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Swingers Forum - NUKE: The Feast of Venus - a Roman Bath Revelry - March 2019

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NUKE: The Feast of Venus - a Roman Bath Revelry Ogden, UT


Only NUKE guests are provided the time, date and location for discretion and safety Inquire by applying below or sending a message. Do not disclose or share this information without permission

Lounge and bathe as if in ancient Rome, enjoying a luxurious evening in decadent company. Remove all cares as we enter the Roman Bath to celebrate the Feast of Venus.

Roman Baths were the ancient spas and social areas. Here, you'll be able to lounge in the inviting Italian marble interior, with food, social areas, many areas setup for bathing, massage and other sensual pursuits.

A half dozen public bathing/showering areas, a steam room that fits a dozen at a time, and many areas to lounge , enjoy a massage, or relax naked or robed, this will be a sensual and enjoyable night.

This is a swing-oriented party, with kink and BDSM elements welcome and encouraged.
NUKE events are sex-positive, and consent and respect are expected and enforced.

DRESS CODE: Swimsuit, lingerie, fetish, robes, wrap, toga, or nude. Street clothes to the door. No street clothes once entering the bathhouse.


  • Fantastic space to socialize and enjoy, decorated tastefully. Hosted in a gorgeous 6000 sq ft private home .
  • Some of the sexiest party guests, and a great party vibe.
  • Amazing private areas for more intimate space.
  • Refreshments, finger foods, deserts - Upgraded for this party!
  • A variety of mixers and garnishes. Alcohol policy is bring your own.

$40/couple, $15/single women, $40/single men

BRING: What you will wear. A personal towel. A robe/wrap/blanket to cover furniture when sitting/etc. A massage table if you have one. Non-greasy lotions (NO OILS). Your alcoholic beverage of choice which will be reserved for you and whoever you chose, behind a bar.

To attend:

If you've attended a previous NUKE event:
You'll be provided the access password via your chosen method of communication (kik,email,text).

If you have NOT attended a NUKE event but have RSVP'd before and have a sponsor:
Again, visit the link above once you receive your access code.

If you have NOT attended and NOT been through an orientation:

  1. Find a sponsor who has has attended a NUKE event, has met you and is willing to vouch for your behavior.
  2. Visit here to sign up for NUKE events
  3. FOLLOW the link at the end for the orientation. Complete that.
  4. The above and your profiles on here/elsewhere will be reviewed and verified.
  5. Agree to follow the rules, and treat other NUKE guests with respect and consent.
  6. If accepted, an access code to make a reservation will be sent.
  7. Reserve your spot and see you there! Please attend with your sponsor.

Some discounts if volunteering to help. This is a non-profit, volunteer based private party.

RESERVATIONS WILL BE CLOSED AT midnight the day BEFORE the party. This gives us time to prepare the guest list, get food and supplies, and set up without needing to pause and manage last minute invites

Single men - you MUST be verified with pictures on your profile, as well as have a sponsoring couple ATTENDING THE SAME EVENT, or a date (they will need to complete the vetting/orientation as well, but can attend on your reservation). If you don't have those things ready, please do so before attempting to RSVP. Those not meeting those requirements will not be on the guest list or given a final invitation and event details.

Do not disclose party details, location or other information to anyone. This is a private party in a private home, with a private member only guest list, not a public event. If you have friends who’d like to attend, they must be sponsored, apply and be accepted as NUKE members. Sponsors will send relevant information and invites.
This sounds like a blast! We would love to attend but would need a sponsor to do so. If anyone is willing to sponsor us, feel free to pm us. Thanks.
We are so excited about this!
We need a sponsor as well.
Hey we would love to go! We need a sponsor!
Would love to go, also in need of a sponsor