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BUSTED! Your Kids Found Out Your Swingers. Now What? - - SPERMint, I can't uderstand a thing you're trying to get across. Does the word punctuation mean ANYTHING to you? How about spelling - EVER have a spelling class in school? Didn't think so. What I would REALLY like to know is, why did you put stripes on parents?

How to identify yourself as a Swinger - - [quote=LOUISE_DON]Upside down pineapple ?? lol i dont get that at all.....[/quote] Early on, when looking into swinging, I visited another forum. A couple posted a picture of themselves with the caption, "We did it!" Their shirts were off and they were facing away from the camera. A few people posted that they didn't get it. The OP explained that they got upside down pineapples tattooed on their backs so other swingers would know they were in the lifestyle. No one knew what they were talking about. It was sad cause at first they joked that it was a well known sign, but person after person chimed in that they had never heard of it. Some people who had been in the lifestyle over ten years said they'd never heard of it. After a while they stopped trying to convince people and then stopped responding. It was pretty sad.

The Forum - For What It's Worth - [quote=FREERIDESTL] LTFOL...WTF are you talking about? LOL [/quote] guess you ain't been here long then: http://www.swingular.com/swingers/i/5254/ so whatever did happen to GSC and their tantrum?

Meeting LS With GPS Locations~Nearby Services - Meeting others through Technology... - SDC (Swingers Dating Club) app has something like that. Everyone's location shows up on a map as a color coded dot. You can click on the dot and see the profile or event. Is this what you are thinking about?

Meeting new swingers? - Where to meet them? - We meet intially on sites like this then setup a face to face meeting at a local restraunt,bar,club etc... sometimes it could be a Mcd's, Waffel House or wherever we can all manage to meet and noramlly we don't play first meetings althoughwe willadmit some first meetings only lasted a couple of hours before we allagreed to go find a more private spot lol. N&S

Vegas 4/26-4/30/17 - Gettin hitched in Vegas that weekend! Looking for some hot couples to celebrate with!! Open to most - We'll be in Vegas that Fri and Sat with other swingers for a birthday party. Probably go to green door one night. Planning on Artisan Pool on Saturday.

Translating Personals/Swingers Ads - - that was so funny . now i need to go back and change all my profiles . ha ha ha ha naughty dreams freaky kitty

Swinging and the Mormon Church - - [quote=BEARZYKINS][quote=PALS4FUN]I Love belonging to a Church where my publicly professed beliefs match my internal values. It just feels good. :)[/quote] Wait, there's a swinger church?! ;) [/quote] Yes, the Church of Pals4Fun is now open, please cum worship at the alter! I think that you're just teasing but might be a tad serious in your comment so I wanted to reply although it's a very difficult topic and tough to articulate. No, I don't know of any church-of-the-wild-and-crazy-swingers. But I DO enjoy belonging to a Church that does not issue broad sweeping edicts REQUIRING certain behaviour by people so as to assure that ya'll are exactly like me. I like differences. I like differing beliefs or opinions. I like the fact that I couldn't be excommunicated for being gay for example. I can not be tossed aside because I swing nor can I toss you aside because you swing or are bisexual. So all I'm saying is that I enjoy belonging to a Church that outwardly espouses a view that agrees with mine -- I(we) don't have all the answers so I'm not going to condemn you for where you are in your journey of self-discovery and life. I'm going to join you, talk with you, and discuss things. Maybe I'M the one who'll end up changing and you're not "wrong" at all. (in whatever it is that you believe) Sheez, see? I told ya I'd have trouble articulating it. Sorry to wander from the OP's initial topic on Mormonism. [em]Emo_8[/em]

Club 90 party - - We have been in the lifestyle for over 10 years together and we usually do not worry about these kind of things, because they are usually in other cities and states. But if you all remember the murder of that young girl in San Diego, Ca and they focused on the parents being swingers and not the dejected nieghbor who killed that poor little girl. Link: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/05/16/national/main509253.shtml Here is a good one for those who want to know what can happen to a club. Link: http://www.metroactive.com/papers/metro/02.27.03/swingers-0309.html here is another that i found interesting. Link: http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?storyID=444851&category=REGION&newsdate=1/29/2006 we are going to make our pic's privatefrom now on(face pic's), not to hide from our family and friends, who already know about our lifestyle, but the people who we work with that will not be as understanding. What I do is sells and if anyone found out in my field that we are swingers, I could have a drop off of my sales quick enough to put me out of business. I already have a hard time selling to certain companies because i am not Morman, now just add to that i am a swinger, i will never sell them anything ever and most of them would let it be known throughout my industry. We hope to meet many more people on this site, but this will make it a lot harder to do so, the screening process just got a little more complicated. Enjoy the party, but i do not think that is where the problem is in this story.

Observations from the other side of the room - Some unsolicited advice - [quote=EVILDOERS]All good advice. You should give seminars to the GAZILLIONS of single males who think female swingers are nymphomaniac, wanton sluts who will fuck anyone, any time, anywhere and that their husbands/partners are pathetic, impotent cucks who don't know how to please their partners and need a "real" man to satisfy their wives/girlfriends. You could make BANK teaching the utterly clueless how to act like a gentleman and do a service to the lifestyle by helping to weed out the twatwaffles who have no business even ATTEMPTING to enter a lifestyle they know nothing about and should leave immediately![/quote] That's a really good idea! I am no authority but I agree that Utah guys have a bad reputation. I have heard similar stories from friends on vanilla dating sites where the guy just wants a one night stand. I am glad that my post was read and responded to. I agree that my comments are common sense as well. Unfortunately, common sense isn't all that common. Any suggestions on what to name my seminar?

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