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'Neighbors with Benefits' to air on A&E - Excited to watch? - Looking at the preview, I have a problem with the show before even seeing it. It looks like the people on it are all going to be 20 or 30 something, and pretty darned physically attractive. Great TV marketing strategy, I suppose. Get people to tune in to see great looking people who engage in "forbidden" sex. Titillate the viewing populace. But NOT anything even close to a representation of the people in the lifestyle. Sure there are people as young as in their twenties in it. I was in bed with one a few weeks ago (yes, miracles do happen, folks. Even with old codgers like me [em]Emo_100[/em] ). But not only is the lifestyle not made up entirely of really hot looking people in their 20s and 30s, they aren't even a really large chunk of it. The largest single age group, based on what I've seen at events and parties, as well as on the site, are in their 40s. And far from all being fit, slim, and very sexy in a traditional sense, they are mostly average. In other words, the majority of us are normal people. And until the society as a whole starts seeing swingers as just normal folks, swinging isn't ever going to be well accepted. I also have a suspicion that the show is going to present swinging as a bunch of people getting together then all pairing off randomly with whoever. In other words, the view of swinging that vanilla society already seems to have. I really doubt that this show is going to do anything good for the lifestyle, mainly because I expect it to present a warped view of the reality of swinging. ~ Terry.

ISO: sexy married couple - exclusive FWB - Let's have some fun... - Not really talking about lowering the bar necessarily...more just not getting in your own way by setting impossible standards that few, if any, couples might likely ever meet. And like I said, Ms. Evil and I are absolutely as guilty of this as the next guy. My only point was that in almost THIRTY years of swinging we have, on more than one occasion, been surprised by our eventual connection with couples that we didn't really even give a second glance the first time we met them. Sometimes quality is a very fluid concept that, as humans, we aren't always great at judging. And we agree 100% about quality over quantity. In fact, if you consider the actual number of couples that we've played with in almost three decades in the lifestyle you'd likely surmise that we were either extremely picky or just really lame swingers (Actually, that last one might be true. lol). Bottom line, you absolutely should ONLY fuck people you want to fuck but maybe, just maybe, give a little thought to your criteria for choosing couples and think about which things on your checklist might actually end up not being all that important and prevent you from finding some really great people that might not check off every single box. And speaking of boxes, I'll get off MY soapbox now. [em]Emo_12[/em]

Moab lifestyle - looking for what lies under the covers in Moab - We get down to Moab quite a bit and can tell you with some assurance that there IS no lifestyle (at least SWINGER lifestyle) endemic to that area. There ARE plenty of swingers who go down there to recreate but they have to bring their own fun with them or arrange to meet it (them) there. LOL Sorry, I know that's probably not the answer you wanted but it's accurate. This is Utah. We're lucky to have a VERY small number of regular clubs (bars) that are lifestyle-friendly up here in the more populated areas. There are no on-premises swing clubs in Utah. Our advice would be to advertise your trip here on Swingular and elsewhere and see if you can connect with other naughty people who happen to be traveling there around the same time, Good luck! :-)

Swingers Road-Trip to New Orleans! - New Orleans Dec 2 - 5 - Swingers Road Trip to New Orleans! Join us in New Orleans! We have a group of swinger couples going to New Orleans December 2 to 5. I blocked several rooms at a French Quarter hotel that is a few blocks from Colette's Swing Club. The NFL game that weekend is LIONS VS SAINTS Dec 4th for those interested We are looking for attractive COUPLES to join my GF & I I am 6 foot 200 lbs with over 8, she is 5'5 120 lbs with small perky breasts and a tight pussy! Let me know if you'd like to hear more.

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander... - - Our experience has been that swinger in general seem to be nicer and more open than their prudish cousins. However we must remember that swingers are still a cross section of society and we all know that society in general is well stocked with assholes and unfortunately some will spill over into the lifestyle. All we can do is ignore them and hope they disappear quickly. Bob

Any Sci-Fi lovers here? - What\'s to describe? Either you like a good sci fi TV series or movie or you don\'t. - I'm a voracious reader. Love most Sci Fi movies and TV(not to be confused with TV's). Love the Dr No series but several of the Dr's we not as good as others. Hated the Darlic series but liked most of the Master ones. I wonder why Heinlein's books were never made into movies most are quite good. C.S. Lewis, Athur C Clark, Asimov all super writers. Martian Chronicles, SG, SG Atlantis... Too many to mention... The day the Earth Stood Still with Michael Rennie...Rocketman Seriels in the movies from the 40's and 50's. Who remembers Rocky's Rocket Rangers from 50's TV brought to you by Ovaltine and if you sent so many jar seals into the show you could get the decoder ring for the secret messages..... Sci Fi has been predictive of future events for so long...Lazers, Rocket ships, Rocket packs, And a statement in Forbidden Planet; " the taped thrillers of the 20th century" Filmed in Eastman Kodac color and in 1956 or maybe 65 but long before video tape was available...The special effects were awsome ...no computer generated things.... And the landing scene... note the shadow and the bubbliing earth and dust.....all hand done animation. And Robbie the robot... a mechanical wonder for it's day... Swingers would and probably love Heinlein... Stranger in a Strange Land and Time Enough for Love.... Can't get enough Sci Fi...

What are swingers really looking for ?Are they looking for frien - Has the happen to you. - mmmmmm yeah it could be cool. point do i really care i say what I want ill run on and on and on dont like it dont read it

New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - I love the idea as an old widower of a nice comfortable place to meet and play.I have attended a few house play parties that were fun as well.

what is soft swing - - In our opinion: soft swing, in addition to being boring and kind of pointless, is nothing more than a prick tease. If we need stimulation, we have a porn collection. If a soft swinger gets really adventurous and goes for an hand job or oral- whoopdefuckingdoo. We're in this for the big one. Most of the soft 'swingers' we have met have been more like the 'Don't fuck my wife but can I fuck yours?' types Yawnnnnnnnnnn Damn there I go offending the soft 'swingers' again... Nobody more sensitive around here than the softies

RECOGNIZING OTHER SWINGERS - Outside of clubs & parties. - The wrist bands are for swingers at resorts and parties to know what each person or couple is into at a glance.. They use to do it at HEDO and I've heard of a few cruises that did it as well... We have talked about doing this for parties at a nudist resort so all swingers will know who the other swingers are. Some nudists get pissed if you chat swing with them... I have googled it and see it both ways... I have also heard that LOWES and DEPOT sell flags with Pineapples on them and some swingers use these as markers for house parties.... I somehow, cannot see walking up to someone at the grocery store and asking if they swing!! The pineapple I think is a very good idea...

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