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Swingers Forum - who gets action from unicorns?

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Now you know
Omg, I died. But um... are there any leprechauns around...? ;)
What's your name
We have several unicorns we play with and have been very fortunate over the years. We also love to travel with a sexy lady whenever we get the chance.
We Do. Its really all we want and look for. Haven't had a bad experience yet. They make us both Unichorny. Love Em!
Giveintothebunny wrote:

What's your name

Twilight Glitter Blossom...? I can't even... Guess I need to get a t-shirt made...
we have this fantastic single lady that we play with,,,,,,
Pfft...please...we got unicorns for DAYZZZZ. ;) very fun but they’re hungry little creatures.