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Swinger & 🦄 Bait - An experiment to attract swingers and unicorns. - Glad people like the post...sometimes these forums (okay most of the time...) are so boring. We all need a little levity. Plus there are so many quirky funny things about the LS. We are trying to have more fun with it and even poke fun at ourselves. We are also trying to get a good following of LS folks on Instagram so we can start sharing fun things to do you n the SLC area and hopefully create some informal weekend gatherings at local clubs and stuff. Follow us on Insta @edm.lyfe. It’s a private account not but as long as you aren’t our family or friends with our family we will accept your request to follow us.

Meet swingers in Tooele - Where do the swingers hang out in Tooele? - At the CooP in the brush cutting isle. Tooele is a city of morals and don't expect to find any swingers there, come on folks...

Random funny shit. - A place to post anything you think others might find amusing. - [quote=EVILDOERS]Yeah, I know, but there are a lot of noobs here who NEED to see that video so they'll learn how to become swingers the RIGHT way! "At swinger's parties it's a must to smoothly glide with every thrust. Use the lube that swingers trust and reach for Uncle Fromin's." The ONLY sex lube designed for three or more people![/quote]Where do you get the time and find all of these?

another club under fire - club in peoria - Slimguy: Hmmm, I know at least as many conservative swingers as liberal swingers... maybe more. This may surprise you. There are conservative versions all of the categories of people that you imply. Conservative "prudes" may be who you are referring to but I'll wager that there are as many liberal "prudes" voting against this club in Peoria as conservative "prudes". Ignorant (to the world of conservative swingers), closed minded and pea brained is frankly how I'd describe your comment.

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - [quote=GOODWINE5646]I was a journalist and I know Heidi. Hers was a reasonable, balanced report that focused on one woman who clearly had an awful experience. I'm sad she focused on a couple who were LDS. From our experience, I suspect she represents the majority who "try" swinging. There was a TV story done many years that was far worse than this one.[/quote] Please explain how you define "balanced." A balanced report on one woman's experience? The woman she reports on was abused. "Looking back, Susan said she feels like she was groomed into the lifestyle." "It was a lot of pushing by my ex-husband, a lot of coercing. He had friends call and talk to me about it." This is typical of an abusive relationship. She was thrown into the lifestyle to cure her relationship, let's also talk about the other abused women forced to do things they aren't interested in, that would be balanced. Also, "but she contracted the STD after he engaged in solo sex with another woman." Interesting, this solo woman could have been a swinger, a woman he picked up at a bar, a church function, or even a prostitute. Not a very clear report on this abusers sexual escapades. I'm just glad "Suzan" was still wearing her black ring..

does anyone else go through periods of doubt? - as to whether this lifestyle is what they want? - You sound perfectly normal to me. Some people need a real connection with a person to make a connection, whether it be physical or otherwise. Some swingers (especially the men) can just do it with anybody, it's just something new, that's good enough. Personally, I like to have a strong physical attraction to someone before I consider sex with them. Another thing you mention, I believe is also similar to me, I'm a giver, not a receiver. I love to perform oral, men or women,(and I'm told I'm really good at it :)) but I'm not that good at receiving it (from either sex) until that person has really learned me(how I like to be touched or licked), and it may take a few times together, and sometimes either I or they don't have the patience, lol But performing it on others, especially when they're really enjoying it is a huge turn-on for me. So anyway the bottom line is...who's to say what's normal or not, don't worry about it. The lifestyle is mostly about being free to enjoy yourself and others. So, you like what you like, enjoy yourself, if others don't like it, let them move on.

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - We are would like to be a part of the group sounds like safe clean fun!

This one time at Swingers Camp - Discussion about N by N camp out - Another great year at camp! The work that Lang, Dre, Sue...and everyone else that makes this happen is appreciated here! For us one of the best things about this outing is the opportunity to make new friends! Sorry we didn't get around a bit more this year, but Thanks to everyone who made the extra effort to introduce yourselves to us! Don't be strangers...drop a line sometime!

Coming to slc area this weekend - - We agree with SLCCOUPLE. The GSL has it all. Sun, fun, the BEACH. And it's true...you CAN just like float around in it. We used to think it was because it's so salty and shit but it's actually the brine shrimp lifting you up and trying to push you out of the water. They have to live there and don't want no stanky, skanky swingers floatin' around in their living rooms. And if you get one of those cool floating grills from Sky Mall you can just fry up some 'o them shrimp on the barbie while you're floating around, mate. Watch out for brine flies though. They're like the annoying pushy swingers who have too much to drink at a party and just get right up in your face. If you need directions to the nude beach just PM us. It's DEE-luxe!

This lifestyle - What are we really? - great discussion, when we got into the "Lifestyle" it was by accident for the most part. We wanted to go to a fun party ant we found one, jo so happed that it was a swinger party. So we went to another party, started feeling a bit more comfortable with the designation and decided to post a profile. it was then that we had to make a decisoin as to what we were and that was no easy task. we listed voyour first then later changed ot to soft swap after the misses had a few of the gals play with ehr and we both were aroused by it. bi-curious came next. after we meed several couples that we really liked and had spent considedrable time with. Yet we felt our profile we descriptive of our intentions. But we now realize that is not true. We were seeking friends. were not in it to have random sex. and heve developed som what we consider close friends and have never had sex with them, we have also lost some close friends we feel as a result of the male member finally realizing he would nver be allowed to fuck mrs. simple. and for that were sad. so where are we. we love, "with a big L" hanging around and playing and partying with lifestyle folks. it has freed us from some of our inner needs. and it is great. I have no desire to fuck another woman, though patting her bottom and playing with the bobbies is great as we say in our profile. and the misses loves the kisses from the gals and boobie play. swingers, perhaps that does not describe us, not sure what does, but we enjoy hanging with those that have their head on straight, love to get naked with them , watch and be watched. touching kissing wow, who would ever thought. perhaps were just the swingers that always stand in the corner at the dance and only come on the floor during the slow dances and watch during the high paced heavy action one. but watever, we want to thank all of you for being you, and letting us be a part of your lives. see many of you tonight at the bowling party....perhaps the slow dances do have a wild side on occasion we have to wait until tonight to see.

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