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what do guys think of when they masterbate? - - I have to admit that the thought of my wife being fucked by another man is sometimes he topic of maserbatory fantasy. More often it's fantasy of both of us with either another couple or another single female. Sometime the fantasies are of people we haven't met, fictional characters, or swingers we've been with. I think the most erotic are fantasies of vanila singles or couples we'd like to hook up with. When I was younger I sometimes masterbated to fantasies of fucking the Bishop's wife, who was a complete and total hottie. Mr. Sexperimentors

How close is too close - - If you have problems in your marriage, swinging is not going to fix them. I think the excitment of swinging will, perhaps, camoflage them for a short time. But in the long run if there are problems the level of trust that is required to swing -- just will not be there. But I wonder how our statistics compare to the general public? Are swinging couples getting divorced at a higher or lower rate? Comparing our swinging friends with our vanilla friends, the swingers seem far more happy with and into their mate. The scenarios and issues raised by this question, happen in and out of swinging. Remember the joke -- "my wife ran off with my best friend, and boy I am going to miss him". That is a vanilla life joke. We all need to take care to respect the intimate relationship between other swinging couples. We should all expect others to respect our relationship with our spouse. But in the end, if you trust each other enough to swing successfully, then I think the other issues of life will prove to be fairly easy to handle together.

Hello summer - Swingers couple party - Let's hear the explanation

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - It’s open to the public, so yes if you meet the dress code and show up you will be accepted in. It isn’t exclusive to LS and there will definitely be a mix of vanilla in there too.

Camper talk - Swing parties in campers have you done it - We regularly camp with other swingers. RVs are always rocking at night. Word of caution, don't put 4 active people on one end of a pop-up trailer; it doesn't end well. :) Needless to say, we have a full-size RV now.

Friends? - Friends in and out of the bedroom? - It seems like there are two general classes of swingers. The 'one and done, "we already have all the friends we need just bend over and take it"' crowd and 'the more friends the merrier, in fact "we prolly won't fuck you until we know you a little better"' group. We fall into the latter group. In fact we're pretty much here solely for the friendships. I mean, if sex happens that's awesome. But it's not our raison d'etre cuz we can always go home and enjoy the hell out of banging each other. YMMV

Curious Devil - Political Science Project - Total number of members on Swingular within a 25 mile radius: 360 (active within last 30 days) Total number of members on SDC within a 25 mile radius: 2323 (active within last 30 days) SDC sponsor's meet & greets at Trapeze Club, Miami Velvet, Sapphire Lounge, Naked Swingers Boating Regatta, Hedonsim Club, Harrison's Wine Bar, Fetish Factory, SWFL Playpalace, The Dutch Delight, Oz, and Caliente's SLS sponsors parties at Trapeze, Miami Velvet's and Sapphire Lounge Bliss Parties are promoted by SDC Skin Parties are promoted by Lifestyle Lounge Aahz Parties are promoted by Playful Swingers Not only does hosting and promoting parties provide a social enviroment for swingers or those curious about the lifestyle it also give those traveling to the state an opportunity to see the lifestyle happenings and guestlists of events in the area planned during their stay. Granted they could email a random person and ask but that certainly is a handy dandy lil tool eh? What incentives do people have to come to this site? What exactly would make this site "hot" in Florida since you seem to think this doesn't matter. The swinger community is huge in Florida and the tourism factor is important to the lifestyle businesses too. You can always find an event scheduled every Friday and Saturday on SDC and SLS. The Bliss Club and Skin host parties every month. People want to get out, party and have fun, that is what it's all about. I wish it weren't true but you are simply wrong stating that this site is hot in Florida...take it from someone whom actually lives here (and belongs to several sites)!

Having a Swingres day at lagoon - Swingers at lagoon - would any one be interested in swingers day at the hogle zoo?

Free Platinum Memberships for Platinum Members - Memberships to give to your friends! - To be honest I found out about Swingular from a party hosted locally years ago. The format was superior to AFF as it was a one time fee and the quality of members was and still is far superior. Had it not been for that party we wouldn't know about this site. Now if you are looking to grow the site so that you have more $$ I think the best way is by search engine. Here is why I suggest that. Back in 2001 when I did my looking it was all by the internet. I found AFF and made a profile and away we went. At that time I didn't know any swingers... and all the swingers I do know are already here. So really I wouldn't have anyone to bring to this site. I think your new customers will come from hosted parties and events.... Internet search (you have little presence there) and then friend referrals. Now if you just want the base to grow and keep it quality then the word of mouth friend referral is the only way. Just my .02 Euro.

A Huge Thank You! - Nightshade Grand Opening - [quote=EVILDOERS]We had an AMAZING, sexy time masturbating furiously and talking about what it might have been like if we'd been there. Next time you have a party we might even drive over and sit in the parking lot and do the same thing because we're total badass swingers like that! [em]Emo_84[/em] [img]https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT8YD_-YV5XwT7qkm4yjbrfl5_hE2c8L_p12hwAu0boOTUfqP4N[/img][/quote] AHAHAH I love this!!! You guys are always a hoot

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