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Friday, March 8th & Saturday, March 9th

Who wants to join us for this SUPER FUN event? Send us a PM on here or Instagram @EDM.Lyfe or kik: AMGCouple.

“Another fortuitous year is upon us so it time to plan our annual St Patrick’s party, a Celtic celebration clad in clovers known as Get Lucky!

In the magical month of March, we will unite at the Saltair Castle and find out just how enchanted it will become.

The Celtic Palace inside will bring good vibes and the Tent of Gold outside will follow suit.

Come donned in your greatest gold & green attire as we discover the end of the rainbow at The Saltair in the magical month of March.

Come prosper at Get Lucky 2019 as we admire all the chance happenings in life known as luck.”

V2 Presents:

☘️ Get Lucky 2019 ☘️


Borgore x REZZ

Rezz. Malaa . 1788-L . Bijou . Bonnie x Clyde . Bro Safari . Champagne Drip. Darksiderz B2B Mekanikal . Dombresky . Herobust . Lady Faith . Liquid Stranger . LSDream . Party Favor . Pulsatorz . Riot . Start . Wasted Penguinez
This would be so much fun to go. We went a few years ago and ahead a lot of fun. We are interested. We will let you know. Asap I know you half to get tickets soon they allways sell out.
We will be there on Saturday
I've never been to one but should check it out sometime
Who else is going this weekend? We’d love to have a few more fun peeps join us. It’s going to be SUPER fun! The line up is great! We can pretty much guarantee there won’t be anything with more positive/fun energy going on in SLC this Friday and Saturday night! If you had to pick only one night of this to go to; Saturday night is for sure the best pick.
We have tix for Sat night. If you enjoy or are merely interested in EDM this will be an awesome event and Smartflirts sexy energy & passion for the genre makes it even better! We are excited to see this lineup and hang out with whomever wants to join in a great time with an amazing vibe.
You know C and H...we see a few awesome LS peeps, like you guys at these events in UT and TONS when we go to EDM things in other states...we think it’s kinda funny...Couples in the UT LS scene are not really as fun, open-minded, or party oriented as other places. They all talk about getting out and having fun...but it seems like most don’t. It’s so sad to us. People are missing out...but they will go to the dumbest LS meet and greets full of clicky people and boring chat. Events like this are so much fun and full of positive energy. What gives? Does EDM have a bad stigma in UT? Do people decide they are too old after college for EDM events? For sure people have a few kids and then are “too old” for this kinda fun...so sad. Minivans=death. ;) lol.

C’mon peeps! Relax, let your hair down and let the music speak to your souls!

EDM, weekly dates with your spouse, consistent gym workouts, and healthy eating are the 4 pillars to a youthful fabulous life...and amazing sex!
Set Times
So we got tickets and were wondering if anyone wants to meet at the event and wants to dance & hang out with us. We don't want to do this alone. Its better with company. Is there a plan for everyone to meet?