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Moab Utah - Swingers in Moab - Corona arch today.

That little nudge many of us need - - We think honesty is the best way to be. If she found out about the meeting without her knowledge, your tryst into the lifestyle may be over. Plus, she might feel the pressure to play at some point anyway. Also, she will always wonder if the next meeting is arranged without her knowledge. Evildoers is correct in meeting with zero chance of playtime. Take their advice. She will feel more relaxed and could enjoy herself with the pressure off. We will take it a step further: Step 1: Set up a date with ZERO playtime opportunity and let the other couple know that. Do something fun (a hike, Topgolf, etc) and get to know them. At the conclusion of the date, let them know that if they do not receive a message from YOU within 24 hours, you don't feel you are a match. Step 2: If you send a message to meet again, let them know your intent and your boundaries. For example, (kissing ok), (fondling ok), (bi kissing ok), (same room, separate room, either room ok), (nudity ok or not). But, speak honestly with each other about this. It's not nice to lead people on after you have committed. At the conclusion of the date, let them know that if they do not receive a message from YOU within 24 hours, you are not ready to go further. Step 3: If you send a message to meet again, let them know what is acceptable. For example (full swap or soft swap), (same room, separate rooms or either ok), (kissing or no kissing), (bi play) etc. Again, you will have to be honest with yourselves if you can do this. By a third date, the other couple has invested a lot of time in you. So, be nice and don't lead them on. Enjoy the playtime. Save enough time for the afterglow sex with them relaxing, chatting, and laughing. By this point, you may have found a couple that you can see multiple times. Doing vanilla activities with them might be a bonus. They may even introduce you to their lifestyle friends too. The other option is attending a house party where play is not expected. You will be able to speak to several couple and perhaps, use the process above. Or you can play that night. When we entered the lifestyle, we never had that couple who could mentor us. After we considered ourselves as no longer newbies, we became the newbie "whisperers" to offer what we never had. However, we've gotten away from newbies since our circle is with experienced swingers now. But with covid, we would date newbies again.

Playhouselv February 1st - - Forget what you know about your typical Las Vegas Swingers Clubs and join our Exclusive Members-Only Group. We host the Hottest, Most Exclusive Private Lifestyle Events and Pool Party Takeovers In Las Vegas. All new applicants and current guests are handpicked and vetted by a board of current members. Everyone can apply to become a member but unfortunately, not everyone will be approved to become a member. Our Private Events are the Hottest, Sexiest & Most Risque Nights Las Vegas has to offer. We are not the largest event in town since we limit our events to125 people, but we are the sexiest & most intimate.

Single male in this lifestyle.. - I have questions for couples and single females. - [quote]Hey, bucko. Polaroid cameras didn't grow on trees ya know. And our P.O. box was like 10 bucks a month! Then there was the HUGE cost of depilatory creams, gaudy gold jewelry and Nehru jackets. [/quote] Well, that was the ONLY advantage to being a single male in the lifestyle back then. NOBODY was going to ever answer any ad you put in the mag, so there wasn't any point in spending the big bucks on a Polaroid, and they didn't come out with cheaper ones that most people could afford until what, late '70s I think it was? (I wonder how many people on the site ever even saw one of those) Anyway,no need for a camera or a PO box for replies, there wouldn't ever be any replies. That "advantage" was offset big time by the fact that the only way you ever even knew about any gatherings, let alone got into them, was if someone knew you and asked you. Which hardly ever happened even if you knew a couple dozen swingers, like I did, because it WAS essentially wife swapping back then. Or if not full swapping, a sort of swapping with everyone in the same room So if you didn't have a lady with you, you had nothing to offer. I was incredibly lucky 'cause I was really good friends with a few couples, friends to the point that I once in a great while got to got with the mrs. to a party. If it weren't for that I doubt I'd have ever gotten into anything. I'm not certain, because it was something that never came up with me personally, but as far as I knew, back then single guys weren't even welcome if a couple brought them. It was all one guy and one girl, or forget about it. I don't really know what went on through the few mags, because, knowing it'd be a waste of time, I never bothered. And I never had to buy disco clothes, I grew up with Hippie rock and folk, and always hated disco as what destroyed rock and roll as well as folk. Hell, the only difference in my clothes now is that the jeans aren't flares or bells and the shirts aren't either flowered of psychedelic 'cause nobody makes them anymore. But I do still have Frye harness boots, same as in the '70s.

Couples Oasis in Vegas - - Have been.. wasn't impressed. Felt like the kind of place you might get herpes just by sitting on a chair. Hosts were very friendly, crowd was older ... didn't see any couples there we would have rated over a "4 / 10". Stayed about 30 minutes and left. Honestly, swingers clubs in vegas are not good... the tourist atmosphere lends itself to people just trying to make money... they don't have to create a quality product to get people to pay big bucks. Save your moeny. When talking about vegas clubs, you'll find that most people over 60 speak fairly positively about them... most people under 40 won't go anywhere near them.... That should tell you something.

C- A - Any swingers clubs around Salt lake? - I know many years ago there were a couple places swingers used to attend are there any bars around Salt Lake City that still accommodate the lifestyle?

Ways to point out Swingers in public - - HAHAHA Yeah, I wouldn't ever think it is a guarantee on any level. We always wonder when we see other women wearing them. But as you mention, it seems like A LOT of people wear them, so we would never approach someone based on that. :) Hopefully at some point someone does approach us based on how i'm dressed, etc. But in our experience it means more for our playtime and fun than anyone else :)

Ideas on Swingers Car Rally..... - Ideas on Swingers Car Rally..... - Hey guys. yes we will all ride together 2 and 4 wheel. then hit Tastebuds Park all the cars up front and the Bikes under the overhang so they can all be looked after and jugdged. Hang at the pool just like the BBQ Pool Party then Hit the Club at 8:00 Chris Donna we already have the Bikers and Babes Party planned start posting to it and get your car people in also. We need to talk about a route Oct 14th not far off.You will start to see the Bikers posting so lets see the car folks also. This will be a fun day and night. After we ride I will have my Rum Punch pool side for all to enjoy. :) Call us. Traci and Pat

BORED *anything happenin tonight* - - Well ok then fuck it what bar is gonna have the most swingers per capita tonight so we arent alone and guessing lol

Swingle males. What's in it for you? - - Interesting. Thanks for the feedback. So are a lot of the chicks in the hookup scene cray cray? "Copping a pregnancy on the sly" is pretty low. Is it that common? Also, the "stranger danger and blind sexual incompatibility" seems like it would be more or less equally as prevalent in the lifestyle. Not to mention STD's stalkers and cheats. What makes you think swingers are inherently more trustworthy in any given situation?

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