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Swingle males. What's in it for you? - - >So are a lot of the chicks in the hookup scene cray cray? People in general are half-baked critters. The hookup scene tends to silently give desperation a pass, which brings out some odd folk. >"Copping a pregnancy on the sly" is pretty low. Is it that common? It's not extremely common, but it happens, and ties into the the desperation remark above. Especially once you're in the mix with people in their late 30's. Shit's no fun at all. >Also, the "stranger danger and blind sexual incompatibility" seems like it would be more or less >equally as prevalent in the lifestyle. This isn't my first rodeo. I did the majority of screening when rolling as a couple for several years. There are "off" people in the scene, but word spread fast. Whether they are unstable as a couple, or unstable as a person, they tend to burn out and fade out pretty quickly in my experience. Sexual incompatibility happens, sure, but the odds are good it won't be a first encounter. Friends first (chat friends at the very least) is how I like things. >Not to mention STD's stalkers and cheats. What makes you think swingers are inherently more >trustworthy in any given situation? Please refer to the above. :) It's not necessarily a matter of being more trustworthy. There are plenty of scummy, dishonest, and dangerous swingers. However, the traditionally encouraged rules and boundaries that (what I'm assuming is) the majority of the community acknowledges tend to oust em pretty quickly.

Rolling??? - Thoughts Comments - I'm not taking anything wrong, I just noticed this sort of strange attitude about things when i was looking at an interracial thread. People were trying to convince others that interracial relationships and swinging were morally wrong and a major health risk, and it kinda made me think. I think it's great that everyone has talked about this. A lot of people, swingers included use drugs and I think it needs to be brought up, good or bad. And I want to say also, that I really apppreciate everyone taking the time out to post about it. And I thank you.

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - [quote=LOOKIN4FUN369][quote=RECON]It's funny how it says young swingers party for those under 45. Such a percentage of the peeps who RSVP'd are over that, or are lying. [/quote] They are wanting to creep up on the attractive 20's and 30's olds. [/quote] Well they ARE pretty easy to creep up on. Most of them have their noses buried in their phones 24/7. [img]http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i/be-very-calm-because-i-m-creeping-up-behind-you.png[/img]

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - ^^^ Enjoys DP and DVP. I even have a DP comment on my page from a cpl.

Two For Two Does Not Add Up To Three - Sorry got out of bed on wrong side - [quote=LOVESTOHUNT][quote=007HOTTIE]Can I just add to this. I am so sick of all these people that say they are swingers and have "just want to have fun" on their profile and then you get to know them and they tell you "Well, the female half doesn't like to play with other males until she gets to know them". Well, I got so sick of all the mfemale halves of the couple that we were supposed to text and get to know like 2000 times before there was a chance in hell we could all play together........... If ever? This site is "SWINGular"! For swingers! Not couples looking for another woman to add to the mix!!! I mean, I am all for getting to know ppl, but seriously! I am on here for sex!!! Not lifelong friends![/quote] we're up for that![/quote] Friends happen but like you we are here to fuck, but not use someone in the process.

This one time at Swingers Camp - Discussion about N by N camp out - Oh it was beyond fun :) can't wait for the next one.

Private Pic BullSh**T! - - [quote=BLUEIDKAT][quote=SHERA_HEMAN3]I don't get it. We are on a sight to see if we wanna share each other. Why not show everyrhing up front. It's not like i dont want someone with the sane intrests to see what i look like. Why do we have to be private. Ultimatly we are all here for the same thing does it matter if another swinger sees your face. Lol two cents. [/quote] I guess my point is that if other swingers were the only people on here, it wouldn't matter. However, this is and open website that excepts anyone temporarily and anyone permanently with enough cash. THEY DON'T DO BACKGROUND CHECKS! There are a lot of liars on here, plus occasional law enforcement and self righteous do-gooding crusaders. Don't assume its just the ones who hide their faces. And don't criticize me if I choose to be more cautious than you. I may be in a position in my private live where that is necessary. Look at all the trouble facebook causes people looking for a job. Can you imagine if they started checking swingular? Besides I'm in Utah. This is the state where the Church sends people down to Trails to record license plates. This is the state that requires your name be entered into a data base when you go to a bar or strip club. This is the state that allows the printing of a weekly newspaper that shows the arrest report and photo of anyone taken into custody, locally or state wide. I live in Utah. I'm paranoid for a reason. [/quote] You got it Blue! but understand about 95% of occupations dont have a risk of income loss if they are found out. some can even get more biziness. Many folks dont have kids that they worry about being teased at school (worse case). Many folks have been outcast by family and their friends would not be surprised at all or are on here too. If a couple seems to need to be discreet we like that.... If you have face pics in the public we will never be going on a date with you! that is for sure!

Can someone enlighten me? - - [quote=EVILDOERS]I'm just curious... like I mentioned in another thread, now that my thong pic isn't our primary profile pic we're suddenly getting a LOT of blind friend requests (well, I assume they're blind because they didn't wanna be BFF's when it was MY ass they were lookin' at. [em]Emo_59[/em] But I digress. So am I the only one who kinda has a problem accepting a friendship request from people with absolutely no pictures whatsoever in their profiles, little or no info of any kind in the written portion that would lead me to believe we might have anything in common or give me any reason whatsoever to let them look at our private pics in all their glory? I think this would make a good poll. What do you think the number one reason someone would have no pics at all in their profile? 1) They're shy....no, I mean REALLY fucking shy! 2) They don't own a camera, a phone with a camera, know someone who owns a camera or have a pencil to at least draw a stick figure of themselves. 3) They're in the Federal Witness Protection Program. 4) They're internationally famous movie stars and charge for autographed photos. 5) They can't quite figure out all this computer/internet/Instagram shit. 6) They really don't give a fuck but would REALLY appreciate it if we'd open our pics because their fap folder is gettin' low. 7) They're ghosts/vampires/aliens who are physically unable to be photographed. 8) They're not really swingers. They work for the NSA (or the LDS church) 9) None of your damned business. Just open your fucking face pics to them![/quote] #7 Well we are vampires but I promise we have pics lol

In need of advice - sexual - I come to this site because I figured it was full of swingers that have sex more than 4 times a year lol. I love my wife and am happy in everything in my marriage apart from the sexual side. I don't know if there is something I can do or of I am just screwed, not literally. I have tried foreplay and get shut down. We only have sex when she wants it. I try taking things off her plate at home, rub her feet, pamper her...etc hoping maybe she will want to please me more too. I feel selfish saying that but I LOVE sex and want to have some fun with it. Am I a terrible person? Sorry this is a site for swinging and fun and I feel like I am seeking a therapy session. LOL If anyone has some thoughts I would love to hear them :)

pROFILE pICTURES - Male Parts - From: FLATLANDER Subject: No subject Date: February 21, 2008 (9:28 PM) No Photo go to my space or some other site if you want a chat line. my god,it says swingers not your good buddy network. _________________________________________________________________________________ He didnt have the balls to post this for everybody to see, so I thought I would help him out.

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