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Affair Match - -

To whom it may concern,

I think we swingers have no right to make moral judgments. After all, we are not following what the majority of our society deems morally sound. I do not agree with cheating either, but who am I to judge. All of you may not agree with me. I'll bet my life that many of your families, friends, employers and churches would not agree with your lifestyle choices. Who are we to judge? Think of it this way. It's a given that many of you partake in the marijuana plant. This is a violation of criminal and moral law. Yet many many people here proudly boasted this fact in the D&D forum. So much so, that they mistook my posts as anti-marijuana, when I said that I didn't want it around me because of my occupation (military). I highly doubt that if Rob were to post a link to a Caf

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - I think "Forum" is about being able to talk about any thing you want....doesnt have to be about just sex. If you want just sex or friendship, talk to people individually........ Just my thoughts :) Jenn

Swingers clubs or parties - - I'd like to know the answer to that as well. I live in Atlanta and I'm going to Greenville, SC this week.

sluts? what? - how so? - [quote=DELICIOUSLYWET]There is a book called "The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities" written by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy that defines Slut in a positive light. They might be using slut in that context. The book has been very popular with swingers for quite a few years. [/quote] I would hope they are using it in that sense.. but words that compile around the slut term make it strongly seem like it's a negative term.. sadly..

couples gf? - has any couples thought of this or had/have a gf - [quote=ABCMAN][quote=ASSETS][quote=VIRANI]is it wrong of me to believe that no girlfriend of a couple should expect anything beyond sex?[/quote] nope. I think the same... if a girlfriend expects more, then she is just setting herself up for a broken heart and disappointment.[/quote] It's not that easy. What if the man falls for the girlfriend. It is possible to love more then one person romantically, it happens all the time. Even friends of mine who have cheated on their wives, still love their wives, it's not just sex to some of these men. Sometimes I wonder if "Swingers" or "lifestylers" get so paranoid about falling for someone that they miss some of the fun that comes with sexual play with those you care about or ...cough...love. Love isn't something that is always controllable or a feeling that always can be tamed. I've read these posts for years, and it happens all the time in the lifestyle. Couple "A" plays with single male or female, they play often, soon one of the couple is in love with the secondary, then all hell breaks loose. I just asked myself, why? That person you fell in love with originally is still the same person, they may love someone else as well, but they in most cases still love you as well. Shut down the social conditioning that tells you it's wrong! So is swinging by the way if you listen to those religious cultural voices. Talk it over with your spouse, let them know it's okay to feel what ever they want to feel. Keep those communication lines open, and often the "fallen" partner will realize they love two and they do not have to love only one person. Sorry for the sermon, but I just cringe when I read these replies where people attempt to deny what makes them fundamentally human. It's okay to love others, even if they are not your spouse. Just remember who you are going home with and who was by your side the last umpteen years.[/quote] I used to work for a MORMON sex therapist... his usual statement" Love is easy... for the most part it requires the right emotion and the right impetus.... It's the RELATIONSHIP that is hard." I love many of the bodies/minds that I've touched... but I've never found a satisfaction better than what I've discovered with a husband of 17 years and our two amazing kids. I don't need anything from outside sources but a chance to see "what's out there..." Perhaps that's the real difficulty... analyzing our motives and admitting our jealousies. For example, I consider myself flat chested... It's why I LOVE encounters with buxom women... but I am willing to admit that my interest comes from a place of jealousy ... I don't ignore jealousies...I use them to my advantage. I am not girlfriend material... Monogamy bores me. But I do fit in with the group of couples who want full honesty.

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - [quote=BINKYSANCHEZ]My wife made comment to me this morning regarding the possibility of snoops creating fake profiles to pry and snoop. That comment alone was enough for me to remove some photos on our public profile until the hype phases out. Let's see what happens. [/quote] Hmmmm good point. Perhaps I should delete the photo of my telltale dick tattoo. Don't want the fam to find out our naughty little hobby by recognizing my ink. [em]Emo_8[/em]

What if??? - Some body's worst night mare. - My worst nightmare involves spiders and rollercoasters. Not really much to do with swingers and/or my parents. :p

Anything but Habits?! - Chill Hangouts? - Habits is a fun club, and we've tried it out a few times, but we're not really into the club scene. We like to chill, play pool, drink beer, talk and listen to rock and roll.... is there any swingers places like this? Help!!!

ISO: sexy married couple - exclusive FWB - Let's have some fun... - Question: If a swinger couple hooks up with another swinger couple, and they develop an exclusive play relationship that last for years, can they really still be called swingers? In my mind, “swingers” assumes a certain amount of promiscuity. If we are only fucking one other couple, I’d say we are FWB, but no longer swinging.

Swingers dying out? - Is the utah swinger community dying or becoming to needy? - We are very interested in meeting new couples. I had two friend requests just this past week and I replied with my cell number, asking to get together for drinks or dinner but they haven't contacted me. I wonder if people are just looking for pictures or to get a large list of friends. Its interesting because they contacted me first....lets meet!

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