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Searching for Sensual Photographer - - Gio is amazing GIOPHOTO is his profile name. Very classy and makes you feel comfortable. He has photographed many swingers and would be happy to show you his work. Tell him Koigirl sent you.

Cuckhold? - - Usually a cuckold relationship is when the Wife finds 1 or more dominate lovers. She will usually find all her sexual needs outside of the marriage. Most common is that the husband still pays the bills, maintains the home but isn't allowed to "enjoy" his wife. many times it begins with the Husband being unable to satisfy his wife due to his lack of size or skill. He convinces his wife that she should seek others for her pleasure. She then may find the sex from others to be "better" and then no longer desires sex from hubby. He still loves her so her stays with her, and she loves him just doesn't need his dick, and finds herself bored with their sexlife. There are many websites dedicated to this lifestyle, most of them are just crappy interracial sites, since that is a common theme, but if you look you can find more information out there. Also try looking for the term "Hotwife" that is more along a line with the swingers lifestyle.

Frappr Web Toy - A cool free Google thing - That site is neat. I was in there already under my str8 handle in a cycle group but added the both of us to both the cycle swingers and U.S. swingers.

Yolo Cruise - Who had fun? - I just watched the TV story and thought they did ok with it. I hope there will be another swingers cruise so I can go on it.

NYE Party - NYE A Magical Masquerade Update - [quote=DEVILSKITCHEN]What an amazing community. It is very generous of everyone to defend Dusk VIP for taking a risk on this venture. I think the first post on this tread makes clear the basic business plan here was lacking strategy and execution. Luckily for the community. this is an very competitive market with premium pay for play fun in a local McMansion as well as more intimate house parties with a more communal approach to the opportunity presented by such a vibrant and fun loving group. We have no regrets for we checking out your first attempt at creating a nice club, and accepted your offer for a bounce back in good faith. We had no trouble finding many awesome contingency plans at the last minute. Is it possible to run this venture like the other clubs in the valley that charge for drinks, and maybe even a cover for a special event? It would seem there is a demand for a swingers club in town. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors![/quote] There definitely a demand for swinger clubs. Just a difference between people wanting one and Utah lawmakers and council allowing one. :p

flintstones swingers ? yes or no - - I'm trying to figure out when I thouth I might want to be a swinger . I think I have traced it back to the flintstones . any thoughts ?? Everyone knows that Barney and Fred were swapping Betty and Willma. I blame Hanna Barbera and thats my story. whats yours ?

Hall pass - - InvestigatingKink, it looks like we have been in the LS (lifestyle) about the same time, less than a year. Everyone has different needs and weaknesses in their marriage, and I certainly don't judge what other people do, at least not ethically. We were at a party just last night and talking to several couples who have been in the LS for a lot of years. We were discussing this very subject. They all had stories of people who started playing separately and most of those couples are now divorced. Their belief is that it is often very difficult on marriages and definitely not for the majority of swingers. Now all of you hall pass and open marriage people, don't get freaky on me. This is just speculation on my part and opinion of those I talk to. There are many I'm sure it works great for. I believe the LS can be seriously hard on your marriage if you are not in prime shape. We ourselves have had struggles just doing what we do (as I think everyone has had at some point) so to add more uncertainty to the situation would be tough. Also, to us (again, not judging) this is about a journey we are taking together. I like to watch her interact with people and be flirted with and she enjoys the same. If we were not together it feels as if we have moved on to something different. But we are probably rare. Our name alone, SameRoomOnly, should give you and idea of our ideals. I know this is going to sound crazy, but we aren't in the LS just to fuck a bunch of people. We truly enjoy the fun people, making friends and experiencing new things together. An analogy could be made to travel. We both love to travel. But if we started taking separate vacations all of the time, it wouldn't be as enjoyable. Hawaii is wonderful if I am there alone, but if she is with me, it makes the experience so much better. I want her to share in my experiences. Last thing is that we communicate together, almost always. It isn't that we are jealous of what a person says to either on of us, but we like to know what is being said, as a team. It keeps us honest and open and prevents us from having to recap any conversations. We trust each other completely, but we also realize that anyone can mess up and by putting yourself in a situation that could potentiate cheating or dishonesty doesn't seem wise to us. I'm sure some of you will want to interject and say "well, you two must not trust each other. We never worry about things like that. We love each other too much." Maybe so. But our opinion is that when you start to spend alone time with another person, talking freely about whatever the subject may be and are fucking that person, well...it seems dangerous. It's just like when I am at work. If a girl flirts with me or gets too close, I make sure to tell my wife and keep her updated and I also try to distance myself from that person. Not that I plan on cheating, but we are all human and have weaknesses. And by always being honest and open it helps to keep our marriage strong. So, maybe the truth is that we are just not secure enough in our relationship to do something like hall passes or an open marriage, or maybe the truth is that everyone who tries it will fail miserably and end up divorced. It probably is somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, as most things are. Few things are black or white. But we wouldn't entertain the idea of a consistent hall pass. Maybe once, or twice, just to experience it, but an ongoing thing, no way. Good luck with whatever you decide. Mr. SameRoomOnly

Profiles (Fake or Real) Hmmmm - - People aren't just fake on swingers sites... been a thing since the beginning of the internet! I'd bet at least 1/2 the pictures of folks on FB are fake... The way I see it.. what's the point? Is messing with people really that much fun? I prefer to be me all the time... plus if I was to lie, I'd never remember it later...

swinger ? or not. - - At what point are you a swinger? Is it simply the action of knowing your secure enough to allow each other to enjoy the company of another , or once you have actually done it. Not questioning our ability to find pleasure in the arms of another couple. However the fact remains we still never have. We were lucky enough to to have been involved in a couple hazy threesomes. (same partner) So...... are we swingers or something in between ?

Rude3050 - Masturbating pics - [quote=rude3050]Is masturbating wrong ?[/quote] Not in our opinion. Utah has a long standing history with Mormonism. The Mormon church is headquartered here in Utah. Much of this websites membership live in Utah. We are a bit more vocal within the site, because it is frankly the most popular swing site in Utah. Quite a few of the swingers here come from Mormon families and even those who don't, but that have lived in Utah a long time are familiar with Mormon culture. It would be like living in Vatican City and not being a catholic. You would still be aware of and living among a lot of Catholics. The Mormon church, for a time was, and I don't know maybe still is, very anti masturbation. So the subject, once mentioned here in Utah, brings out a few inside jokes and such. Masturbation is a loaded subject. That's a play on words. Loaded, masturbating, load, loaded. Whereas you are from a different part of our great nation, all of this is probably a bit odd. We are not sure if being a single male is stigmatized more or less within the Utah swing community, than it might be in Kansas, but it is a point of aggravation for some within our community. If you were an attractive single woman asking other women to display pictures of themselves masturbating, your thread would have been received a bit differently.

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