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If you are looking for Swingers in Minocqua, WI, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Minocqua looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of Minocqua, WI. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

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swingers helper... - I know some of us need this every now and again... - What is your sign?

Key West - Lifestyle Friendly Places in Key West - [quote=TONYIRINA]The best thing to do is hook up with some local nudist/swingers that have a boat and talk them into taking you out to the sandbar so you can get naked and drink till your completely pickled!! :)[/quote] So, Ginger and I are planning on going down to Key West either this October or next... Do you guys have a boat?

Poly-Swingers - Moving beyond FWB relationship - [quote=T4REAL69]I for one am still not clear what the input is the OP is seeking (and yes I realize he asked this of poly couples)? OP are you asking how you should proceed in the relationship seeing how feelings have developed to a deeper level then just the casual? [/quote] Just curious as to what other Non monogamous couples' have experienced when strong emotional bonds to people other than one's spouse has emerged.

Sex party in the middle of the gulf - - We will be hosting a sex party on a pontoon boat in the middle of the gulf. All are welcome to reply with interest. here are the rules; couples and single females only!!! full nudity is requiresd once we get to international waters serious swingers only, this is a sex party, not a meet and greet, everyone is expected to partake in this sexually BYOB must rsvp by sunday night at midnight must send pics to us, so that we can approve you, once approved you will receive pics of all others that are going to attend, all approved couples will get pics of everyone attending. so get your pics to us asap. THIS IS A FREE EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The date is this tuesday may 4th at 1230 pm, we will be out til 5 or 6, this will give us 4 hours in international waters, when we dock for the day, anyone interested in continuing the party can join us at a local hotel for a night of wild fun. Guys bring that viagra girls bring the lube. SEX SEX SEX is the theme. Questions, concerns, rsvp's and anything else should be emailed to [email protected] (djexx7 at yahoo). we are also looking for people to play with on a regular private basis. Karen and Gene

Facebook group - - Seems like we read where there is a swingers Facebook group. Does anyone know if this true? If so, how do we find it?

Fly-fishing Swingers - New Swingular Group - We've considered Key West. We also hear great things about Key Largo. Islamorada is a possibility due to my connections with Bass Pro, et al. Our basecamp in FL is usually in the Clearwater area where we have family.

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - Now to just find a couole that will have me for the DP Or DVP. If anyone in Utah county is interested, let me know!

Threaded messenger - We want threaded messenger - [quote=FIT_N_FUN]“There are some really damaged people” on Fetlife? Really? Lmao ... FYI Fetlife is NOT a swinger site, it’s a BDSM site. Just because you don’t share their fetish doesn’t make them damaged. 🙄[/quote] It's actually a lifestyle site and swinger is one of the designations to choose from when setting up a profile. We've met and played with a lot of swingers from that site, so I'd say it's a viable option for swingers. And to clarify, I'm not referring to their individual kinks. I'm referring to the writings on that site. We've read some deeply disturbing things on that site and if you're an active member, you know of at least a couple recent issues that gained a lot of attention.[/quote] I disagree, and we’ve been on Fet for many many years. Fetlife is a kink/BDSM fetish community. Yes, you can designate yourself as a swinger, but the site is in no way a “swinger” site. In fact I think most kinksters on Fet will want nothing to do with swingers who don’t have kinky fetishes, and are just hoping to hook up, Of course there are pure vanilla swingers there, but I sure wouldn’t recommend it as a “swinger” site. Kasidie is a far better swinger site as an alternative to this crap site lol

Who here is 45 and older and hot?? - - I hafta say... The older I get, the older a MILF or GILF gets... I just don't care how old someone is, hot is a state of mind, and I like the state of mind of most swingers... But then again, WTF do I know? BTW...LGSBCS IS the hottest MILF on the site... Sorry if that offends anyone else...

Moab Utah - Swingers in Moab - [quote=TheAdventurousCouple]Just got back...[/quote] Castle valley! Did you hit the whole enchilada? We love to ride down there...bikes and each other ;)

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