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My favorite spot was over looking Provo city from the canyon.
Up Millcreek Canyon
Outside watching the sunset from Canyonlands NP
Near one of the rushing stream trails towards Alta. We have since referred to it as "Cum Rock Trail."
On a snow bank
Almost every hotel balcony we've had. Hard to narrow it down to one specific one, they've all been fun.
Cruise ship balcony...Many times...
Shopko parking lot layton
Downtown park
Luggage room at The Rainbow Casino, Wendover
Cruise ship balcony...Many times...
Behind ticket counter Dallas airport
Up a slot canyon at Powell
Red Cliffs canyon Leeds Utah. In one of the water fall pools. Best part is the rush of possible being seen. 😜

Top of Peruvian Ridge between Alta & Snowbird.
Damn! The balcony would be awesome!
Parking garage at city creek!
Wife cuffed to a tree high uinta's. Golfing several times different courses.
Brings back some great memories I'll bet! 😚😋
Airport business park during lunch in the summer with the back hatch open 👍
Planes, never yet on a train, automobiles. Too many places in the great outdoors to remember, but almost all of our canyons in Utah and much of outdoor Colorado, Arizona and some of the Republic of Ireland and a bit of Mexico. House parties, meet and greets, office buildings, dance clubs, parking garages, in hotel rooms at ground level with the curtains open and the lights on late at night. Yes we drew a few people out on the sidewalk watching. That was before cell phones all had cameras. The trampoline in the back yard and our front porch. Liberty and Fairmount park.
On the adult deck of a cruise ship at noon, of course on a plane, dance floor at habits, several clubs in out of the way spots, on a train several times crossing the alps, beaches all over the world, in an airport lounge, Great Wall of China, top of Mayan perimids in Mexico and Belize, on cruise balcony every cruise reguardless of who is watching, in the hot springs at lava. Those come t9 mind quickly...
On the road directly between the Bears Ears (some time ago). In the cockpit of our sailboat as we rounded Cabo Corrientes headed into Banderas bay( last week). And many crazy places in between.

Up a slot canyon at Powell

That sounds like fun!!!!!!
So many places in Belize and Mexico! Every country I visited for work! The office, many hotels and parties. On the dance floor, cruse ship, dressing room and so many more!!
Our neighbors backyard

Up in the mountains on top of the hood of the car.
In the parking garage of the main branch of the Salt Lake City library.
Parking garage of city creek
In a fitting room at Nordstrom's (fashion place).