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gang bangs - - You are so very right NC cpl the GB parties we have been to there was more than one lady and the guys have always seemed to give out before the ladies do ;) . What we have found is with the GB parties everyone who shows up are REAL there is no drama no waiting to find out if the persons you meet are ready to play none of the MIND GAMES some people like to play. Everyone who shows at the parties understand the rule you come you play there are no watchers allowed. Attending a party like this just adds that little bit of extra excitement that this lifestyle has to offer it offsets thetimes you meet people who love to play "mindgames". Don't get us wrong, we still enjoy meeting with cpls one on one but if you have never been to a "Gangbang" you really don't know the fun you are missing. Caution be ready to be labled "WILD", "hard core swingers" etc... our philosophy is its our bodies our life if we choose to be a bit on the "WILD" side and people want to judge us they are the ones with the problem not us. S&N

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - WELL ,for me its the name you choosed,, ULUVBIGBLKDICK,, i have been with single men from here, and it's my first impression that i go with. I never like nicknames, to me it was something that just didn't fit right in my thinking. I'm sure i will get alot of lip for this as usual. But you wanted me to be honest so I am. The name you choosed is something i would find on a porno site, To me it's something that tells me something about your personality. I maybe wrong but that's the impression I get with your name. kristy

Public display/playing - Playing in public places - [quote=EVILDOERS][quote=JIMBOUT]I really enjoy playing in public places. A lot of people talk about it, but do they actually do it?[/quote] By "playing" I assume you mean fucking? Have ya tried Temple Square? DEF a bucket list item for swingers who like to live dangerously! [em]Emo_49[/em] [/quote] I live right by temple square, and have unlocked this achievement!

Male on male - Not sure if this is where this goes, but male on male tonight only. - [quote=MASSMN]I think part of the problem why guy's don't want to put it on the profile or try it is they may be afraid if their GUY friends would ever find out that might cause problems with their friends. Remember these site's can be accessed by anyone this is the same reason alot of swingers don't post a face photo. [/quote] AMEN!! But you'd be astonished at how many people here on Swingular just don't understand why some of us choose to NOT have a "public" profile pic.

Help us out.. Take this Survey - For Utah Swingers - Good luck withe survey. We hope to see the results of your work when we cum to town.

Yolo Cruise - Who had fun? - I just watched the TV story and thought they did ok with it. I hope there will be another swingers cruise so I can go on it.

OUTSOURCING - - I thought this was very humorous. My wife and i have been swingers for a while and she is not currently playing the game. while joking around about she not being able to keep up with me she tells me "That is why I outsource you". After thinking about it i find the term really applies. and it works great as a secret word if non-playfriends may be around.

Swingers - a couples only lifestyle? - Are singles considered to be swingers? - What does Funk&Wagnall's say?

weekly parties to help the community (TAMPA) - - Hi, We are trying something new, we will be hosting a swingers party this week, We will be holding our parties in the middle of the week, so now there is something to do all week long. Another thing that makes our parties different is the donations, we ask for a 30 dollar donation. This money goes to help needy people across the bay area, alot of families are without electric due to tecos high rate increases, we are trying to help these families get turned back on!!!! What better way to do this?? A great party, and helping people at the same time. All are welcome, sibngles, couples, doesnt matter. There will be some gangbang girls around, fetish seekers and lots of sexual people. We are going to hold these parties every wednsday night. We need the following help: Places to host the parties, hotels are small and congested, we will use the sailports for now, as they have private balconies, bedroom and a living room. They also have a full kitchen in each room. Gangbang girls- we need girls who love gangbangs, we can get a lot of support for our cause from the gangbang community And mostly, we need you, come on out have a great time and help yopur community, as well. All parties are BYOB. We hope to see you all soon, if interested in attending, please email us here or at [email protected], we will be putting an informational page on our website soon. www.xwaveproductions.com . Thanks to all and we hope to see alot of you tommorow night for our first event. Gene and Karen P.S. we are going to try and put together a small gangbang party tonight!!!!! anyone interested please contact us before 8pm.

Hello summer - Swingers couple party - Hello this is Gunther Friday June 17th 2022 This is a private party. Just want to be clear upfront... It will be held at a LS positive venue, please arrive in street clothes there will be a place to change if needed. This is not a get drunk party ( it is byob and snacks to share) this is a mingle/dance/get to know others party. No drugs Please follow the LS rules ( no shaming of any kind, always get consent, respect everyone, no pictures) There will be a dance area, mingle and talk area, outside patio area a bar area and semi private rooms to play. To be put on the invite list please tell us a little bit about yourself and expectations of the party. I Look forward to hearing from you. Either here on swingular or send either of us a message on messenger Gunther Fox Kay Fox

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