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I've always enjoyed the art of crafting a well-written story and wondered if others here in Utah do as well. Like most things in Utah, there's a huge taboo about fantasizing about pretty much anything.

Are there others here that love to think about and chronicle their fantasies? Of course anyone is welcome to comment, but I'm really intrigued by Mormons who have gotten out, so to speak!

Here's one of mine...

My husband is always trying to surprise me with unique gifts, so when he said he’d found a sensual massage therapist for me I was both excited and a little apprehensive. I wasn’t sure if this was just a massage – or was it going to turn into something more? With my husband I just wasn’t sure! I crossed my fingers and let him set an appointment. At the appointed hour we took a collective breath and knocked on his door…

“Good afternoon! I’m Chris, please come in.”

He was tall, thin and good looking. Man, were we relieved!

Chris led us to a room outfitted with the normal massage gear. Massage table, candles, soft generic instrumental music. He pulled down the top sheet and turned to me.

“Take a minute and undress as much as you’re comfortable with. Call me when you’re on your stomach and covered up. Your husband can stay here or wait outside.” John took a seat and I disrobed and climbed under the sheets, giggling like a schoolgirl.

“So,” Chris said while getting out some massage oil. “Where does it hurt? Shoulders? Lower back? Joints?”

“D, all of the above,” I said playfully. Chris laughed lightly. “Okay, we’ll just start at the top and work our way down.”

He stood at my left side and applied a handful of warm oil to my shoulders, slowly spreading it. He worked the oil into my parched skin, the heat penetrating deep into my muscles. I could literally feel my body relaxing under his wonderful touch. Or most of it. John watched me intently, noting how much I was enjoying this wonderful gift.
“Please tell me how you like it,” Chris said quietly. “We’re still talking about massages, right?” I quipped, almost before I realized it. Chris paused for a moment, taking in what I’d just said. Then he smiled and chuckled softly.

“Yes dear, we are. But I like the way you think…” He cleaned off his hands and stood directly in front of me. Embarrassed by the view, I put my head back down into the horseshoe pad. This time he brushed his fingertips along the part in my scalp, following the natural wave of my hair. His fingers softly made their way down my scalp until his palms hit the top of my head. I moaned my approval of his technique. After a few minutes he climbed onto the table and straddled my thighs. I was a little taken aback when he pulled down the sheet I’d draped over my panties, but then he applied more oil and leaned heavily into my lower back with his palms. John was breathing heavily in the corner, but said nothing. “UH!” I exclaimed as the pressure forced all the air out of my lungs. Slowly, agonizingly, he applied the same pressure up and down my spine. I released the tension in my body, letting it ooze out of me. The effects of the warm oil, the pressure on my sore muscles was magical.

His hands worked lower again, down past my waistline.

“The buttocks are the largest muscles in our bodies, but hardly anyone really appreciates how important they are in setting your internal tension level.” He worked on them for a few moments and then he moved down onto my thighs and calves. Once the calves were loosened up he ventured north again.

His hands! OMG, his hands were magnificent, bringing pleasure and sensation to my body I hadn’t felt in a long time. I hoped John was taking notes! As he rhythmically massaged my thighs closer and closer to my butt, I couldn’t help but gasp and let my thighs fall open just a little more. Much to my dismay he noticed and stopped.

“If I’m making you uncomfortable I can work on another area.” I looked at John, and he smiled and gave an almost imperceptible nod that he was completely okay with this. “No, no. It’s ok. Um, please continue. It feels SO good,” I whispered. I was beet red from embarrassment. Chris continued working my inner thighs and with each pass got closer and closer to ‘The Promised Land’, as John calls it.

All of a sudden I felt another pair of hands on my thighs! John had obviously joined in, but I couldn’t tell whose hands were whose. They both continued, teasing me mercilessly for several minutes.
Someone was massaging my ass, cupping my cheeks and just flicking their fingers across my tight puckered hole. I gasped and lifted my ass off the table, hoping to encourage them to probe deeper. It worked and they sank their hand deep between my thighs and down over my aching sex. Soon there were fingers massaging my clit and a thumb sank deep inside me. I bucked against the intruder, driving the thumb deeper.

I rolled my head around, my need building and building. I could feel something against my cheek and it was a wonderful, hard penis! My hair was over my face and I parted it just enough to allow the intruder to poke into my waiting mouth. I sucked and licked as hard as I could, taking him deep into the back of my throat with each thrust. I was really shocked but I still couldn’t tell who I was sucking!

Behind me someone climbed onto the table and shoved their cock deep into my pussy. I still couldn’t tell who was who (kind of embarrassing considering how long I’d been married!) but I didn’t care. My pussy was being pounded with long deep thrusts and it shoved me onto the cock in my face. I grabbed the table for support and just went along for the ride. The guy in front grabbed my hair and thrust urgently into my face as his cock swelled. I knew what was coming and took a deep breath. He thrust all the way in until his pubic bone crushed my nose and unleashed a torrent down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could, but some ran out around my lips and onto his contracting balls.

Whoever was fucking me growled and came, pinning me to the table with his weight. The last thrust sent me over the edge and my orgasm nearly tore me apart. We were all screaming and spasming for several minutes as we wound down.

The cock in my mouth went soft and he pulled out. The guy on top of me crawled off, and I heard a soft ‘hi five’ between them.

Fingers parted my hair and I looked up to see my husband smiling down at me. “Are you going to be ok dear?” he asked quietly.

Yes. Yes, I was going to be just fine!
Nice story. I've actually had this same fantasy for years.
Thanks Party! We can definitely make it happen the next time you are in town. I was just in Vegas last week on the motorcycle. Ahh, the possibilities... :)
Great story, I've written some buy have not shared them with anyone other than a sex partner.

Thanks for sharing
Feel free to share. This is a very accepting group! Or share privately if you'd like some feedback. Or if you need some inspiration, lol!
These are my favorite massages to perform. Short story but well done.
Thanks Rubdown. I write longer pieces, but didn't want to post a story that would take too long for people to read. If you like that one, try http://jjkrause.com/buscrash for a story with more, uh, story!
Why does it only have to be for people in Utah? lol
It could happen in Idaho too, or anywhere else, if you desire.
We have actually enjoyed that scenario several times it kind takes your breath away
Really enjoyed the story, I have written some of these over the years, and those that have read really enjoyed.