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I Have A Question - Poly vs. Open - We have found we are very flexible but with preferences. If we contact a couple and meet them for a drink or dinner and we have some great conversation and the attraction is there, it opens numerous possibilities. If we get naked the experience can range from OMG to let’s not go there again. Polyamory requires effort and commitment that we are not looking for, we want FWB that we can see when the timing works out. Not getting naked is ok also and sometimes we meet folks in the lifestyle that just become friends and not sexual partners. We try to keep it simple and never take it seriously and we have been fortunate to have a close group of friends who we enjoy being with. We also enjoy meeting new couples wherever we are. We enjoy events where we can meet other swingers like Naughty in Nawlins. We have had some incredible experiences and again just some so so experiences also. The point is we do not define ourselves as polyamory but we know what we like and we never consider the specifics of what it is besides swinging.

We have heard about it many times........... - Couples that are swingers - AMEN to that....alex

People Who Try Too Hard - - Whoever could you mean??? LOL http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/forum http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/conversationalist If there is an ongoing debate in the forum (it's usually called a discussion... The very point of a forum), then wouldn't you agree that the likelihood of someone involved in a conversation, posting more than one time, is pretty damn good? Ask yourselves, how many one sentence or one statement conversations have you had in life? People who enjoy or seek this in forums are called "conversationalists". It's not wrong to get to know others. That is, after all, the reason we are all here. The poster puts their view out and the reader can decide whether they agree, disagree or desire to further discuss or elaborate on their side. It's like a dance of the minds. Some like the waltz, some like salsa, while others like a Mosh Pit. Just because you don't mosh doesn't mean that you should attempt to deny others of enjoying it. Tolerance is what I am getting at. I am a self-proclaimed asshole, but I still have the right to express myself. I have differing views from lots of people here. That's what I find to be beautiful about people. We are all unique in some form or another. It's uncovering those uniquities, I find to be the "buried treasures" among the vast diversity of people that post here. It's a small window into their being. You don't always like what you see, but it's still there no matter how much you complain. It's like those who had DJQ kicked off of here. I hated his views and all for which he stood, but in the end all he was guilty of was written expression of his view. Many wanted his head to roll and had him removed. Why? Because he didn't agree. Hell, he attacked my very service to this country. I hated his views. However, I still think he had the right to speak his heart. Admittedly, The forum became slightly less exciting after he left. The majority who read the forum remember what a prick he was, but they do remember him. He contributed to the conversation, no matter how skewed we felt his leftist position to be. I'll close my post with this... We are swingers... Don't you think people would disagree with our lifestyle choices, our views on marriage and the morale implications (if you are religious)? Furthermore, doesn't it all come down to personal choice. Just like you have the choice not to read this very post. :-) Just my thoughts, nothing more. Respectfully, -Mr TR- P.S. I whole-heartedly invite you to tell me to fuck off for my differing view. :-)

"Can't Say No" Party - Who'd be interested in coming? - we would be in, but as far as attraction goes there has to be some, most swingers are great people but we wouldn't fuck all the swingers out there, chemistry is great but there has to be attraction, get it rolling and let us know, we would love to see who'd go.

Swinger Friendly Businesses - Business or services friendly to swingers - Pictures will be coming soon. They have been a low priority but my wife and I will make it a higher priority

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - It's on our to do list:)

Looking for Lifestyle Clubs in Puerta Vallarta - Puerta Vallarta Swingers,tag - Heading out to P.V Wednesday for the week any lifestyle clubs out there? If not any nice places to check out? Gonna be 45 min north of Dwntwn in Punta Mita

Are you more or less tolerant? - - Now that you're a swinger do you think that you're more or less tolerant of people of a different body type than yours? We ran the Utah Undie Run yesterday (WAY fun, highly recommended btw) and today we were checking out the stories about it from the local news outlets and more than that the message/comment boards. Now we all know that there are a LOT of people in Utah who are/were very offended that some people would run around downtown on Conference Sunday in their underwear so we were expecting a lot of "sour grapes" type comments about it being disrespectful, etc.. What we weren't expecting quite so much were the MANY negative comments about how unattractive the participants were. Sure there were a few that could have hit the gym a little harder but we felt like the majority were actually quite fit and trim (and mostly quite a bit younger than we are-LOL). So it got us wondering if swingers are, in general, more or less tolerant of others who maybe aren't in spectacular shape. Or were you more tolerant before you became a swinger? We're not talking about people you'd necessarily like to fuck just about people in general. What say you?

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - The problem with waaaaaaa is that in my humble opinion he is a pathetic little man in brain power.Obviously he can't talk about any thing but sex must mean the fat bitch beside him isn't giving him any.Oh look other people can be rude also.Get a life and the sex talk will come but as i said previously do you go out and talk about nothing but sex with everyone that you meet.I guarantee if you met my wife and first thing out of your mouth was sex talk,you'd be in a world of deep shit.We got into this life style to meet people with like attitudes to be friends.Some we have met and became friends with and still have NOT had sex with them.Others we have met and talked a while about this that and the other things and had great sex with them.Now judging by your vocabulary and your picture it appears to me that is all you can do is talk about it.You must figure that if you talk about it enough some one will finally give in and give you some.NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!

What is up with Utah?! - Swingers in Utah and nowhere else? - We use this site mainly for forums seeing as most seem to be in the Utah area we have been there one time to ski and that's been our only time in Utah. We have very good results on a another swing site where we actually do meet swingers here in Florida seems that the swingers in our area of Florida on this site must feel we are too old or ugly lol. It's ashame as we are a fun cpl and love to play. Norm&Sharon

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