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Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - [quote=JUSTLOOKING5548][quote=HOTTIEHOGANS]I LOVE dp :) love love love. I would like to try dvp too. but we don't do single guys and finding girls that want to do it/allow their hubby's to do it is difficult. :([/quote] well maybe you need to loosen your standard a little bit? just sayin. I dont mean to be rude but the overall stigma on swingular of how single males are big pieces of shit gets old. I mean that is your choice just dont get on here complaining how rough it is for you to accoplish your goal. Thats like me complaining i am not getting laid because i will only do jennifer anniston, carmen elctra, or megan fox and none of them are returning my calls...lol know what i mean?[/quote] I totally get what you are saying. The no single guys is by request of my hubby, not me. If it were up to me, I'd have him and about 3 singles guys at, once :) bit I love my man and he's less comfortable with that so I respect it. Single guys are in no way pieces of shit ;)

Las Vegas - Fun - [quote=just4funxxx11]Thanks for all the comments. WE are actually leaving saturday lunchtime so it's thursday or friday play for us[/quote] Check out Swingers Circle for Thursday night

Karaoke lovers we want you!!!! - Hey its time to get this fun going. who else is a karaoke lover? - [quote=WDD]There are tons of places that host practically every night! [/quote] That is true but to have a group of swingers would be nice to aNY BAR ATMOSPHERE

Swingers Rock Club - Live music, Dancing, and Sexy Friends - Well it may not be quite as bad as you think Rocker and Denim... We for one are rockers and we know many other lifestyle couples that made it to the earthday birthday concert in O-town a week or so ago along with us. Hell, there are even a few lifestyle couples that have their own bands and have held concerts together here on the space coast. So don't feel left out on a limb. "Take Hold of the Flame"... What group did that title come from? A hint: They will be at the HOB 8/25 & 8/26. Fixious

female AGE turn on-off - - Posted By: SPERMINT Reply posted on: Aug 26, 2008 - 3:25 pm Yes indeed , i know the females disagree with the concept of cheating and dislike my advice , my reply was intended to the men on this site , you will not find a marriage consular nor a family therapist that will not advice the way i did , in a private practice you would pay $ 250 per hr. for 2 hour the minimum for this advice ,my dear swingers , you got it for free ! enjoy fucking and cheating =============================================================== This is the guy speaking. Your attitude is deplorable. Lets use a simple word for you and say it is bad. Really? Would you want to bet on that? How much money you got if I can find one "that will not advice the way i did"? And that is all your free advice is worth. Nothing.

MMF - - [quote=ONEFUNCOUPLE]Well It's great to see so many people agree with me!!!! Now I have to take baby steps with my other half so she can work up to that experience. I think she will like it and she thinks so too but she wants to get her feet wet "so to say" with just being with another girl and work up from there!!! [/quote] This is how we started FMF...I am bi and we started with just me playing with the girl and he watched, then I was comfortable enough to let him join....now we are full on swappin swingers...hahaha...love FMF, MFM, MFMF, MMFMM, and ALL other combinations...hehehe...have fun and let her set the pace...you will be happy in the end letting her do it how she feels comfortable...she will reward you for your patience...I know I did Lucky B...hehehe...kisses...Naugh-Ty and Lucky B ;)

If only you could tell in public who is and isnt in the LS - - We're in favor of forcibly branding all swingers in a place that's readily visible to everyone. Of course, we promise to keep it a secret and nobody will EVER find out the secret symbol that we all decide will depict the fact that we're disgusting perverts who fuck each other's spouses. Shhhhh! [em]Emo_72[/em]

Site activity - - [quote=Daddylikestowatch]Is it just us or does it seem site activity, the forums particularly, have declined significantly ? It seems active member participation has been lagging quite a bit and limited to a few “regulars”. Has everyone else jumped ship ? Is there another site getting a bigger following ? This is a shame, we have been on Swingular for several years now, and not particularly super active outside of the site, we still enjoy following and posting on the forums and staying connected with the community. We understand the administrators have for the most part abandoned this site for several years now, but was hoping at least the community would keep it going.[/quote] We run a local discord group for Utah for swingers its not as robust for profiles and things but it makes the chats easy

ha just horny...How bout you? - yep horny still haha - [quote=UtSkier]i think we are all always horny maybe that is why we are swingers. plus i love loads on my boobs[/quote] I'd love to leave a load there😉

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site -

Pete, The Don

Looks like you were wrong all the way around. LOL! You don't know what I am thinking, so that criticism was meaningless to me. Thank you for committing the acts you were trying to accuse me of. That was classic. I need not slander you, you are doing a great job of it. LOL!
Everyone else, please take a look at my initial response to WAAA1101. I answered their post with civility and honesty. Most of us do not want to be dictated to. The people with an issue with non-swinging threads, have the power to avoid them. None of these people have been able to dispute that fact. I challenge them with that very question... What is stopping you from avoiding threads you do not like? Instead of answering, they break the new forum rules by defaming me, calling me names and lying about me (Trashy). What I want these people to do is convince us that they are powerless to move on to things they enjoy. The majority spoke and told these people that we are going to talk about what we want to. Perhaps these few whiners need to move on now. eh? I sure as hell am not going to change my subject matter because a few people have an issue with the subject. They can move to the next thread if they do not like it. If these people wanted things to be cool in the forum, they wouldn't keep bringing it up. We heard your opinion and the majority disagreed. What more do you need? Get over it people. Sheesh LOL.

-Don- "Ich habe einen kleinen Vogel in meinem Kopf."

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