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If you are looking for Swingers in Wautoma, WI, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Wautoma looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of Wautoma, WI. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

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swingers dvds - - Nina hartly has some about getting into the lifestyle; Nina Hartley's Guide to swinging, and I think there is another about swinging by her as well.. Swinging in the USA Available thru A&E Avg. Rating: What does Avg. Rating mean? Director: Luc Wylder See real couples encourage their lovers to try GROUP SEX! In this authentic Swingers video, Carmen Luvana teaches curious couples how to be pornstars! She kicks things off with a 12-person orgy. Girls get screwed, men get sucked, pretty pussies squirt and firm asses open till everybody cums! Every scene is loaded with group sex, attractive amateurs and more swinging than a playground. 103 X-rated minutes. Sin in the Suburbs / The Swap and How They Make It. The disc itself was just released last year. However, it seems that the original two movies on this disc were released in the 1960's or 1970's. Here are a few more with the site listed and links.. A Swingin' Affair, <http://somethingweird.com/3054.htm> All Around Service, <http://somethingweird.com/3572.htm> Bang! Bang! The Mafia Gang, <http://somethingweird.com/3038.htm> The Bedroom, <http://somethingweird.com/3540.htm> Caged Women, <http://somethingweird.com/3564.htm> Campus Swingers, <http://somethingweird.com/3545.htm>

The Forum - For What It's Worth - [quote=FREERIDESTL] LTFOL...WTF are you talking about? LOL [/quote] guess you ain't been here long then: http://www.swingular.com/swingers/i/5254/ so whatever did happen to GSC and their tantrum?

Comic Con San Diego - - Anyone going to Comic-Con in San Diego?? We will be there from July 11-15th and would love to meet up with another couple to enjoy the nightlife with and have alittle naughty Fun while on Vacation!! ;) Or do you know of any swinger friendly clubs in San Diego. Where are all the San Diego Swingers HELP!! Message us if you're interested in joining us!! xoxoxo

Single Males - Question - As aggravating as it sometimes is, we don't do the block single males option because one of the first swingers we ever had contact with was, and still is, a single guy. On another site we were on we blocked single guys and never heard from our friend, even though we sent him messages from time to time. We finally got an email at our regular mail telling us he couldn't respond to our messages because we had blocked not just the cold messages from unknown guys, but even replies to our own messages. So, if you ever decide to contact that single guy that catches your eye, make sure you unblock or you will never get a reply.

Racist Cops In The South - Trooper uses racial slur and threatens to kill a fleeing man. - DANDJLIKETOPLAY, That's my whole point. Why does it matter? I honestly do not get it. I opened this discussion with the intention of connecting with fellow libertines. I want to know why we, as swingers, can be so progressive when it comes to our sex lives and the liberty that we require to fullfill them. Yet, we are blissfully ignorant to basic humanity. I feel ashamed to be a human sometimes. The fact that some of the most intelligent people in the world are being stifled because of the melanin in their skin, baffles me. The sun seperates us. THE SUN! Ironically, it is the same sun that gave birth to many religions of the world. It even gave birth to Judaeo-Christianity. If you want to watch a great movie that will enlighten you to some little known facts; I suggest you watch a great flick called Zeitgeist. http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com If you have about two hours, this movie is filled with interesting facts and some speculation as to our future and theories regarding our world, conjured from some of these facts. Please watch it with an open mind and also a grain of salt. It changed my perspective a little after watching it. Anyway, let me know what you think. -D-

Wannabes and net fakes - Will the real lifestyle members please stand up - How you not really notice who they are. My significant other and myself are not swingers we are in a lifestyle. Not something that comes and goes with the weather. We live a lifestyle. We have another lover that we love and adore and again love getting together with other couples and even groups for dinners and playtime. We have been in the lifestyle for over ten years and have spent more than our fair share of time apart because of the Navy but even then we talk about our life together first then the lifestyle we enjoy. Seeing people on here just to scope pictures or have sex.....we are looking for lifetime friends. I think that all that are in the lifestyle are doing the same thing, looking for people with the same goals and ideals. We just have the ability to be closer than most.

movie short - some couples just aren't cut out to be swingers lol - http://www.atomfilms.com/landing/landingIndex.jsp?id=free_speech

is soft swap swinging??? - -


Anyone who tells you that soft swap is not swinging, is not a swinger. They are trying to oppress you with their idea of sex and relations with others. That in itself goes defies the definition of swinger. So just say fuck those fuckin fuckers. They are not worth your time. Vaginal intercourse with a stranger, does not make a swinger. If that were true, then all prostitutes are swingers. If it were me, I would say, "I'll full swap if I can take a morning shit in your fuckin mouth." Be sure to tell them they're not true swingers unless they fully open up to you. Lay on the pressure. See how they fucking like it. I hate fuckin' people that use snakey tactics and pressure.


Divorce rates - How do we compare - swingers have more fun.

Windows Tablet vs Ipad? - - [quote=IN2LOVE]The features we like about apple products is if I make a spread sheet on my Mac when I get to my iPad its there same thing with pictures we take on our iPhones they are on my Mac when I get home. No need for USB ports or flash drives there is this thing called the cloud stores everything we need. If you need a keyboard they have accessories like the airbridge. Updates are great and easy done in the background. For us we would pay extra for the quality and ease of apple products before ever going back to a windows platform. Just our 2 cents worth.[/quote] Tell me more about this "cloud". Sounds like the perfect place to store all of our dirty pictures and videos as well as our correspondence with other naughty swingers that we never ever want the vanilla world to discover. Maybe I should put all my passwords, SS numbers and bank account info there as well. [em]Emo_67[/em]

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