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Mountain Swingers

If you are looking for Swingers in Mountain, WI, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Mountain looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of Mountain, WI. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

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trying to pick a place to honeymoon - - The guy and I are making plans for a wedding and honeymoon, hopefully later this year. I say Florida, and he says Utah, cause it seems like all the swingers live in Utah. Any suggestions?

Jewellery, logos, etc to identify other swingers - We would like info on websites catering to discreet items to let others "know" we are in the lifestyle - I can see from the responses there isn't much out there? The one link we tried came up as invalid....so we're hoping someone has one they are willing to share!!

What are swingers really looking for ?Are they looking for frien - Has the happen to you. - i think as long as u are honest on your profile about everything that u want and dont want then they cant blame u if they dont want to take the time to read it all before they try to email u . just be honest with yourself and others . and tell everybody up front . it would also be more helpful if u wrote the people that u wanted to meet that way u have some control over who the people are . adn the ones that write u that are looking for something else . dont worry about it . it happnes to all of us . dont let others get u down . find people that are looking for what your want and have fun . we tell everybody that we are just looking for friends and we hang out with alot of different people . and we have been with different people looking for different things . sometimes people just clikc and can have fun . and some dont click even wanting the same things .jsut be honest and look and try to find people like u and make friends on the way . if u want to try someting new then do it . if not stick to what u like . i like females . but we have a hard time finding a single female . so sometimes we find where the wife and i can play . and sometimes the husband wants nothing more then to watch . and we all have a great time . dont give up on your search . naughty dreams freaky kitty

Tooele swingers party - - I’m in too

KSL swing story - - The story was terribley produced. Little to no research. As I said in the thread leading up to KSL being at the Club 90 party, they decided what story they were going to write before they even put pen to paper, and they were not going to let the truth get in the way of their story. I particularily liked the way it played women to be victims in the Lifestyle, especially when everyone knows it is women that really run the show and have the biggest say-so in who a couple plays with. Also, in surveys of swingers when asked "Who's idea was it to start swinging?" 34% of the time it was the wife that first brought it up. Sure, men still accounted for 54% of the survey (the rest couldn't remember who's idea it was originally), but it's not the men wanting sex with other women and drawing their poor defenseless wife into the lurid underground world of wife swapping to do it. Hell, anyone who's been around it for a while knows it's more "husband swapping" anyway. :p I've been following the comments on KSL's website, and these people have no life. They wait to watch the news every night and then add their two cents to every subject. None of them have any idea what they are talking about. As Ozzie Guillen says about arm chair coaches and sportscasters "the farther you sit from the plate the smarter you think you are." LMAO But all the comments are along the same lines, the evil cheating husband luring his innocent, unsuspecting wife into the seedy underworld. Then you get the fake profile they put up and within "six days, 70 married men, most from Utah, ask to start a fling." LMAO Damn, how many couples get emails every day from "free member" married men looking to cheat? We get at least one a day. The same old story over and over: Married Mormon family man who says "I love my wife but she doesn't like sex". These people need to look within themselves. We're not the problem, they are. Plus, most of us won't play with cheaters and after a time we've become very adept at sniffing them out. My wife gets at least one married Mormon man a day sending her an IM on her personal Yahoo! Messenger ID, and they find her in the Yahoo! directory (not Yahoo! Personals, the directory). They just go through looking for women online to contact. They don't know she is a swinger. Her Yahoo! profile is innocent as can be. If they are going to cheat they will find a way, with or without swingers. Wow... I'd love to say this on KSL's site, but like fun4usxx said, it will just add fuel to the fire and you can't win. You can't fix stupid. Mr. Caress4u

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - A great big heart-felt thanks to all of those of you who spend their day in uniform wearing our countries flag. Thanks! As for the Juan character... He is digging himself a big ass hole. Not too much anyone can add to his own stupidity and misinformed, assumed comments. Keep opening that hole under your nose Juan, show the rest of this community just how big of an asshole you are... TequilaRose, Great job, and sexy as hell in that uniform too! ;)

What Percentage Swinger Are You? - Maybe this is interesting - 110% Baby!!!!!! LOL OK, this just in....Pennsylvania sucks ass....Utah ROCKS..... ....screw this shit.....WE'RE MOVING!!!!! ...to where all the kewl SWINGERS are. ;)

Verified "Real" People - - One of the biggest reasons I am in the lifestyle is because everything that I know from the couples, sf and sm I associate with. Is it is wrapped in honesty, trust, respect and dignity. The swingers I hang with must be the most amazing out there because this is not allowed with any of them

PSA: Check your public face photos to make sure they’re blurred - - Hey-not having the main face pic blurred out is how I found out my neighbors were swingers.

Picky Picky - No not your nose - I'm picky, like probably a little bit unrealistically so. I figure I have the man of my dreams who is hung, smart, fun, charismatic and attractive. I shouldn't settle for less then total attraction. This should be true for all. I realize I'm a old hand at this, been in and out (ha) of the lifestyle since 2011, and I've basically done all the things, but if you're with your perfect partner then my understanding is swinging is an enhancement to your sex life. Never settle for less (old swinger advice for the newer swingers) just to have a new partner/experience/taking one for the team. What are your thoughts?

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