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The New Yorker will not be open tonight April 2nd. There is an issue that Ross the owner is dealing with with the city.
Are they for sure opening up again. Online it says permanently closed. I tried to go last night and it was closed.
The online one is for the old restaurant which is permanently closed. The club is not online at all and is only opened on Sat night 9pm - 2am. Ross says it will be opened the following weekend but we will have to see.
Where is everyone else going instead?
Fuck, we're here and the door is locked this is lame. Utahs lame
We tried today it is closed.
Anyone here if the new yorker going to be open this Saturday
It is my birthday weekend and my friend told me it is closed this Saturday 4/9 as well. Does anyone have a good substitute? He is worried about random guys seeing him and me dancing with his wife at a normal club and feel like they would be grab happy. Any suggestions?