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Let’s see those pictures of sharing your wife or girlfriends with other men.
I’ll start it off
More fun :)
Our contribution
https://dfzses8qx79cf.cloudfront.net/RPq0PBvcMFbvqBF4HHpnSWdX_cw=/780x0/smart/photos%2Fw%2FWESEE%7B20635615614f3ec99ce30e3%7D.jpghere's one . . .
Girlfriend and some buddies
. . .https://dfzses8qx79cf.cloudfront.net/vwHtTdtoSOq6HGIeWCgvgMw69ws=/780x0/smart/photos%2Fw%2FWESEE%7B8315973885ba9a5148323d%7D.jpg
Here is a recent one
Sharing can be very erotic!!!
Group fun
Wow mmmmm
Wife-sharing? Are we talking hotwifing? Cuckolding? Or just good old-fashioned swinging (which I think technically IS wife-sharing, right)?


Ms. Evil playing with a friend at Swinger's Cove up at Deer Creek!
So true Evil... all of the above counts!
@LIVIN THUMBS UP!!!!!!!! That’s a very serious BBC- Collabo.
That’s what fun looks like👍👍👍
Wife is 36. Shared wife
My girl a few " friends"
Just a BBC for the shared wife ....
WESEE wrote:

. . .

Very nice!!!
Our contribution.
One more..
Wife and friend
Our friend and wife
LIVINLVN1 wrote:

Sharing can be very erotic!!!

She is soooooo sexy!
God. So hot
God. So hot
I have always wanted to do that.
What about just some guy cumming all over her??
2 nights ago
looks like I need to get my lifestyle mode on ON! Lol
A little cuckolding action...
Fabulous pics on a sexy topic!!!
Yeehaw! 🤠
We love to share! Hotwifing is the best!!!
GR8CPL4U wrote:

We love to share! Hotwifing is the best!!!

So frickin hot.
We really do enjoy sharing!
GR8CPL4U wrote:

We really do enjoy sharing!

How do I fill out an application?
So do we !!!
Looks like TO much fun!
Swingers cove at deer creek? A real thing?
Swingers cove at deer creek? A real thing?
Definitely would like to share my wife
Wow! I would love for wife and i to be right their with ya

What about just some guy cumming all over her??

Wowww why hello ;)
Friend fucking her ass.
Would like to do a little more of it, but getting someone to commit and actually show up seems harder than it should be.
That's how we feel. I'm new to this but shit I didn't think it would be so hard to find someone to join
We enjoy it also but get someone to commit does seem hard.
JUST4FUN4US wrote:


OMG! That's hot
JUST4FUN4US wrote:


That felt amazing! Talented!
I'm interested 32m
We love it
Wife and friend
Wife and friend
The wife loves her multiple friends
Evanston wy?
Friends girl friend with me
A screen shot taken by the husband of me and his sexy wife.
More sharing fun :)
Fucking hot

More sharing fun :)

Super hot Partnerzncrime
You all wanna share your wife's with us? Or play with me while my husband watches?..... Mayne joins for some DVP?
Wife and friend