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Thought it would be fun to have several couples meet up and play some top golf. We love meeting other couple in a no pressure situation to see if we click with anyone. I'm working on a date and time in August. Let us know if you're interested in coming.
Depending on the date, we would be interested in meeting like minded folks.
We would be interested in that also. Sounds like a fun time.
We would love to go with a group to Top Golf!
I would love to go. I’m single though. So it would be just me. πŸ’™πŸ˜Ž
Sounds great! We’d be interested
We would LOVE to go! Top Golf is one of our favorites and we love meeting other couples with shared interests :)
We love Top Golf! Count us in!
We would love to go!!
We’d be down if the date works!
I’m down
Sounds fun if the date works
Please count us in - we are just learning, but we are loving what we have learned so far.

Oh .... and we also like to golf πŸ˜‚
We’re definitely in... name the time and date!!
We love the atmosphere of Top Golf. We are in!
Count us in!
We love top golf! We would love to go!
Anybody doing anything this evening?
Id be happy to escort you beautiful
Sounds fun! Let us know when!!
Count us in. We love top golf
We'd be interested! :-)
We would like to come out as well.
Would love to meet up atvTop Golf! As always, I'll bring a lifestyle friendly date! LOL!
We’re interested! We are traveling through the end of the month. Labor Day would work for us.
We’d enjoy it also.
I can be your date 😁😁😁
Thanks everyone for your interested. We've planned to go to Top Golf this Friday (tomorrow) at 8pm in SLC. Message us if you'll be able to make it. We'll also post other date as it gets closer. NO SINGLE MEN
Dang- can't make it this time, but definitely interested in future outings!
See everyone tonight.
Would love to know about dates in the future.
We can't make it tonight, but hopefully we can in future.
That could be fun and we would be game depending on the day and time.
We love top golf. Way fun place :)
We had so much fun meeting new couples last night. Doing it again Saturday Aug 31st at 7pm for Mr's birthday. Message us if you want to come and party with us.
I love top golf. Let me know when and I’ll come play.
We would be interested. Sounds like fun!
we would like to if the day and time works
Totally interested in the next Top Golf day!
3-4 couples coming Saturday. Who wants to join us?
We be totally down to go. We love to meet and make new friends
We will be there tonight
We love top golf ... definitely will see you all there tonight ! πŸ˜‹
How many are coming for sure? Sounds like fun!
Ugh. I keep missing these.
BrookieCookie wrote:

I would love to go. I’m single though. So it would be just me. πŸ’™πŸ˜Ž

I'll be your date Brookie!
Damn, just came across this. We've wanted check topgolf out, this sounds like a no pressure fun night with the right group of people. Maybe next time.
Yes! We had a lot of fun at Top Golf! Should get another group together soon!
Well they have heaters someone take charge and make this happen
NaughtyAlder wrote:

Its good that they have heaters!! We can go all winter....

I'm in for an afternoon or early evening meet and greet.
Interested - was anything ever put together?
Interested - was anything ever put together?
Sassytraveler wrote:

Interested - was anything ever put together?

Sassy, do you actually play golf?
Sassytraveler wrote:

Interested - was anything ever put together?

Yeah we went twice. ;)