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Shawano Swingers

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Frustration with Friend Requests - - [quote=EVILDOERS]The underlying problem is the "we're swingers, you're swingers" mindset. We've been around the scene for a long time and met many many people who don't understand why we won't just fuck them...afterall, they're swingers and we're swingers...so let's just fuck already. This "hobby" is for fantasy fulfillment. If you aren't at least a little bit attracted to someone for any reason then what the hell is the point of fucking them? Especially when most of us can stay home and have WAY better sex with someone we love. [/quote] Well put!!!

Tinder? Bumble? - What are your thoughts on tinder or bumble? Any luck meeting ls folk? - Any similar ones for swingers?

Preconceived Ideas - - we had the same kind of realization.... once we figured out that 'swingers' were mostly just regular people with a spicy side hobby, we felt much more comfortable. We still are hoping to stumble into the 'non-stop orgies'

Damn Utah couples! :) - - SWINGING8869, I agree some mormon peeps are cool. I just don't like the Church's agenda. In order for it to be carried out, it requires people. So, there are plenty of shithead zealots out there. LOL! On the swing side of the house, It doesn't even apply, because you can't be both a swinger and a active member of the church. I was only referring to those that are actual members of the church and actively seek to make all people comply with their dogma through unconstitutional legislation. Like the people that water down beer, disallow gambling penetration porn and stem cell research etc. I wasn't referring to any the swingers here. :-) Kinbaku, I am sure there were some horny bastards before the Greeks LOL. -D-

swingers helper... - I know some of us need this every now and again... - Would you wear this?

Swingin' for Jesus! - - Discuss! [em]Emo_4[/em] [url=https://www.popdust.com/meet-the-christian-swingers-who-claim-god-uses-them-to-spread-his-word-1890927178.html]Meet the Christian swingers who...[/url]

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - The article stated that there are alot of that nasty stuff taking place in Kaysville and Farmington. Now why have we not been invited to these sleezy events? We can't imagine our 3 parties a year was what the article was referring to. Simples Edited for Evel, looking at it called for a revision.

Why do they run? - Why do most couples run when you suggest a real full swap? - We would not go for that. And a couple with whom we play did that for awhile and it damned near wrecked their marriage. What you are talking about is very close to just plain cheating. Successful couples, swingers or vanilla, are generally inward looking, looking at one another to the exclusion of the world or back to back facing the world together. From our point of view, at least, swinging is merely an extension of sex for fun in which other people take the place of toys. We don\'t for one moment forget that they are people and not actually toys but in termns of our own relationship they are peripheral though they may also be good friends. To split as a couple so that each may go his or her own way later to regale the other with his or her exploits doesn\'t work. I don\'t want my wife to tell me about her antics with another man. I want to see her with another man.

Is HABITS still the place to go? - - Habits: Pros: Great music, food delish, cool/friendly staff. Cons: Drinks pricey/watered down, music too loud, "dress code", popular hangout with self proclaimed elite swingers. Club 48: Pros: Drinks great, music at reasonable level, relaxed atmosphere. Cons: Food sucks, understaffed, sometimes music sucks too. Northern Exposure: Pros: Private room with private smoking area, some drinks good, music at reasonable level, music ok. Cons: Some drinks pricey/watered down and they seem to run out of their "specials" quickly, food sucks too, staff really busy (altho they are friendly).

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - yeah we know ,,been there done that,,same here,, but some are better at puting it in words,then others and there spelling ant perfect along with there grammer. but that does not make them a bad person.. we have seen single men but we like to pick them, not the other way around,, and will you ublock me as im not quoting emails in the forum anymore lol Alton

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