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truth dare or double dare - - I've loved this kind of thing - forever - and have designed my own games, too. Glad to see the excitement here for your game. Anybody up for putting together a convention to *play* such games? I always find that the swingers conventions are focussed on fucking - and I think it would be fun to play some games to lead up to it. Tease a little. Enjoy it. Spend a whole weekend doing this kind of game. If we schedule it, will anybody attend? When and where should we hold such an event? And, by the way, I'd love a copy of your game. Perhaps I can provide mine in exchange.

Lifestyle vacations - Best place for a lifestyle vacation? - We have only been on one. We went on the Bliss swingers cruise in March and it will be real hard to take any other type of cruise again unless we are with family. It was clean and classy. Clothing optional on the pool deck and a ton of activities. We had an absolute blast.

The New Neighbors Are Swingers - - [quote=EVILDOERS][video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hTrOMcWqYE[/video][/quote] We have Gnomes on the front steps hehe … but no one has ever said anything lol. I wonder if the neighbors suspect anything.

Pictures all over the web - - just did a search for our profile name and it's on like 10 different sites that we didn't sign up for. here's a link as an example http://swingers.letsmeetup.com/profile.aspx?user=ripbecki Does this mean swingular is selling our profiles to other sites or what? If not can we a expalantion or what's going on?

Vanilla Party pickups - Vanilla Party pickups - I doubt it, unless they are already in the lifestyle and attending as vanilla. I have known people that were not in the lifestyle do it with someone that they have known for a while but you would not consider and they do not consider themselves swingers. So maybe it is possible. If it happens to you let the rest of us know.

Orange County LA Area Swingers?? - Looking to see if this site has wxpanded West yet? - So here we are seeing all you active Utah folk's having what appears to be an active community of Life stylers... I am out in Orange County where we have empty gyms and swing clubs... LOL So any West Coast Couples in shape and ready to meet or mingle? See our page at HANDM here on this site and drop us a line if you are nearby or just as flustered as we are.

Soft swap - Soft swap vs Full swap - Maybe soft swap for swingers is kinda like anal sex for little Christian virgin chicks. They don't call anal "God's Loophole" for nothing. LOL [video]http://youtu.be/j8ZF_R_j0OY[/video]

Are you still interested! - Dynamics amoung swingers - Two comments I am going to try to keep short. First.. there are the couples we see somewhat regularly, we enjoy the more intimate moments with them, but we need to take a break every so often and just be friends. We are glad they understand that. When we are ready to get back into the bedsheets with them, its much more meaningful and fun. We respect them when they feel the need to become vertical friends for a while and not horizontal. So its not always a loss of interest, just a temporary change of scenery or personal events in our life... (Then again, some people do have issues that change their attitude towards lifestyles altogether.. and you have to respect their needs when they become just vanilla). Second. Old topic, but similar in nature to this string. Whatever happened to plain old honesty? Its a frustrating experiences to chat over a period of time, feel a friendship is developing, finally meet and spend a great eveing together... talk about getting together again soon only to be continually stood up or given a rash of excuses. I think everyone understands that finding a good match with another couple comes with several disappointments. Its so much easier to accept when you are told straight out that its not going to work out, rather than being lead on and on with the premise that there is something developing. Common courtesy goes along way and commands respect. Even after a relationship that may have developed for extended periods of time, why not be truthful and let the other party know when the interest is dying or gone? Or when its just a social relationship you are comfortable with.. why not be honest? There are some great friendships that can be made here that dont require sex. It happens to all of us.. think about how you want to be treated when you are on the recieving end. HUGS... Cyn, (and him)

In need of advice - sexual - [quote=ANDRAYWAY_SHANAYNAY]I just have to say it amazes me how judgmental swingers can be... you would think from the outside looking in that they wouldn't be. [/quote] Not judging just yet, I do that and make a fool of myself more than I want to admit. But in this case I am trying to see something real.. Have you considered he might be a single male posing as married? We have seen that a few times over the years. My point is there is no one to validate him or his story. When we have differences of opinions or ask for advice on the site we recognize who we are talking about and can respect or have some faith in what they are saying. I believe if your going to talk about a specific person in a negative way on a forum they should have the right to see it and defend themselves.

Newbie "outdoorsy" couple interested in the softer side. - Wish to develop a friendship with another couple in S ID, N UT - [quote=EVILDOERS] What, specifically, feels intimidating? Or perhaps a better question would be what do you fear? Are you afraid that one of you will fall in love with a playmate and leave the marriage? Or that one or both of you will like swinging too much and become big ole sluts? LOL Or maybe you're afraid of contracting a horrific sexually transmitted disease and your junk will fall off? *grin* Most of us are TERRIBLY bad at risk assessment and more often than not we fear things that are statistically FAR less likely to happen than things we don't seem to fear all that much. Some people won't fly in planes even though they are FAR less likely to die in a plane crash than driving their car to Walmart. And many swingers are deathly afraid of getting AIDS even though it's really quite hard to contract compared to, say, HSV, which most adults have actually already been exposed to. Identifying why you're intimidated might be a better use of your time than trying to find a needle in a haystack. But in the end, do what you're comfortable doing. If you think finding another newbie couple is the least intimidating way to dip your toes in then, by all means, do that. Those of us who have been around the scene for a while, however, could tell you some of the drawbacks to meeting people who are newbies. Personally, we would seek out a more experienced couple, albeit one who is NOT pushy and is willing to go at your pace and is looking for friendship more than sex. The reason I say that is if things DO turn sexual, a more experienced couple is less likely to freak out or have other issues that they haven't already dealt with. Either way, good luck.[/quote] Damn! You must be like an intuitive or something. Yes, my biggest fear is my wiener falling off...and then, my libido cruelly kicking into overdrive. Can you imagine???!!!😳 I believe my use of "intimidating" was a little off. How about nervous? You know...a little jittery, some anxiousness, and excitement all rolled into one...sorta what you'd feel if you were a beginner.😉 Re HIV/AIDS: Looking at the statistics doesn't comfort me in the context of hard core LSing. Now, I could mentally reshape those numbers to suit my desires but...really, it's of no concern to me as we're not interested in the harder side of things. Thanks for your input. I have made a few adjustments to my post and our profile.

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