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closed doors? - - It seems as if the doors are closed to a couple with little or no experience. Why is that? My wife and I have been posting ads on various swing sites for a while now and haven't been lucky enough to find a nice couple or single female to hook up with. Is it that swingers don't want to "waste their time" breaking in newbies or what? We've chatted with a single female who blew us off and a couple of couples who have done the same. We would just love to find a couple or single female who we can actually hook up with. How are you supposed to "enjoy the lifestyle" when the lifestyle won't enjoy you?

Age - New to the swingers community - is age a factor in how a couple is viewed? - Wow! It's adorable to read the comments of those 20 through 40's. We remember those years. There are times that memories of incontrolable thrusts and unconscious passion give pause, but experience... though overstated is under-rated. There are plenty of young'uns out there that appreciate the gentility of exploring "water flow naturally to seek its level." A young, (or young in experience) lady sometimes welcomes someone who has gotten past the self-serving impulses of youth. A young buck who wants to find his stride, unthreatened by the challenges of unknown expectations often does the same. The deciding factor is, are you into the trip, or obsessed with a destination in which you've never reached?

what the f#%@ was he thinking? - swingers still deserve respect - That is totally over the top. We see a few single guys from time to time and would never have anyone who messaged like that meet us. That is not only in poor taste but one stupid guy! I don't know what some of these guys think! If you want to succeed be a gentleman and send a nice message respecting my wife.

couples with kids - - We have 4 kids, 3 of which are under 3 years old. An 8 year old girl, 2 year old twin girls, and a one year old boy, so we totally understand the frustration that comes along with being loving parents and active swingers. To two worlds aren't always compatable. We have tried in vain to find a good sitter for all the kids, so most of the time we end up swinging when our oldest is off at a sleepover with a friend and the other babies are in bed. Today for instance, my wife and I had our girlfriend over for fun till 5:30 this morning and the kids got up an hour later!lol. So I am up with them taking care of the kids while the women sleep it off. Hard, but a small price to pay for a hot 3-some! Anyhow, as most swinging parents know....get it when you can, and if not....NO BIG DEAL. The kids needs come first. It's only sex after all. Just would like to say thanks to all the hot couples in Utah that have invited us to house parties etc. Some day we will get a sitter and get out of the house! I promise! ~A & J~

Excuse me? But are you guys swingers? - Excuse me? But are you guys swingers? - I think that just be respectful and ask straight up if they are in the "lifestyle" . If they aren't they won't know what you are talking about or if they are then you have a straight answer...yes. No one will ever be offended if they don't know what you are talking about. Also you might ask what they are talking about if they seem to be hinting..... Like ask... are you talking about swinging?... I guess it all depends on a number of factors... Are these people neighbors, someone you've just met and don't really know them or them you....Are these acquaintences that you know fairly well that are talking maybe to find out if you are in the lifestyle... So the reaponce is basically conditional... Can they hurt you? If not then what's to loose.

Game for Swingers - Has anyone heard of a new game for lifestyle couples called Titillation? - Yes, we've bought the game ourselves. It's good for a first time with new swingers, good for groups too, but it's admittedly not the best. I'd say average.

Help us understand double standard?? - - Ok all.... first dont flame us just a simple question. Why is there people in the swing lifestyle that dont swing both ways? Let me explain why are there so many swingers that only seek females? Isnt the purpose in swinging to trade partners? Why does only the female seek the pleasure? Is it just us that feels this way? Seems a double standard. Whats in it for him if you only seek pleasure for her? Seems selfish to us... sorry to rant and rave just need to vent:) hope we are not the only ones that feel this way

Unicorn hunt - ISO the ever elusive Unicorn - Don’t limit your search for your unicorn to swingers groups. Just be open and pay attention almost every where. We have had a few incredible memories with our new partner. Some don’t care for the label unicorn. The most bold third, friend, and lover we had the pleasure of spending many years with, worked for us and we thought we kept our business selfs separate from our pleasure selfs. Basically I had to let her go, after a few months. Shortly after firing her she turned to me with what seemed like a sigh of relief and asked. Can I date your wife? She was an amazing partner to add to our relationship! Work she lasted 3 months. Our partner, 6 years! Only moving on to start her own family. Good luck

In need of advice - sexual - I come to this site because I figured it was full of swingers that have sex more than 4 times a year lol. I love my wife and am happy in everything in my marriage apart from the sexual side. I don't know if there is something I can do or of I am just screwed, not literally. I have tried foreplay and get shut down. We only have sex when she wants it. I try taking things off her plate at home, rub her feet, pamper her...etc hoping maybe she will want to please me more too. I feel selfish saying that but I LOVE sex and want to have some fun with it. Am I a terrible person? Sorry this is a site for swinging and fun and I feel like I am seeking a therapy session. LOL If anyone has some thoughts I would love to hear them :)

Male anal stimulation - - And some wonder why the norms of the world call swingers perverts. There a lot of women that don

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