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Whitewater Swingers

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Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - Probably the same as the ration between a nice married male and arrogant married male. LOL! -D-

Polyamory - Please share your thoughts.... - My wife and I have been poly for almost 4 years now. We've learned that poly is a REALLY broad topic, and there are as many ways to "do" poly as there are grains of sand on the beach. We've met some awesome people. We've met some folks whose relationships resemble train wrecks. It's not right for everyone, but it's a viable option for certain people. My perception is that there isn't always a big difference between poly and swinging. I've met swingers that talk bad about poly but REQUIRE some sort of commonality and friendship before sex, and I've found poly people that badmouth swingers but use "poly" as an excuse to fuck anyone they want to. That's my perception. Can I have sex with someone I don't know but feel attracted to? Yes! Do I prefer intimacy with someone I feel a deeper emotional connection to? Sure! But that's just me and my wants/needs/desires. We're all different.

Swinging Web Pages - - Just throw "swingers" in the subject for google search and it brings up all sorts of pages, including plenty concerning the movie "Swingers" from a couple years back. The results are so many you will get tired of looking...;)

Swinging parties - Ice breaker/sex games - I still have not heard if anyone has any of these games. The ones that I was interested in are DV8 Swingers. The game of Lifestyle. Let's fool around. Dirty Deeds. Does anyone here have any of these games I would like to see what they are like before I buy.

First time flop rule - it happens - i have thought about this. we are newbies and havent even met up with a couple yet (there arent many swingers in our area apparently) we get the 'what if' thoughts. 'what if we dont click?' or 'what if we do click, everyone gets along great and we chicken out?' i mean were not shy, maybe were just nervous cuz were 'virgins'?

Anything but Habits?! - Chill Hangouts? - Habits is a fun club, and we've tried it out a few times, but we're not really into the club scene. We like to chill, play pool, drink beer, talk and listen to rock and roll.... is there any swingers places like this? Help!!!

Being Polite - - I have found that alot of people do not respond to sent e-mails. I have showed interest in several people and offered to send them to a site that I have some pics posted on. I work with the public and have had several people recognize me from swingers sites and I have lost at least 1 job from posting pics. So I do not put pics up anymore. Please give those of us that can\'t or won\'t put pics up a chance or let us send you a pic by some other means. Sorry I think I may have posted this twice. My computer is shutting down on me .

Swingers of Color - - Trust me... we're here... just too busy to take pics of the action....LOL

Any Suggestions for Tampa Bay? - - There is a Trapeze swingers club in Tampa I believe.

MMF - - [quote=ONEFUNCOUPLE]Well It's great to see so many people agree with me!!!! Now I have to take baby steps with my other half so she can work up to that experience. I think she will like it and she thinks so too but she wants to get her feet wet "so to say" with just being with another girl and work up from there!!! [/quote] This is how we started FMF...I am bi and we started with just me playing with the girl and he watched, then I was comfortable enough to let him join....now we are full on swappin swingers...hahaha...love FMF, MFM, MFMF, MMFMM, and ALL other combinations...hehehe...have fun and let her set the pace...you will be happy in the end letting her do it how she feels comfortable...she will reward you for your patience...I know I did Lucky B...hehehe...kisses...Naugh-Ty and Lucky B ;)

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