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Soo..There used to be an instant message option on the lower right on the main page. Does anyone know if this feature was removed.

Does anyone use the Chat room anymore. It used to be a fun place to chat and actually get to know other couples or singles to determine whether there may be chemistry or some common interests. It was also a place to get a little dirty talk going.

Recently I've noticed when you enter the room and stay there for a few minutes it kicks you out. After that it shows that there is no on in the room. If it would leave your profile active for awhile then people could see someone in the room and possibly enter hence getting people chatting again. JUST A THOUGHT..Can it be fixed? Admin?
I agree, the chat room was a nice place to get to know people.
I live in the Eastern time zone and used to be I would get on at 9pm. There
used to be many members on and now its like ghost town. Where did everyone go or at what time and day is everyone on.