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Meet and Greet/Play party - swingers party - Meet and greet/ hotel party The Golden Nugget bar Ramada Inn Pocatello 1-208-237-0020 133 West Burnside Interstate 86 Exit 61, Pocatello, ID 83202 US Ladies and gentlemen, we “Fifty shadesoffucking” kik group would like to invite you join us at the Ramada Inn bar “The Golden Nugget” one of our group members did some footwork and found that the bar is back open and they will work with us . In light of losing our hotel for parties after last year’s debacle. The bar will cater to us and they have made arrangements for us to get a block of rooms at 55$ a night the only drawback is Saturday nights they host Hispanic dances there so we booked a Friday night to see how things work out. This is also a cash only bar, knowing ahead of time will keep issues from transpiring. This is really a trial run to see if it is feasible for future events, the more the merrier. When making reservations please tell the front desk it is for the party on the 24th in “The Golden Nugget” there are 10 rooms set aside but more can be added to the promotion we are getting. The bar managers set everything up for us they are very willing to work with us and yes they know what kind to parties we will be having.

Who thinks swinging should be just like ordering up an Uber? - - Just, you know, click on your phone and find a willing couple or single and 'wham, bam, thank-you, ma'am' after it's over you use your phone to immediately give them a rating. There could even be a short questionnaire about things like whether they argued about using a condom, whether their nipples were disgustingly pierced and even if their breath smelled like ass. Just think of the time this would save sorting thru 'binders of swingers' and trying to pick someone out based on a glorified Tinder profile. [em]Emo_28[/em]

Who in the relationship initiated the idea of joining the lifest - And why? - I lost my virginity to my hubby, and had no other partners Before we married. We were fortunately able to befriend an older (25's) couple in college who were swingers. When I started having all the usual "what am I missing" emotions, he suggested that we pursue the lifestyle. We were rather young for it... started at age 21... but it has become an integral part of our lives. Now we have been married over 17 years and have a better relationship and sex lives than ever.

best swingers club in Nevada - - We want to find a party or club in utah or nevad to have sex while others watch and we watxh them....they can join in....is this possible in utah

YOLO Cruise April 26 2009 - swingers cruise - WE WON the swingers cruise, from CLUB ELITE!! We are so excited!!!! This will be our first ever cruise and wanted to know who was going, and any advice to "virgin" cruisers... Hope to meet many long lasting friends..... hugs Liz :z :z

Swingers dying out? - Is the utah swinger community dying or becoming to needy? - We agreed... swinging has greatly slowed down in the last few years, and it can still be fun, but not as fun and open minded as it used to be, We can see the point on the opening statement, and it you had been into swinging for longer of 5 years you need to admit the scene has changed, the events are more center on the money and getting more pricey over time, and it's not about the money to us and some comment we read that "if $30 to $50 is too much you have bigger problems" it s not the money but the value of the experience. We go on business to Vegas every other weekend and take the time and advantage of the opportunities there we spend 10 to 20 times the money we would spend here in Utah but it's worth it, i bet the events organizers here are great... all we are saying it's not like it use to be a few years back we miss those times...

LDS Swingers Survey - Will any former/active LDS swingers take my survey? - There ya go.

To Bi or not to Bi. - - Society has imposed a morality code on most of us at one time or another be it through religion or laws. Lets admit it we are animals and although we may not act that way often, sex is one of the most basic animal instincts. Acting on those urges if you are a swinger means you can have sex with others and not fall into the societal guilt and jealousy others may feel. When we meet new swingers this seems to be one of the most difficult things to overcome. We do not judge those who are bi no matter whether they are male or female. We are just not into it. She will kiss and fondle breast but its for show not enjoyment. He does mind if men touch because of proximity but he has no desire to be with another man sexually. We do not judge others who do and we have play friends where both male and female are bi and it does not scare us. One last comment about labels. If someone is bi it does not mean they are gay or homosexual or lesbian unless they choose to be. Everyone should be able to choose their own label for their sexuality and who fucking cares what someone else says.

any sugestions - I think a lot of the people on these sites are posers here for the pics..... - they have this feature called a validation. If more people would get validated as a real couple then it would make it a little easier. We are a bit expierenced in this area on how to locate the fakes. There are things you pick up along the way. I mean not like you should have to. We never share pics on YAHOO unless we have met the people in person or know that they are real IE phone call or webcam. Or someone else that knows they are real. Someone that has been here multiple years and has not met anyone is a red flag. Most swingers unless you dont have pics on your profile that show what you really look like wont ask for more pics. They dont want them cause they want to see the real thing. Fakes always come up with the dumbest excuses for not being able to prove they are real. We have not been validated on this site but had we been validated to a degree that it is obvious that we are not fake we would want to talk to people on the phone to assure they are real. We get thier number cause it is obvious we are real as I said. We are new to this site but another site we are on we have over 20 validations. So it is a little easier to do so in that case. Most people in this day and age have a webcam. Or have the money to go out and buy one for I think the crapiest is 20 bucks. Easy way to prove you are real. Also real swingers dont get upset at the fact that they are challenged on being real. They just prove it. We have called people out and they have gotten pissed. It is rather funny cause that is the biggest red flag of all. Sorry for the mess and bouncing around I just wrote as I thought.

Lifestyles Survey by Dr.Ziggy - - This is currently on Dr. Ziggy's website. It only took a few minutes to actually complete. Have fun! Mr. CARESS4U Title: The Swinging Paradigm: A Demographic and Behavioural Inventory of Swingers

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