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Solon Springs Swingers

If you are looking for Swingers in Solon Springs, WI, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Solon Springs looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of Solon Springs, WI. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

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Opinion -- House Party Or Club - - Well We have to say, house parties since we enjoy getting to know new people and getting acquainted with old friends. clubs are too loud and normally if it's not a swingers club you never know who else (vanilla friends, family, co-workers, clients, ETC) will be there. we have been to some swinger's clubs on the east coast and love it ass well. Since Utah don't have any swinger's clubs we vote for house parties not to mention that last week we went to one at recon's and it rocked

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - 05 Saleen Mustang 06 f250 king ranch 4x4 diesel 94 impalla ss 07 suzuki burgman 400 couldn't figure out how to upload pictures

Where do you go have Adult only sexual fun in Vegas... - Sexual fun - As a local who has been to almost all of the clubs in Vegas, I will tell you that the Red Rooster and Green Door both get a lot of single guys hoping to get lucky. Not all of the them are old (and of course that is a relative term) but at the Rooster there is just a small couples only area upstairs, with the dance floor downstairs with the BYOB bars. That said, it is worth a trip once to experience it. Same goes for the Green Door, except that meeting new couples there is difficult. There is a mix of single guys and couples floating around and the couples areas are set up so there is viewing but no contact by the single guys. Many of the couples are equally tourists who just want to see what it is about, some just looking at the other couples playing and maybe a bit of touching and the rare BJ, but they don;t seem to want to join in much. Couples Oasis is strictly couples only, single women and the rare single guy must come with a couple and stay with them. While there are some cliques, you can approach most of the folks there and find some new people to play with. Also BYOB bar and they have a simple buffet in case you need a snack or more. Swingers Circle has had mixed reviews, with some complaining about the costs and also the locations that move around.

Tooele Thirsty Thursday OCT 8 - looking to do a meet and greet with tooele couples - so i already posted in our tooele group but would love to meet a few tooele couples who partake in the lifestyle. so after talking to the mrs. we figured wed like to do a meet and greet at (to keep this for couples tell me your interested and ill pm you the location.) on oct 8 at 7pm. this gives the tooele swingers a bit of an easy way to meet and get to know each other. hopefully we can make this a regular thing and maybe include some fun down the line as well.

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - Nothing seems to piss off Mormons (arguably the most vanilla of vanillas) more than the thought of someone having more fun (or ANY fun, really) than they are. We should all be totally content with the ward ice cream social followed by a good solid 5 minutes of missionary position sex under the covers, right? Of course then there's the concept of this being highly offensive to Jesus. It baffles me that a deity would be so much more concerned with what we do with our genitals, and with whom, than with things like war, pestilence and famine. Unless of course doing non-approved things with our genitals directly causes those terrible things (pretty sure a lot of people think that's the case). Either way this should definitely cause an uptick in new accounts on Swingular (as well as more than a few lookie loos) so those who are nervous might want to lay low for a little while. I also imagine this story will send multitudes of chubby little Mormon housewives scrambling for the software they used to find their husbands' Ashley Madison accounts. [em]Emo_49[/em]

Las Vegas - Swingers clubs ect. - playhouselv.com or flirtslv.com both are great. Each a little different. Definitely would recommend flirts over playhouse but that's our opinion. You can try playhouse one night and flirts the next.

Those damn single men! - Where do they fit in this lifestyle? - AKLIM...In response to your question: WHat can a single bring to the table that a couple cannot? 1.) TOTAL attention...When you have a couple, he or she will always be aware of their spouse or spousal equivalent...Thus NOT giving 100% of their attention. 2.) NO ONE has to sit out...Earlier you stated that you would not want to watch someone do your wife, as it would bore you. Do you watch porn? Ahhhh...Live porn...What could be better? If someone in a couple takes a break to get a drink, have a smoke, go to the restroom...whatever they do on their break, they come back and watch 2 people with someone, don't you think they would be just as bored as you are? Don't you think you or your wife are worthy of more attention from a triad situation than a few minutes while someone takes a break? 3.) (Directed at Mr. AKLIM) Are you telling me if a single woman wrote you, you would not want to meet? Come on...EVERY man in America would like 2 women at the same time...it is the most common fantasy! 4.) What's wrong with Mr or Mrs. having a little fun on the side while someone IS out of town? NOTHING... Not to say you should adhere to our rules or anything...Just making a statement that answers your question... NOW...On to another thing...IN OUR EXPERIENCE ONLY!!!!!!!! Single males are indeed unreliable...so much so that on another site, we actually put on our profile the names of those who do not show or call to cancel a meeting! But then again...We have had more "meetings" with single males...BUT MANY couples do the same...We feel that there are FAR to many "fantasy swingers" in the lifestyle...In other words, those who THINK it would be cool, but when it came to "shit or get off the pot" they won't...thus they do not show...Another posibility is the old fashioned, "I can get my wife to go to this meeting, then I can convince her to swing!" action...NO single man will pull that one...And how many of us have NOT experienced that one? I am almost willing to bet that those who have the "The ladies talk on the phone" rule HAVE experienced it, and want to avoid it in the future...Now...I see a TON of people saying single men are "gropers" and hangers oners and other things...OUR experience is just the opposite...THE MARRIED men are doing that...SO many times we have seen single men yelled at for WALKING by a couple...NO, NOT talking, touching, rubbing, making tongue actions at the lady, no winking, NOTHING but walking by...YET, a man who has a lady by his side can come over and stick his hand in her skirt or down her blouse...and that is cool...Why? Because he is married or something? Makes no sense to us...ANYONE does something like that unapproved and they should be tossed, but because SO many people have HEARD of bad experiences with single men...NOT actually experienced them themselves, they assume it is the way it is. How many profiles have you seen where someone says we are newbies, then says NO SINGLE MEN like 15 times? Where did they get that? They have not met anyone, they have not been to a club, they are new...Probably from someone else's profile...THEN there are those who say< "Searching for: Single Men, Single Women, Couples" but later in the profile, the last sentence is "No single men" or something like that...You have MANY people in the forums saying they only play with couples, but their profile says differently...And then they want to come in her and bitch that a single man wrote them! WTF??? The single men are DOING what you say...and still get bitched at.... Let this post die....To the single men...Welcome to the whipping post...Enjoy...

Gym - - There are actually a fair number of swingers we know at our Gold's. There are probably more than we even know about but most of the peeps there seem to be pretty serious about their workouts and don't seem to be looking for hookups. Too bad they don't have like a swinger's hour or maybe a Wife Swap Till You Drop class. ;-)

Any Swingers out there? Golf swingers that is... - - We would love to play around just give us a days notice anyday after 4 or weekends anytime.

Why are there so many swingers from Utah? - - Like so many have already said so well before us, its because we are a deprived, sheltered, ultra-conservative state being hidden from life

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