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Watertown Swingers

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Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - [quote=PARTNERZNCRIME]oh yeah!....love DP[/quote]HMmmmmm very hot LOL

Why do husbands always answer first? - - [quote=HFUN]Sexy latin you are not perfect by anymeans .we have chatted with you and you did not mind it when i was chatting with you untill you could not get your way.we could not change the date that you set up and you got mad at us for not being able to change it. And i was totally nice not pushy at all very respectful even tho we felt uneasy about meeting somone your age and even said something but you are persistant. And what did you expect your a single woman on a swinger site .. Besides the definiton of swingers is a couple swapping partners . so its not a single dateing site . altho singles are welcome to it.. So why are you here in this lifestyle sexy latin ? I just had to put my two cents in .This is The male half not the wifes view.[/quote] I don't think this answers her question or is helpful in any way. Doesn't seem like it's your place to attack or question the motive of any single for being on this site because each of us has our reason. Obviously you didn't mind when you were trying to set up a date with her. And we aren't aware of what happened in a closed messaging session between the two of you, but it seems that airing it in the open like this is an ugly way to settle it. May cause others to avoid you for such a visceral response from her seemingly harmless question. Again, I don't know what happened between the two of you, but this isn't the best place for you to show this angry side of you. To SexyLatin, I'm contacted more often by men, of course, but it's often hard to know who is talking when a couple. I think we always assume it's the man when it could be the woman. From the comments above, it seems that there are women who do the contacting, also, but you may think it's the man.

Know any Mormon swingers in SoCal? - Single girl in SoCal wants to know! - Our single girlfriend lives in SoCal and wants to find a Mormon couple she can play with. She is 30, 5'9, brunette, and fit. Know a liberal LDS couple in So Cal? :)

Pixie Dust - Group Sex/Orgy - Hello, my partner and I run a very private swingers group that caters to any and all sexual group activities. We are throwing a Goth Ball July 30th in a private three story 8000 sw ft home in South Jordan. Tickets will include food, prizes, professioanl bartender (byob), a dance floor, 15 seat movie theater, a king and queen with a real crown and tiara with plenty of play space for the after party. We are drama free and value consent and safety more than any other group out there. If you would like details we would love to have you. If you can't attend this event we are always looking to add new people to our group as well.

Friends with out benefits? - Is it possible to find friends on here who dont want to fuck? - Btw, we even have a name for couples like that. We call them "swirls" (not entirely vanilla and not entirely swingers...). [em]Emo_12[/em]

sexy cities - favorite travel destinations - [quote=PARTYINLV]I thought about Vegas or Palm Springs. But, Cap d'Agde in southern France is the place to go. It's a nude city. Everywhere you go, people are naked. It has also attracted a large community of lifestyle and swingers. 30,000 naked people! We're looking for travel buddies! https://www.capdagdeguide.com/swingers/[/quote] We want to go there as well!

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - Lol My 95 civic gets 40mpg as well, the car may not be the best thing on the road but it's sure as hell reliable and you can't beat the gas mileage.

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - husband done his time and salutes all the miltery 15 years U.S NAVY RETIRED RM2

Christain Swingers? - - Umm are Mormons Christians? I do not pretend to know, but have personally met MANY, MANY a Mormon couple (online in chat anyway) in the "lifestyle".....We have wondered how this relates to them religiously and personally.....Of course, we do not judge and will never judge someone's motives for swinging, just were curious how they justify swinging with their religion. I will watch this thread for more input :) No judgement intended, J&A

Vegas: Swingers circle or couples oasis? - Which do I prefer - hotfire...which club?

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