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Mount Calvary Swingers

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Big Love - - OUR favorite as well. THe only wife we don't like is Nikki (or however it's spelled). The new lady in Bill's life is really looking promising. Really like the look of her but also her personality. Shame this is the last round for the show.... What happened to the show about swingers..."SWINGTOWN". That was just getting interesting... I wish that HBO or the like would pick it up and run with it. Not only is/was it about swingers but it is/was a good story line/s as well.

Letting them down softly???? - Give us advice? - No matter how "easy" you try to make it, some people, unfortunately, will never LET you make it easy. Let's face it, rejection sucks and some people just don't take it well...if at all! We've tried every imaginable way to let people down easy and trust me, there is no magic bullet that works for everyone. If there was we totally would have patented it, made a fortune selling "Swinging For Dummies" books and would be living on a tropical island surrounded only by hot sexy swingers that we find spectacularly attractive. [em]Emo_84[/em]

Is the Moose Lounge over? - What happened to the Moose Lounge? - we were at the Moose last week it was fun. Swingers have Fri night to ourselves now... doesn't pick up till after 10:30

Willing To Earn It??? - We're willing to play...but... - You need to stick to what you believe in & what works for you. There are lots of different types of swingers out there. Some like to dive into a dark room with a bunch of naked bodies that they can't even see & go to town. Others just about want to know your whole life story & be reassured 9 different ways to Sunday before the clothes start to come off. Most are somewhere in between. The right ones for you are out there somewhere. You just need to find them. Look on the bright side. You know what you are looking for. That's a good start.

Those damn single men! - Where do they fit in this lifestyle? - jstjim72 and Ironhorse thank you. I would just like tosay that I am a very easy going person and I have had women, and couples treat me like a dog, just because I am a single male. yet when I tsake a lady friend with me the same women and couples are very interested in becoming friends and maybe even playmates.{ here is the questions I present } 1. did my looks change? 2. did my personality change? 3. did I suddenly change as a person? 4. did my sense of humor change? the answer to all of those questions is NO I didn't do Any thing to change any thing, except bring a friend. Next question{ what if the friend I brought were a male? } the answer, I wouldn't even make it in the door! When I go to a club, whether it be straight or a swingers club I go to have a good time and enjoy myself. I am very easy going and if I'm on my days off I like to drink. Believe it or not I am less opinionistic when I am drunk because I don't want to get thrown out! I go to a club to have fun and enjoy myself,when there if it turns into a lay great if not noharm no foul! And as far as the websites go, I am still easy to talk to and easy going. The one thing I don't like is that I am denied(fine) and then the couple says they have had noone interested in meeting with them. That is a little hypocritical, there was interest in meeting, just they were not interested; don't lie about it be truthful, say(we are not interested) and also say(the inquiries we have had aren't to our likings or standards) in a lifestyle that is "taboo" or considered as deviant by regular standards, truthfulness is a must! we have to have boundaries,standards and goals to achieve anything, why would that change here? I ama very succcesful business man and like to have fun, I thought that is what this lifestyle was about; fun,experience,friends and of course sex. one has to coinside with the others. I guess I have expressed enough of my thoughts today, I will step aside for someone else to express their thoughts. I didn't write this out of anger or ignorance, I wrote it hoping it will make people think before they treat someone unfairly, and I hope that it gives someone a new insight, and just think as indefinate as things are in life, why should we live in fear. Just have a good time. thanx jeremy

Club 90 - Hosting - We are trying to find clubs to host regular meet ant greets I held one at club 90 the owners let me know today that swingers are not welcome to their establishment we are not good for the club ugh Anyone have ideas on clubs to hold meet and greets ??

Temptations Resort - - We thought about going. We actually went on the Temptation Resort Lifestyle Cruise. It was fun. But for us, Hedonism and Desire resorts are a better fit for us because they are all nude and the vast majority of people there are swingers.

LDS Swingers Survey - Will any former/active LDS swingers take my survey? - So, I've heard of Salt Lake City as being described as one of the most active swinger communities. So, obviously there are quite a few active and former Latter Day Saints who are swingers. I'm a bit of a data nerd so I'd love to find out more (we are recent ex-mormons and are new swingers). If you are (or were) LDS will you take my survey? I'll post results once I get a significant amount of responses. I apologize if something like this has already been done. [url=https://www.surveychampion.com/takesurvey/?survey=8FjB/4wbWElz04/k%200AX9vvLtoIaT6ekQRBC8/iO4rjrB4bKBUB5hw==]Click here to take the LDS Swinger Survey[/url]

Signals, Identifying 'markers' - Do scarves, jewelry, or other items worn a certain way ID you as part of the lifestyle? - We have never heard of the gold ring but the pendant that is growing in popularity in Utah seems like a nice way to distinguish swingers in crowd. Being both straight, we prefer to be upfront and just say it like it is so there are no surprises. We have brought the pendant up in a few groups we belong to or run here in Florida and hope we can follow Utah and make this the universal way to find each other in a crowd.

Bubulaplease - Sandy station? - We went to Sandy Station and were immediately approached by someone who knew we were swingers. I guess we just give off the " I'll fuck the shit out of you." vibe. That being said, we loved the club, the ambience,(except the music) but the people were super nice. Can't wait to go back.

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