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Anyone going to Button Up tonight?

We're going for the first time and bring friends.
I’m thinking about it :-)
We are going and bringing some friends! First time to button up we are pretty excited!:)
We went last week and it was great :) We can't make it tonight, hope that everyone has fun!
Anyone headed there tonight? We are thinking about it.
I'm heading down there on Saturday.
Unicornwantstoplay wrote:

I'm heading down there on Saturday.

Wish we were in SLC to join you this weekend
I need to go check it out. I always hear good things
The music the opening weekend was amazing...since then it has been horrible unless you love old 90’s RnB and rap. Worst music lineup around. Nice club with tons of potential...got to fix the music format. You won’t catch us going back there until they do...we know a few other younger sexier couples that feel the same. Tell the owners and let’s hope they change. I’d rather listen to pop and top-40 than that crap. EDM would be our first choice.
I don't like edm tho
We looove button up! Hope y’all had an awesome time!!