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If you are looking for Swingers in Rockland, WI, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Rockland looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of Rockland, WI. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

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eureka ride - - Doug Wright would have a fit if he knew there was swingers in the group :)

Christain Swingers? - - Greetings all, we just wanted to make a quick comment on what a great bunch of people there are in this site. We've seen forums about this subject b4 and it never was pretty. This is nice to see. Our only comment on this subject is... perspective, its all about your personal perspective. If you read the bible and take it word for word then no, you can't be a Christian and be in the lifestyle. For us (and we both have a very deep religious up bringing) we believe that if Christ taught us one thing, He taught us that our relationship with God, whatever, whoever that may be, is a very personal one. Each one of us is like no other, and so goes our relationship with God. If Christ came back and walked the streets today, He would get the same reaction that He did over 2000 years ago, and that

Just curious are we the only ones? - Just curious are we the only ones? - [quote=HERRIMANFUN]We have ran into people at clubs not knowing and at the grocery stores. The male half isn't afraid of chatting with people he finds attractive and have met a lot of people just by striking up conversations. But we see people at parks or driving and think wow they are attractive, I wonder??[/quote] The question is... "do you feel lucky"? Based on data I've collected from hosting events, and from building the Swingular mobile app (BlackRingMobile.com), I can tell you that Swingular has roughly 500 couples who are active in the lifestyle at any given time (and trust me, anyone who's actively swinging has an account here). Some studies indicate that as much as 4% of married adults are non-monogamous. That doesn't mean they swing, it simply means they have (at some point in their marriage) agreed that it would be okay to have sex outside of their marriage on at least one occasion. This number seems pretty high to me, especially in Utah. (Bordering on ridiculous, actually). So somewhere between these two numbers is the truth... 500 couples in Utah have a Swingular account, and by some (very liberal) estimations, as many as 35,000 couples in Utah are non-monogamous. Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that there are 3,000 couples in Utah who are actively interested in swinging. (Again, I have SERIOUS doubts that the number is that high, based on data I've collected from Swingular... but let's roll with it)... There are 886,000 couples in Utah, which means there's a 0.33% chance (1 in 300) that the couple you're looking at are swingers. However, if the number of ACTIVE swinging couples in Utah is closer to 1,000 (far more likely), the odds go down to 0.11% (1 in 1,000). This is probably a more realistic picture of your odds when you try to pick up a random couple in the wild. 1 in a thousand isn't out of the question..... but unless you're prepared to be very blunt, it's probably not worth wasting your time on, either. Just my two cents. =)

Honeybears23 - Couple - Looking for swingers over 50 for fun times in Virginia

Swinging and the Mormon Church - - [quote=SHADOWINGWHISPERS]Well the natural man is an enemy to God... so honestly I agree with the whole double life thing, people are who they are, put on a facade to the majority. With Organized religion there is always a level of hypocrisy. Be discrete and let people be who they want to be. Whether you're Atheist, apart of Scientology , Lds, Catholic or most anything in society other than our awesome little group of swingers, you put on a face with everyone and let go here, so who is to say what is right or wrong? You're all on some kind of level of pervert so really there is no, "he is more of one than I." You are being promiscuous, or sleeping with a married person or being married and sexually not limited to your significant other. Sinners are everywhere, some justify their actions and are more comfortable with "letting go". Everyone's right or wrong varies and for those who decide to give in to their "wrong" all the sudden see the light and it's okay to do now, WOOPI!! I guess what I mean to say is: WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING WITH THEIR LIFE AND THEIR CHOICES! [/quote] Totally agree. Key is being open and honest with your spouse.

Swingular not so private anymore - Someone has made swingular known on the radio 🤬 - So… A topic on the radio this morning was “my family does not know ____about me.” Someone got on and decided to say that her and her husband are swingers and her family did not know. (Yes, to each their own say as you please) then she proceeded to say the website that they use, which happenes to be SWINGULAR. All I’m saying is if you want to keep yourself private you may want to change everything to private because there is going to be a lot of people searching the site now. Thank you for sharing our secret!

Swingers Dares - Text for cards in the game - Alright...let's push the limits. Dare: Name 2 things (sexually) you've never done before and name 2 people from the group to do them (You can join in or be one of the two). To help move that one along, you might want to have everyone playing list 3 or 4 things they've never done (but wanted to) on a piece of paper before the game starts.

Party Games - - We\'ve played around with a computer game called 4 play, from rwb productions, its kinda of like a monopoly style game but for swingers. Haven\'t ahd a chance to see what it might be like in a party situation but might be worth checking out...... Tandvplay

Swinger & 🦄 Bait - An experiment to attract swingers and unicorns. - Hell I been playing with an LS couple. Just have to use the right bait.

Have you seen... - Xmas Poll - ...the new Star Wars movie? If so, what did you think? And PLEASE don't post any spoilers or if you do, at LEAST say "SPOILER ALERT" in big caps at the top of your post. TIA 1) Meh. It was okay. 2) If you post any spoilers I'll fuckin' KILL you, Evil. 3) Yes. It was formulaic and derivative. 4) GREATEST...MOVIE...EVER!!! 5) I'll wait for it on dvd. 6) Nope. Too busy fucking all these horny Utah swingers. 7) No, but that dinosaur movie was kinda cute. 8) Naw, but can't wait for Fifty Shades Darker. 9) Yes! The Force is STRONG in me! 10) Total fuckin' cash grab by Disney and JJ Abrams. 11) Fuckin' Star Wars nerds! Trump 2016! 12) Not one mention in the WHOLE movie of 6 pound, 8 ounce baby Jesus. [em]Emo_73[/em] 13) Star Trek RULES! [em]Emo_23[/em] 14) Yes, it was...[em]Emo_37[/em] 15) Wait, is that the one with Buster Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle? 16) I SO wanna fuck Rey...and let her use the Force on me! 17) Han shot first! [em]Emo_22[/em] 18) No, but I can't wait for "The Sound of Music- Return to Austria. This Time It's PERSONAL!", where the Von Trapp family, after extensive training in guerrilla warfare return as a small, highly lethal expeditionary force to take down The Third Reich. 19) Are you drunk or high, Evil? [em]Emo_86[/em] 20) Add your own answer here....

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