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We were at Whispers last Friday and Saturday. Meet a fun couple from Utah. If you see this and want to reach out to connect through here, please do!

Cheers, Jane and Albert.
Do you know if Whispers is still open?You said you were there a few months back.
What is Whispers?
Whispers is still open - we went this last weekend (3/19).

Whispers is a night club in Vegas that caters only to LS couples. It's BYOB, and has a dance floor, a bar (where bartenders serve you what you brought and keep it safe for you - and free mixers), multiple play areas including a LARGE hot tub and several themed rooms, including a BDSM room.

Think of it as a permanent/weekly house party.
We love whispers.
Going next Saturday!
We've been going there for several years and are good friends with the couple who manages it.