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If you’re looking for a third who’s down with (almost) anything then I’d love to get to talking with you πŸ’•

You can find out just how cute I am after we chat a bit.
Wow! Another phishing profile!
β€œSee my naughty pics here @www.......”
β€œLet’s video chat here @www.....”
Looks legit to us!
It's not verified. Besides if this was really her she wouldn't be on swingular. But if you ever need a 3rd. I'd be happy to help. Currently playing solo.
I’ll take that as a compliment, but no, I ain’t trying to get you on some weird ass website to get you a good handful of computer viruses πŸ˜‚

And as for the verification, I just got on here today and I’m still trying to navigate the site, I don’t know how to do that just yet.
Welcome to the site. Message me I would like to chat. My lady and I might be interested in meeting for a 3 some or me solo. Jimown0987 on Kik or text 435-315-2415
Wish we were younger, unless you're into older couples also. We're dirty if that helps.. :)
I'm in