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Can REAL FRIENDSHIPS in the Lifestyle TRULY exist? - More than just meeting and having fun - Hi from Holland. Yes, among our best friends are sure some couples we met in our swinging life. Even a couple that stopped swinging after loosing a child is still very close with us for many years now. Sometimes we are disapointed by those swingers that are only for a one night stand without telling that. Just say it in advance if its only for that, so you know what to expect. You share such an important thing when swinging. Kisses, Bea and Alex

How often do you think this happens - -

T4REAL69 & Crew,

It's a preference thing. You're in this to have fun, not do things that you don't like or disagree with. If you are upfront and honest with eachother in the beginning, you should be able to decide what works for you. I see that no one mentioned that some women are not in it for the "another man" experience. We have to remember that not all of us are in this for the same thing. If a guy gets excited about seeing his wife with another female and not another male, there is nothing worng with that. We all know what we like and don't like. However, if he's not going to be cool with MFM, then he should be ok with there not being any FMF, if the woman decides that the fairest route would be MFMF. We have decided that the latter works best for us. I have no particular interest in watching my wife with another guy while I pull my pud. She's not into the DP or having two guys at once, so that leave us with couples. There is no insecurity, because my wife is with another guy with a couple. It's more about equality and fairness. Couples that play together stay together. By that, when you make your decisions on what make you happy, make sure you are both happy with them.

-Don- P.S. BTW, I have a really good topic in the free thinkers forum that I would like the LDS Swingers members of the group to shed some light on. Hell any member for that matter. Just click the link at the bottom of this post. Proud member of "Free Thinkers"

Free Poker in Tampa Bay! - - For any that are interested, we are members in a free Texas Holdem poker league in the Tampa Bay area. If interested, please check out www.treasurechestpoker.com. We go at least three times a week, and would love to meet some of our fellow swingers there! Ron & Chrissy

Looking for Swingers who are from North FL and actually love to - - Hey are there any other snow ski bums out there like us? We have been trying to find a few cpls who might like to go on a southern snow ski trip (Ga,NC) We think it wouldbe blast to ski during the day and all go find a nice warm fire to warm up after until we get so hot the colthing will have to come off and then let the fun begin lol. N&S

Stansbury Nude Beach - - 4 to 5 couples going today. If you're a couple please stop by. We'll have ladder ball, music, frisbee and nakedness. Groups mostly not swingers but people do play there. 430

Opinion -- House Party Or Club - - Well We have to say, house parties since we enjoy getting to know new people and getting acquainted with old friends. clubs are too loud and normally if it's not a swingers club you never know who else (vanilla friends, family, co-workers, clients, ETC) will be there. we have been to some swinger's clubs on the east coast and love it ass well. Since Utah don't have any swinger's clubs we vote for house parties not to mention that last week we went to one at recon's and it rocked

Swingers gone bad?? - -


MORALITY is irrelevant. Statutory law is what reigns supreme. If they are breaking the law, then they should accept the consequences. Many European countries allow 14 year olds the right to consent to sex and marriage at 16. These decisions were made by the majority of the people in the country. Here the age of consent varies from state to state in regard to consent with other minors and 18 for most with regard to adults. Whether you are male or female, the law applies. If it is illegal to consent before 18, then it is illegal, regardless of your dogma. I seem to recall seeing a story on television about a russian (I think that was the nationality) couple that immigrated here with their two children. The country (eludes my recollection), they were from it is customary for parents to "pat" the gentinal area of the child as a means of reassurance or some such bullshit. According to the story it was a non-sexual gesture and a common custom in their country. The father was seen at a local school sporting event do this to the daughter, by another child's parent, and the man and his wife had their children taken away. This is a perfect example of what I mean. While to them, the contact was liken to a football player smackin another player on the ass as a way of saying "good game", it is not tolerated as such here. Anyway, I can't remember all of the details, but you can see what I mean. If 18 is the age of consent, 18 is the fuckin age. Laws and customs of the land are what matter. When in Rome....

-Don- "Sic vis pacem, para bellum"

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Candlebox in Idaho Falls - concert - will be at the Candlebox concert tomorrow. All IF swingers should come and rock

Yet Another Cheater - - [quote=WYOFUNLUV]Isn't the reason everyone is here is to have wild different sexual experiences? If a male or female is married and chooses not let that be known then isn't that their business? I agree that if your not comfortable with it then its your right to ask and say no if you find it out. Either way if someone gets caught its not your problem its theirs. I know people on here that play and their spouses do not know many travel and/or dont have great sex at home whether it is due to medication or age or anything else. In the long run I dont think this is as much of a dating site as it is a site of like minded people looking to satisfy adult needs and fantasies. So Have fun and do what your standards and morals let you do. And don't chastise people who dont think like you. Ok I said my two cents. Now lets have some fun.[/quote] On a certain level, you're correct. It's nobody else's business. However, one could also use that argument to justify/excuse literally any behavior. What if a guy is abusive to his wife? Is it still nobody else's business since that's between him and her and he's just here to fuck other people? I know that I would want to know about something like that if I was going to be okay on ANY level with him being intimate with my wife. The same goes for a person who is, say, abusive to his kids or kicks his dog and leaves it chained up outside no matter the weather. I could go on and on about bad behavior that we'd want to know about, if possible, before we decided to invite that person into our relationship because, in a very real sense, that's what a couple is doing when they swing with someone else. That's also why many people don't feel like singles have as much 'skin in the game' (i.e. they aren't RISKING as much) and why many feel like so many single guys just don't 'get it'. Personally, Ms. Evil and I can't simply separate a person's sex organs from who and what they are as a person. So yeah, we're not really keen on playing with cheaters as that says something important, at least to us, about their character...or lack thereof. But don't worry. There are still people here who it doesn't bother in the least if the person they're fucking is doing so behind the back of someone they made promises and a commitment to. That's MY two cents. Oh, and when you say "...it's not their problem." well, it actually COULD be their problem. We knew a guy about 10 years ago who ended up in the hospital after a woman's husband (who the guy had been told was aware of and okay with her meeting swingers) caught him in bed with his wife.

PornHub responds to Utah's porn crisis! - With data! - This data is always off...how many other places can you get porn? It's not as prevalent here as it is in other states so of course our internet subscriptions are off the charts...but that's me and I don't pay for porn...that's why we are swingers durr! Hehe!

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