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Poly-Swingers - Moving beyond FWB relationship - I would like some input from any couples who have chosen to move beyond a FWB relationship into a Polyamourous relationship. We most closely identify as Poly-Swingers which means we enjoy a close connection and emotional attachments with a couple we play with. We have been exclusive with a couple for a year now and it has been a wonderful positive experience for us all. Recently we have all realized that we have strong feelings for one another(girls are bi & men are str8). So we are in the midst of an evolution in our relationship. Please no attacks or judgments needed [em]Emo_78[/em]

Swinging and LDS... - Are the two compatible? I know this is a huge can of worms... - We were talking to someone we thought was a "vanilla" friend last night. She has told us in the past how she is a total LDS member and "very religious", yet we just found out that she is and has been in the lifestyle for quite a while. We are a bit perplexed. While we are not LDS, we assume the church would frown on the lifestyle. Is this not the case? Or are LDS'rs living a "double life"? We all do to a certain extent, we don't advertise that we are swingers. But, to you who are active LDS members, how hard is to maintain while attending church? To those who are not and have dated LDS members, is it difficult to have poly relationships with members? What are some of the obstacles? We do like her very much.

"Can't Say No" Party - Who'd be interested in coming? - Mrs LPA69 and I have been talking about hosting a "Can't Say No" party at our home in Lindon UT. The idea comes from when we were investigating some foreign swingers clubs. There was one in South Africa that advertised a "can't Say No" room. If you went into the room, you could not turn down a request from someone else in the room, unless their request would be a health hazard (eg bareback intercourse). The idea intrigued us both (okay, me more than her, but she likes the idea). If we host such a party, it would be a little different from the South Africa swingers club. We suggest that it work this way. 1. We would have 10 couples maximum come to our house. We would advertise the party to everyone on Swingular, because it would be fun to have some couples we didn't know in attendance, just to make it more exciting. 2. We'd take a little time to drink, snack, and mingle while we were getting to know everyone else a little. During the mingle time, the two in each couple could talk about who they were interested in or not. 3. The women would all get together in private, and discuss amongst themselves who they were each willing to play with, what they were willing to do, etc. 4. Everyone would get back together, and for the next hour or so, each woman would tell her man what to do with whom, and the man could not say no. 5. After a break, the men would all get together in private, and discuss who they were each willing to play with, what they were willing to do, etc. 6. Everyone would get back together, and for the next hour or so, each man would tell his woman what to do with whom, and the woman could not say no. That's all the rules. The party could be as wild as those in attendance wanted to make it. Obviously it would be critical for each couple to state clearly their feelings to their own partner during Step 2, because after that, you can't say no to your own partner's instructions (but you're not obligated to do something that another person asks you to do). You'd have to really trust your own partner, wouldn't you? We'd like to know how many of you couples would be interested in that kind of party. The earliest we could host it would be New Year's Eve (or maybe in January), but we'd like to get an idea now as to the interest level. L&P

So what attracted you to swinging and at what point in your life - - I married the man who helped me escape my virginity....we were each others first time. We had college friends who were swingers and when I started to feel trapped and agitated about monogamy at age 21, it was natural for us to consider the lifestyle as the best of both worlds.

Vegas Jan 14-16 - Any sugestions on clubs or parties? - We were just in Vegas for the week of Dec 19 and I had asked around. I was referred to a new website specializing in \"what\'s going on around Vegas\" - specifically of the naughty variety. It is new, so I don\'t know how good it is, but it *seems* to have some \"inside scoop\". Take a look at: http://www.americanlowlife.com Meanwhile, I might share my list of \"50 things to do in Vegas\" - but they are mostly personal-level things like *) Shave each others\' genitals *) Go clothes shopping and take naughty photos in the dressing rooms *) Rent a Segway on the Strip *) Sneak around the hotel halls naked *) Enjoy the \"duelling piano\'s\" bar at Harrah\'s: Twin women pianists belting out all of the songs that the crowd loves singing along with *) Try \"Fusia\" at Luxor: \"Asian Fusion\" food: really-good food with a twist. Expensive, but a really-great culinary experience *) Stay away from MOST shows: they just aren\'t worth your time or money - particularly the \"titty shows\": It is ironic that Vegas has the reputation for \"naughty\" but the laws prevent full nudity anywhere in the city - so most of the shows are really tame - for swingers. We\'ve tried \"Skin Tight\" at Harrah\'s and \"Night Fantasy\"(?) at Luxor. They were... yawn. If you\'re going to go to any show - see if you can get half-price tickets the day of the show - there are now 4 or 5 half-price ticket booths around Vegas. Many shows are worth *half* the normal price. *) Drive out to Valley of Fire and run around the gorgeous, huge Red Rocks - naked - and take pictures of each other and make love. This time of year it will be *cold* - but that just means that you\'ll have it more to yourself. *) Dress up really sexy and go out just walking around: enjoy dressing as outrageously as you dare - see-thru, low-cut, etc - and just wander around - or even go gambling and see how many heads turn when you lean over the craps table to place your bets. OK. Again. I\'ve got a list of about 50 such things. If you\'re interested, ask me. Sigh. I DO love Vegas.

hotel party advice - - I've never been to a hotel party for the purpose of meeting swingers/possible swinging. Has any one else been? We've been invited next weekend and I'd like to know what to expect. I'm already discussing it with the Mr since he seems to be a little more forward than I. (ahem) Of what *I* will and won't be doing, just in case. I hate going to these kinds of things sometimes because it almost always ends up being a waste of time and money. Then on the way home I'm mentally kicking myself for 1, the time I wasted, and 2, the money I wasted.

Sturgis - - Hi to all the biker swingers out there. We are heading to Sturgis and was wondering who is all going. We are staying at the Chip and it would be cool if we all met up for a ride or some partying. There is a group set up here Sturgis Bound and has 3 members in it. There has to be a few more. Come on lets ride and have some fun

Merry christmas - - Merry Christmas all you sexy swingers!

ISO: sexy married couple - exclusive FWB - Let's have some fun... - We’re looking for a fun married couple to be “friends with benefits” (close to our age) who are fun, attractive and spontaneous that we can be best friends with, in and outside of the bedroom. We've had experience with this in the past and it was blast! This is more than just sex for us, we're looking for a long lasting friendship/relationship with this couple. We have no interest in threesomes, same room sex, group sex or swingers parties. Just a fun couple to be exclusive with. About us... We're an outgoing married couple, we both have sarcastic and fun personalities, we like to drink (socially), we don't smoke, we're D&D free, we both have professional jobs and are respectful and classy - all of which is what we're looking for too. We workout 3-4 times a week, so being physically fit is important to us. - He's 36, six foot four, 245lbs, athletic build, dark blonde hair, great smile and dreamy blue eyes (straight as an arrow). - She's 37, five foot five, 135lbs, athletic build with amazing curves, blonde hair, stunning grey eyes and great smile (bi comfortable). Reach out to us if you’re interested and let's have some fun 😁

Why swingers are happier. - - A study from New Zealand proving that swingers are happier than other people. [url=http://now.msn.com/sex-makes-people-happiest-per-new-study]Swingers are happier![/url]

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