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We have a private adult Facebook page. We currently have 4,600 friends on our page some of course are those we have never met and others are LS people we know or who know us. If you are on FB and wish to join this group contact us and we will give you our adult FB name. THIS IS NOT TO TAKE AWAY ANYTHING FROM SWINGULAR or other sites, we are not marketing ANYTHING TO BE SOLD! Simply a way for others who are either interested in the LS or want to be social in vanilla settings.
I am interested in the page!
Send it my way, it is way easier to chat on fb while at work!
We are interested in the page. Message us.
We would like that page info
We are interested in the page. Message us.
us too.
interested, please send!
Add us
Add us please
Add us as well please
yes send it to us also please..
add us please
We'd love to belong. Thanks
we would like the info please!
WOW! We sorta got overwhelmed by the huge response here and all of the direct emails as well. Well, everyone who contacted us either place was given the name to add, sorry we won't request anyone to be our friend. There are simple, simple rules to being on this private group and we will strictly enforce them! #1 NO IS NO! Period if you contact someone and they either don't wish to contact you back or say no thanks, end it PERIOD! # 2 No selling, this is not for anyone's personal profit or gain! You can promote parties, events, socials whatever but let's keep it simple! # 3 NO SPAMMING! This is for meeting others in a non Lifestyle setting since we all tend to be on social media sites more than Lifestyle Sites, well some of us do! Some are newbies which is totally cool, others have been in this a while, either way it's all good. We allow everyone, no matter what their ethnic, social, sexual shall be.

We're interested as well. Please message us.
we're interested in the page as well
I'm interested
We're interested as well!
Yes, send to us. please
We want in !!!!!!!!!!!! :)
We'd be interested, can you send us the information, please.
We want it. Please send info.
Send us the info please
Send us the info please
What the hell maybe this will make facebook interesting
count me in! pm for contact details
We are interested
sweet send us the page!
We would like the information as well, please. Thank you.
We would love the info too!
We would be interested in the info as well!!
Iam interested
Interested as well, thank you.
Interested? Count us in!
Please send the details, thanks :)
DAMN! Full mail box here and as everyone one here is also requesting to be added. Okay, if you were somehow skipped, nothing personal trying to keep up so send us another and we will be sure to remit the Facebook screen name. No, we aren't going to just publish it and if you give it to some one else that is your decision. Sorry you have to put forth some effort to be on the group page. So, again we aren't doing this to cut out Swingular or other Lifestyle Sites! This is strictly a social thing!!!! Please add comments or questions, post events or parties you are going to that's all good! NO SPAMMING NO SELLING!! And make sure any pictures you post are to Facebook Standards as well. Us we could care less, but Facebook has other views. And please remember the Golden Rule of the Lifestyle NO IS NO!!!
Interested thanks
Interested. Thanks!
We are interested
Please Us also :)
add us
Message us please
add us also please
We'd be interested, can you send us the information, please.
Send it to us too.
whats the site
us too please
we would like to be part of this as well please
count us in
sounds great please share
WOW we have had so many post here and tried to keep up sending on emails to each giving them our Facebook name there. We aren't going to post it here, but if you wish to join our ever growing group it's very easy! First send us a note here, we will remit the Facebook name; then add us a friend, once we are friend shoot us a note so we can put you on the group page. Thanks for all of the interest, hope everyone comes and joins!
I wanna!
Us to please
Us to please
us too please! We are getting ready to relocate to Virginia full time and would love to make more friends there!
yes send it!!
Us as well.
I would like to join please send me the link :)
would love the info on thepage as well.
We wanna join :-)
Please send one our way.
please add us to your page
interested please send info
same here, info please
add us to thanks.
We are still waiting on an email back from the couple that started this thread...has anyone received the page name from them?
Sorry if we have a little slow to respond to over whelming number of you that have requested information on the Facebook group page. If you want a faster response email us here. As to the purpose so forth, again we aren't taking nor want to take anything away from Swingular or other such social media sties! Our intent was to have others who are on Facebook, that wish to be a part of this be able to both join and for us at least chat easier since none of our social adult.media sites stay on full time.

Again, send us an email we will remit the Facebook name to be friend!
Once you are a friend, send a note via FB to add you to the group page.
No one is going to be blindly added just because your a FB friend, we have over 4600 friends there many not part of this group!

We hope that answers everyone's questions and we hope to see many there!
We would like the chance to be part of it.
We'd like to join
Would love to join
Me too add me
Please email us the information for joining your Facebook group.

Okay, think we emailed everyone back, however if we missed you email us! We will send you our name there you just have to be-friend us and we will accept! Then send a note on FB so we know you want to be added to the group!!
we are interested too
I'd enjoy an invite to explore the FB group, thanks
We are definitely interested. Please send us the info.
We would like the info.
Please send the link
yes please add me also. yes
I am interested
hi, sounds like a great idea, please send us the info, cheers. R and C
We are interested in the page
Im Interested too
We're interested.
We are interested in joining your Facebook group.
We are interested also.
most definitely interested!please send me the info my way. Thanks
we are also interested.
very interested
We are interested as well
Interested also!