you'll find nudist resorts, play rooms, beach activities, night clubs and anything else your heart desires. But ultimately, you'll find your wild side.

Swingers have been known to travel to Europe for new adventures. In Europe, the swing clubs are completely different than here in the United States. Because the laws are more relaxed, you'll find swing clubs that rival the top vanilla night clubs in the U.S. However, you may also find an older crowd. Europe caters to more of a mature audience. But that doesn't mean you won't find young couples. The swing clubs are fantastic, high class, and very exceptional. You're sure to have a good time no matter what your taste.

Adult Swingers

Adult Swingers can be found on sites like Swingular

Swinger ads are the craze of the new millenium as thousands of adults search for other couples & singles. Most members wish to remain private and anonymous and our first priority here is to make sure your information is safe. We do not ask you for any personally identifiable information and we do not share your email address with anyone. Rest assured, your privacy is safe here.

If you are an adult, age 18 or older, you can join today. If you of any others with a high sexual appetite seeking sexual freedom, let them know about Swingular and the and our free trial offer. We promise that neither your or they will be disappointed with our selection of swingers.

Swinger Ads

All adult swingers can enjoy contact using the personal ad system. Sexy, fun and discreet, you're sure to find your match with our website. You can get started with our free trial. This will make sure you know what you're getting into before you actually make a purchase. We accept credit cards and money orders. We do not accept any type of check.

The Lifestyle and More

Don't think that just because you're new to the swinging lifestyle that you have to participate. Get comfortable first, then enjoy your experience. Our personals allow you to find everyone from voyeurs to exhibitionists, nudists to wife swappers, picture traders to bi-females but ultimately swingers. Our extended profile questions will help match you with a more compatible partner or couple. These ads are fully featured and we review each one. Place your ad today.

Single Men

One of the biggest questions asked in the swinging lifestyle is, �How does a single male get into the lifestyle?� To be honest there is no �easy� answer to this question. The truth is, the answer lies almost 90% in luck. Here are a few tips that might help you in your exploration of the swinging lifestyle though and you find swingers.

Before you, the single guy, try to make a leap into the lifestyle, there are a few things that you should be aware of and consider, many that most guys never think of. The first thing that you should realize is that swinging is basically a couples activity. There has always been a debate over whether single guys who do get into the lifestyle are actually swingers or if they are just LUCKY. It all depends on their perspective. Swinging is about the fulfilling and sharing of fantasies. If you enter the lifestyle with the idea in your head that you are looking to help others fulfill their fantasies while fulfilling your own, then yes, you may be a swinger. If, however, you are attempting to enter the lifestyle with only the thought that it's an easy way to get laid, not only are you not a swinger but you are sadly mistaken.

Swingers, as you are probably already aware, it's not easy for a single guy to get into the lifestyle; however, you might not be aware of the simple reason as why. Go back to the earlier statement that swinging is mainly a couples activity and it is about fulfilling fantasies. Yes, there are many couples out there who have fantasies, which involve an extra male or 4 or 5 even. However, for every couple out there looking to include males in their playtime, there are at least 10 males looking to fill that one spot. So, as you can see, you have some competition in the swingers world.

Swinging Couples

Swinging Couples - Where do you find them?

Adults have a mind of their own and in this lifestyle, you know they are the ones to trust. If you swing or become a swinger, you have to be honest and respectful. Swingers love to have fun, that's for sure. However trust is a major issue. Do not enter this lifestyle if you are trying to 'save' your marriage. A lot of couples think this will help but in the end, the results could worse than before you started. You must be very much in love and trust your partner to be able to handle all of the emotions that this practice can bring forward.

If you are new, take your time. The majority of our members have never actually engaged in swinging or have only done so once or twice. It is best to make sure you find the right situation. As a friend once said, 'I'd rather wake up the next day regretting it didn't happen, then wake up regretting it did.' That's some good advice. Take it from the swingers.

Swingers, if you are looking for other swinging couples, then Swingular is the right place for you. The majority of our members are couples and they are looking for others just like you. However, there are those few who are only seeking that ever hard to find single female. But they soon realize that their chances are slim and in order to experience anything like that, they must seek out other swinging couples. Even swingers do.

Swingers Ads

Most in this lifestyle have a great relationship with their partners. You'll never catch a couple swinging alone unless they are single. If you know anyone who parties alot, those are the ones to take to Vegas. Otherwise, try finding others who are in the lifestyle at the swing clubs.

The Lifestyle & More

Swingers, have you ever seen a nudist jump? Go to a hedonism resort and watch them jump off cliffs naked. You'll find plenty of nudists at this private resort and on the beach. Some of them may be swingers, some may not so be very careful who you try to pick up. Also, try running naked on a beach in the sun and if you're a male, I'm sure something will definately be swinging! And who knows, you just might find yourself some swingers.

We were tired of meeting fake couples on other swingers sites. After joining Swingular, we feel more comfortable meeting others with your real member validation system.
Thank you for providing such a wonderful place to meet real swingers.
Within days of joining, we've met quite a few couples. Thanks guys.
Swingers, we've been members on quite a few other swinger dating sites but we've made Swingular our home because we've met some great people here.
Great service guys! Keep up the great work. The best selection of swingers anywhere.
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