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Best Swingers club in Cincinnati area? - Swingers clubs - We agree, SinDay is a great club. But like we said, we like both SinDay and 440 but are looking for something new as well. Heard about Princeton in Columbus....me might give that a try soon.

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - That's really funny. I thought every forum was about talking about lots of different things from lots of different people. At least, the one's I've checked out are. Nobody is forcing you to read the "non-swing" talk, noboby is even asking you to. If you're scanning the forums and you don't like the topic, pass it by. It's pretty simple. I can't count the number of threads I've personally ignored. I like the threads where people are expressing their views on various things, simply because it's alot easier to see their views than it is to email and ask "hey, what are your thoughts on (insert topic)." It helps me decide if the people are someone that I'll be able to carry on a conversation with. If a person can't stimulate me mentally, there's no chance of them stimulating me sexually. Mrs. Perverted

Any Swingers out there? Golf swingers that is... - - Wish I was there in Utah. Would love to join in for a few rounds. When I lived in Phx. I had a pal who was had a open relationship. Winner got the wife after the round. She loved the exhibition trophy sex.

Black Ring - Who has theirs and how have they caught on? - [quote=IN_UR_DREAMS]Explain the black ring thing further. My personal situation is I am not a swinger, I am not part of a couple, I just happened to get involved with a swinger couple and my guy gave me a profile on here. So I don't count as a swinger, I'm just a single girl who likes dick very very much. And people involved with swingers are a good source for easy NSA dick. But I have no problem wearing a piece of jewelry that might let other people see that I have a wild side. As it seems, no one notices, but if more people try? Like seriously if there is a special ring or other piece of jewelry that announces to the world I am a slut and proud of it, count me in. [/quote]Your getting a collar, when can we got to the pet store?

Why do people.... - Booty calls - [quote=JSTJIM72] Seriously.... We're supposed to be open minded, swinging people and this site is about as judgmental as anything I have ever seen. [/quote] First, about "rules" and things, and people complaining when someone "breaks" them. In any group of people there are going to be expected ways of behaving and doing things, no matter how open minded the people in the group are. For example, take a group of folks who pride themselves on being "free" and doing what they want to do, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. They have a set of bylaws maybe an inch thick, telling members what to do or not do. Swingers in general [b]are [/b]more open minded than most, or they wouldn't be doing this. That's why I like them so much. By being swingers, they automatically have at least one attitude that I really like. But not necessarily all swingers are all [b]that[/b] open minded, sometimes it's limited to paying no attention to who society says you should or shouldn't be having sex with. People have their prejudices and expectations regarding others, no matter what they're doing. This'll sound like [b]my[/b] rant, and I suppose to some extent it is. I've never posted a booty call, and I never will. And I've only ever responded to one of them. Why? Because I know it'll be a waste of time because of peoples' assumptions and expectations. Like you, I'm not uber any of those things, except maybe smooth if you're talking about body hair, which I doubt you are. I'm good looking, not fat, and am probably the most non-judgmental and open minded guy you'll ever run into. Unless someone does or says something just plain mean to or about someone else, then I get pissed off and my normal open mindedness gets kind of lost. But I [b]do[/b] have a really big issue finding people, let alone single girls, to play with. Why? because I'm [b]old[/b]. And pretty much everyone has all kinds of assumptions about that. It makes no difference that I don't act, or think, or have any of the attitudes someone "my age" is assumed to have. It doesn't matter that I look, based on what other people think, literally decades (well, 2 of them, that

This one time at Swingers Camp - Discussion about N by N camp out - Thanks allot we had a great time. Gets better every year. Rob&Jen

How do we find a female fire a threesome? - - People on a swingers site complaining about other people not being single. I guess I missed the point of this site...

UTAHFUNFRIENDS - - [quote=EVILDOERS][quote=DANDTCURIOUS][quote=utahfunfriends]A female friend and I will be hitting up Park City and looking to meet open minded singles for fun.... I’m new to the area, and wondering if there are any recommended Lifestyle bars or clubs?[/quote] Hmmm, you’re on a swingers site asking about where to meet single people 🤔[/quote] Shhhh! He's gonna realize that very fact in about three...two...one...actually he probably won't. Nevermind. [/quote] 🤣😂🤣

What would you do? - what does a person do when their spouse no longer wishes to paticipate - Well. How amazing that the "couple in question" just happens to be in my home town. And my wife and I are at a serious impasse about the same subject, but in the "traditional direction" i.e. I still want it. She still doesn't. I'm... very surprised that a bunch of Swingers are so unanimous that "No trumps yes": that swinging is just something you do - but are ashamed of enough that any "no" in the group instantly defines the partner's life as well. Why isn't "yes" just as valid? In our case, we've been married for over 25 years. We've had a very-good run. Our children are grown and gone. We're financially comfortable. And we're still physically capable - as we watch our parents be physically unable to walk, hear, see, pee, or do much of anything to enjoy *anything* - the point there being that I hear the clock ticking and to me, this is THE time of life to reap one's reward for the life one has lead - before it's too late to do anything but try to keep breathing. And for me, being honest, the ONE thing that is my reward - is erotic fun. Let me be clear that what I crave is *erotic fun* - not just madly try to find someone new to fuck and never see again - but partners who want to wallow in the erotic experience of "Truth or Dare" and Lifestyle conventions and teasing and games. That's IT for me. That's why "doing it" is called "doing IT". And I've been a great husband/father/responsible citizen for over 50 years. And I feel that there isn't anything else in my life that really gives me a "reason for living". And my wife, bless her, just has never had any passion. She enjoys it when I have sex with her. When I give her a nice massage followed by 3 or 4 orgasms. But she's happy with twice a month or less. And she had no need at all for my "erotic experiences". So here we are. And over the last 10 years we've tried pretty-much every possibility: traditional fidelity, me cheating, us swinging, me swinging alone with her permission... and it always ultimately winds up that the only way she is not *miserable* is if I'm following "traditional fidelity". And the only way I'm not miserable - is if I have the freedom to pursue erotic associations. Now. If my passion were bowling, there wouldn't be a problem. If her passion were gardening or shoe shopping, there wouldn't be a problem. Everybody would just tell us to do our thing without the other - and enjoy what we *do* enjoy together. But somehow sex is THE one that we have to do *together* or not at all. So we're very very seriously trying to figure out if we'd both be happier by tearing up a marriage and going our separate ways. We can all *say* that whoever does NOT want to swing - rules the day, but imagine whatever your very-favorite thing is to do. Then imagine your spouse telling you: "I don't like to do that, so WE won't ever do that and You won't do it without me - and you won't do it alone, either - ever again". Now what?

Find Nudist Swingers - - Looking for Nudist Swingers in West Michigan,around 50 or older

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