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Extramarital Affairs and the Lifestyle - Where do you stand? - There is another issue here, playing with a married male or female posing as a single. Or, swingers having sex with a vanilla cheater. It does go on.

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - J&J, HAHAHAHA why not corona?? Bunny, You a med pro? -D-

Hot discussion - Hook up section? - Fascinating topic. I never really noticed until someone said something but now it all makes sense. As the male half of a couple, I created this profile to troll forums, gather info and meet friends... It never occurred to me that posting as a "single guy" would have such an impact. I can see now why. To piggy back on what was already said, I believe the "hook up culture" is in fact very real and has given a lot of single males the false belief that EVERY site is a hook up site, and there is some level of security hooking up with a married woman instead of a lonely single lady (they're not looking for a commitment, just sex). That said, there are a lot of male swingers (like Joe) who understand the lifestyle without having a current female partner.

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - perhaps TEQUILAROSE was confused by my statement, I stated that alot of people have fetish's but I do not know alot of white couples that are interested in black men, not every woman like a cock over 8" either, there are some but we have not met very many and it seems to be a very select group and type of swinger. I am not speaking for all swingers, I am stating what I have seen in the past and my experience in what others have told me about why they do not prefer single men. I can tell you that "I" have had many men tell me that they have a wife or live in gf and that she is "not into it". In reality its safer for a man that is afraid of losing what he has to cheat on his partner in a swinger enviroment because the chances of it coming back to expose him is much less likely, no connections, no ties, no one knows someone that knows the other person, its very safe. Alot of single men have also told me that they feel that they are bringing excitement to a couples relationship that the husband can no longer provide or that the wife is simply bored with her husband and wants another. These misconceptions are what gives single men a bad name. Guys, seriously, as a woman I can tell you just because you get me excited in bed does not mean im falling for you or I just cant wait until I have you again, it does not mean that I do not get excited with my husband and it does not mean I will be with you when he is not there. I am not a booty call, I am not here to give you a safe ticket to adultry, I am a swinger, I believe in the value of a close friendship with others that you can be completely open, some of the best friendships I have ever had were with swingers that wanted FRIENDSHIP and showed RESPECT. In my humble opinion that is my and only MY definition of a swinger. This statement is not meant to represent any other swingers aside from myself so please do not imply that my statements are a canvas for the lifestyle, there was a question, this is my answer and opinion.

can we swing and still not be in sin ? - - You said you would explain how to swing without sinning. Most expressed apathy for the offer. Why, because "sinning" is something most swingers don't care about with regard to the activities in the lifestyle. Most either don't care or don't apply the word to their lives. I, as an atheist, do not give the word value. Sinning is a religous mans burden. So when you say you can "show me how to swing without sin", I reply, "I already am." ;) -D-

Swinging/Polyamory - I just wanted to hear other people thoughs on this....... - We think the problem is that people see the equation "sex = love". IOW, if I have sex with you, I must love you. Therefore polyamory and swinging are the same. After all, if I don't love you, I won't be having sex with you. The way I see it, swinging is like a game of golf or tennis. I might play a game with you but I don't love you. Similarly, I might have sex with you but I don't love you. Poly, IMO, is basically having a relationship with that other person and sex is involved on some level. Kinda like "I'm in love with you and oh, BTW, lets make love" The way we see it, swinging is about exchanging sexual partners for recreation sex. In an orgy situation at a party, you can have sex with that person with zero words exchanged. In a poly relationship, there is a real connection going on besides just sex. Sex becomes incidental just like it is with married couples. With swinging, there is no emotional attachment. Is that a good thing? Well, it depends. We need to understand the very simple nature of things. We do this to avoid that. That is human nature. Many swingers DON'T want emotional attachments and avoid them because of the complications they cause in the first one. Are there benefits to the attachments? You bet. Is there a price to pay for that benefit? But of course. Is it worth it to you? That depends on your viewpoint. In our life as a couple, the problems poly cause BASED ON OUR OPINION (your's may vary and no right and wrong here) do not outweigh the payoff. IOW, we don't think the benefits of a poly relationship are worth the problems it creates based on our opinion. YMMV

Ldscouple74 - Are there any active LDS couples here - [quote=DANDTCURIOUS]LDS swingers? ...isn’t that’s like an oxymormon lol 😂🤣😂[/quote] No more so than Catholic swingers, or Baptist swingers, or Jehovah's Witness swingers or Muslim swingers (I could go on.). All of which we've met over the years. You can certainly question how someone might rationalize fucking other people recreationally with belief in any given religion, most of which I'm certain wouldn't condone swinging. But it's not really all that different from how most people in the vanilla world view sexual fidelity even when religion isn't in play.

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - Thursday night at 10

At what point do you out yourselves to family and friends?? - - I really don't think it makes that big a difference. What ever you are comfortable with is what you should do. Me personally, I let the people I work with that we are swingers, after they had guessed. Didn't see any reason to lie to them. Hell I was hoping to get in the pants of a couple of them. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.

Best way to connect with Boise area folks? - - aff now 10/27/2023 at 0:45 AM note the online profiles [url=https://imgur.com/TURAoMd]CLICK-HERE[/url] also reddit ID Swingers [url=https://www.reddit.com/r/IdahoSwingers/]REDDIT I DA HO? NO, U DA HO[/url] best thing to do is to get on all sites you can find until you find a nice group of sexy spuds

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