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Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy your motivational hump day. What are your plans?
Find a rental to buy
Find run down houses to buy
Get a load of gravel delivered to my back yard
Work my w2 job
Find my kid a bicycle
Demo the bathroom
Get off here so I can get something done lol
Work... yup. That's about it.
Same here. Work and then hopefully have some relaxing time tonight. Unless something fun comes up.
Well, I actually finished the plumbing on a clinic build out, waiting for inspection tomorrow. Then I can close it up and get that job finished.

Now laying in bed relaxing, looking at profiles for a few!

SLCBEACHBUM are you in construction too?
Very nice! I hope the inspection goes well. That seems to be the icing on the cake.

It is closer to the weekend, and maybe the weather will warm up and allow some good motorcycle riding.
That's this weekend?
Camping utv and dirt biking by eureka