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Ridgeland Swingers

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Another way to identify swingers - Totally hot T-Shirts - they look like nice party wear.. or swinger event wear.. I would buy a few The main problem is We would have to buy like 5 tops for her. and well a couple of items for me because we're always looking for something different.. Maybe we'll just get one of each of the buttons.. on a side note I do like my pendant I got at the bliss NYE party.. Those are awesome and discreet. The main problem is getting ALL Swingers to embrace a certain LOGO Its like AFF VS SWINGULAR VS SWAPPERNET VS SLS>. Etc.. All pretty much the same Yet different too LOL

Swinging capitol of USA - What state is the Swinging Capitol of USA and why? - We read in Playboy a few years ago believe it or not but per population Michigan has or had more swingers then any other state in the union. I guess it gets pretty hot up there in the winter.

New to SLC - - Hey all, My wife and I just moved to downtown Salt Lake City from the midwest, and we're looking to have some fun. We're pretty new to the lifestyle. Right now we're interested in attending parties or clubs were we can watch and build up our courage to join in. Are there any swingers clubs in the city? If not, are there any regular parties that draws people our age? Thanks

Photographer/Videographer/Cinematographer - Want a pro shoot and a really low cost? - Hey swingers, I (Don) am a pro photographer. I also do video work as well. Would love to shoot some stills or vid for ya. I have a background in nudes, implied nudes, boudoir etc. I will provide some examples in my port for your review. I do not expect any "play time". It's strictly professional. You get all the photos! :) I will also post process (color/exposure correct). If you are interested, give me a call. Don 801-807-8057 P.S. I am shooting with the new Nikon D800, so you will be getting amazingly sharp, 36 Megapixel shots! Tools of the trade: Nikon D800 Canon 7D

Go turn on Oprah - re:swingers - Well you can show us anyyyyyytime.

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - [quote=GOODWINE5646]I was a journalist and I know Heidi. Hers was a reasonable, balanced report that focused on one woman who clearly had an awful experience. I'm sad she focused on a couple who were LDS. From our experience, I suspect she represents the majority who "try" swinging. There was a TV story done many years that was far worse than this one.[/quote] Please explain how you define "balanced." A balanced report on one woman's experience? The woman she reports on was abused. "Looking back, Susan said she feels like she was groomed into the lifestyle." "It was a lot of pushing by my ex-husband, a lot of coercing. He had friends call and talk to me about it." This is typical of an abusive relationship. She was thrown into the lifestyle to cure her relationship, let's also talk about the other abused women forced to do things they aren't interested in, that would be balanced. Also, "but she contracted the STD after he engaged in solo sex with another woman." Interesting, this solo woman could have been a swinger, a woman he picked up at a bar, a church function, or even a prostitute. Not a very clear report on this abusers sexual escapades. I'm just glad "Suzan" was still wearing her black ring..

What to wear to a swingers party??? - - LOL well ty Ray..... for some reason it seems to be hubbys favorite outfit also...... : )

Vegas Club Party - Local Vegas Swingers club party - Thanks for posting the website, wasnt sure if I could do that or not. Yes this club is a step up from others in town. Its new so word is still getting out about it but if you want to try something new and meet some nice friendly people you wont go wrong. The staff will show you around and even introduce you to everyone, they wont just take your money and your on your own at all. They take the time to make sure new people feel welcomed. Hope to meet you guys tomorrow, we are on the club site under the same name. Its nice that people are hearing about the club and the parties they have, its going to be a great weekend hope others will come and try it out too.

This one time at Swingers Camp - Discussion about N by N camp out - again,you did a fantastic job setting this up. to bad i's only once a year. already looking forward to next year. thanks for a great weekend jim/jan

Swinger & 🦄 Bait - An experiment to attract swingers and unicorns. - [quote=Sofutosuwappu]Met three unicorns at a party last weekend. Didn’t think they existed until then. I hear seeing one is rare, but an orgy (more than one) of unicorn makes us think it was a dream or someone spiked the brownies.[/quote] Our bad... More than one unicorn is called a “blessing” not an “orgy”

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