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Then there's this. - Enjoy! - [quote=Sm435]There is no argument nor debate. Sorry for you mask protagonists, but you lost. There are mandates all over the country and we still keep pumping out huge numbers of new cases every single day. The only thing this mask mandate ever did was enable people to feel empowered and place blame in others. We are all fighting the same virus, all of us, but people who buy in and think they are better or smarter than others take this as a way to point fingers. You posted a news story that labeled every swinger at that a party as a SPREADER and the party it’s self as a SUPERSPREADER event. This is 100% backed up by facts that includes testing everyone at the party for covid, finding some with advanced cases that cause almost everyone else to leave that party with covid right? Or in reality they busted a swingers party and have no real fact that covid was involved in any way. This is called non-factual news. Reposting non factual news, and labeling people who decide to go out and live as “spreaders” is the same VERY POOR TASTE as labeling all the homeless people in Pioneer Park as HIV STD needle junkies. You have facts to back that up to right? Or again, you’re throwing labels on people you feel are less than you and don’t fit nor follow your views. I’m sorry but those people living in the park are people too. We love swinging because we love people. New faces, old faces, all of them. We have dear friends in the lifestyle we do NOT share the same views on politics nor covid. But when you sit down and hang out you find that we are all so similar. We wanna live happily, feel safe, and have a little fun when we can. What the world needs right now is love and compassion, not finger pointing and blame. How about we all make a deal on this forum to only post when we have something positive to say about someone else, or something fun and exciting we want to try or do. When we have an urge to repost or comment on something negative we put the phone down, take a deep breath, and put that energy towards something positive like pleasing our spouse or sending a lifestyle friend a compliment and let all the negative shit get buried under the positive![/quote] 👏👏👏 I love it when somebody says what I'm thinking!

Myrtle Beach Fall Bike Rally - - We are planning on going to Myrtle Beach during the fall bike Rally. Anyone else?? [url=http://www.cafepress.com/SC24FUN]CHECK OUT SWINGERS SYMBOL T-SHIRTS, STICKERS AND STUFF[/url] [url=http://www.zazzle.com/SC24FUN*]Or other stuff[/url]

swinger clubs vegas - traveling to vegas swinger club - Red Rooster on the east side of town is a swingers club. Its pretty good but cround was much older than us, say 45 to 60 range but still good place.

Young Swingers Night - - We will be there! First event. New to the lifestyle.... Cant wait to see how it goes down!

LDS Swingers Survey - Will any former/active LDS swingers take my survey? - Completed

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - We don't live in Utah, but we do have a couple of corvettes! I have a '04 ZO6, black, and my wife has an '06 convertible, black, and we also have an Escalade EXT. We are members of the East Tennessee Corvette Club, and will be going to Bowling Green, KY the year to the museum, if you would like to see us there. I don't know which car we will drive, but we will be out for some FUN!!![em]Emo_29[/em]

Swingular's 1st Annual Motorcyle Ride - To benefit a cause of your choice. - [quote=CHECKTHISOUT84101]Some of you know that we are very private about this part of our life and we have a question for those that are planning this very worthy cause/event. Is this event going to be promoted or get attention from the media, police or a bunch of curious on-lookers? We honestly do not mind supporting a worthy cause like this, but showing up for a ride and having the Newspaper or 10pm TV Local News there taking pictures or video of us on our bikes is not something we want to be part of. We have this vision that local news will be starting off the 10pm time slot that day with....."Local Swingers Straddle A Hog To Help Support Breast Cancer". Maybe it's just us, but we would prefer to support this cause quietly and anonymous if this is the case. We are personally very happy to be who we are in private, but we know our family, friends and jobs WILL NOT LIKE WHO WE ARE IN OUR PRIVATE LIVES. Hope someone can answer this question for us. Thank you The Nutterbutter's[/quote] VERY good point! We would not be real comfortable with this, either...however, we do support a lot of different rides sponsered by a lot of different groups we personally are not part of...so guess we could always pass off any questions in that manner..But, it would be nice if it wasn't really advertised as sposered by a swinger group. You're right, I think the media would jump on it..JUST for that reason! Would love to hear Administrations view of this?

Who is going to Younge swingers week HEDO? - anyone going? - Oh, to be young again.

Is the chat room always dead? - - 2nluv, you are 100% right in your first statement as you stated dont be shy about makeing a true point, maybe its time for 2 chatrooms , 1 for swingers and sex fun for this should be an adult site and the second for' the friend makers chat '....

Required info for swingers - - I learned alot...,.thank you!!! lol

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