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KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - [quote=CHEFFETTE] There's little journalism here in Utah; it's about driving views whose numbers can be used for ad revenue. Titillation drives views. The curiosity gap ("You won't believe what happens next!") drives views. Informing is never considered necessary, only attracting views and/or clicks. There are hungry children in every county of this state but a salacious and sexxxay story is what they choose to put on the news? Useless entertainment masquerading as a higher purpose.[/quote] Thank you for using the word "Titillation" To add to my comment, Heidi, please only friend us if you paid for a membership, that would be true journalism, doing anything you can for a story. Also, I agree with Cheffette, please feed the children next. A middle class family with kids walking in on the nasty is wrong, but more wrong is starving children that don't have a meal for tomorrow. We as 'Merican's focus on what "titillates" us and we forget what is wrong with our cuntry. We focus on starving children in Africa, but not here at home. Let's focus on US for a change.

PICTURE SURFERS HANG A 180 LOL - - I think what they mean by "friends and MAYBE more" is that they are looking for friends first and if everyone establishes a friendship and clicks sexually more will follow. I guess everyone is different when it comes to the lifestyle and some take it more slowly than others. Some require a strong friendship before playing, some don't. Some feel that they may establish a friendship but one of the people just doesn't click sexually with one or more of the others and that feeling needs to be respected by all. When we first started we were in the mindset that we had to find "best friends" with benefits and quickly discovered that we don't necessairly need to be best of friends, we do need to like the other people though and feel that attitude and personality are very important to us. We've been fortunate enough to maintain a friendship with everyone we've played with and some that we haven't because one of the group just couldn't make it to that level but we still maintain contact with each other. I guess what I hate the most is when you run across someone that thinks that just because you are in the lifestyle and on a swingers site you automatically have to lay down and spread for anyone that asks. Doesn't happen often but seems like we get more than our share of it.

Best Swingers club in Cincinnati area? - Swingers clubs - Dane- Many thanks for the honest and informative answer. This is why we really do like ClubSinDay...owners are down-to-earth, straight forward, honest and SUPER friendly!!

Swingers Dares - Text for cards in the game - Question? Why do a lot of these dares have to do with taking a "shot" in them? Why can't they be done without one? That is more of a dare for most people we find in this lifestyle - LOL ;) What about those that don't drink? That is one thing we have found in this lifestyle is some people have to get so fuckin drunk to play, that it does become a turn off. Especially when they want to kiss you and or be all over you and use the excuse they were and or are drunk! Just our opinon, and have found many share it as of late about comments after some parties, and after parties. :P Don't get us wrong we do drink, just not excessivly to where we offend others. Now for our suggestions. We do a lot of games and have many in our FunDo kit we have created. Most we have found have to at least be respectful that if someone doesn't want something to happen that it is not forced, Swingers or not. We do realize these are DARES and they have a choice not to do them. But what about the ones that don't want it done to them when the other is dared? Example - "......to slap everyones ass ......... that is OK with it" Some don't like this type of play and if they are subjected to it out of pressure and or aggressiveness the party and games go down hill fast. Now if EVERYONE is OK then party on!

Who is going to Younge swingers week HEDO? - anyone going? - [quote=SEXYCPLNWYO]Oh but you look so young and sexy!!! [/quote] Its all about how you feel! Yep, left the apostrophy off because too lazy to put it in!!!!

Swinging/Polyamory - I just wanted to hear other people thoughs on this....... - Poly is pretty much a multi-party marriage (more than two) and includes all the commitments that go with a marriage. Swinging is "recreational sex" irreguardless of what other relationship you might be in, ie single married, poly etc. The one thing that I disagree with in the thread is that swinging does not or should not involve a relationship. Rather it is the LEVEL of relationship/commitment that is the question. If you have friends, especially close friends (and I hope you all do) that is a relationship. "Normal society" says you must be in a much higher level of relationship/commitment ie married to have sex. Swingers say you can be on a good friends, friends, or even just acquaintences and have sex. All of these are relationships and I would submit for your consideration that there are a lot of swingers that enjoy getting together with the same people multiple times and also enjoy other things together outside of hopping into bed with each other. That all is a relationship but lower level of commitment. So maybe the commitment level is really the demarkation. We swing and really enjoy it. We have friends that are also swing partners and we enjoy them both as swingers and friends. We have friends that don't swing and we enjoy them. Those are all relationships, but the commitment is to friendship and or swinging. Does this make sence?

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - Is it sweeps already??!

An out of this world (or state) encounter - swinging parties - The problem we have noticed in Utah is that there seems to be far more wanna be swingers than actual swingers. There are quite a few who think if the girls kiss or show their titties then they have had a great swinging evening. To us it is a lifestyle not a fad & the cool in thing to pretend to do. We almost always avoid house parties & private parties for this reason. In fact we almost prefer finding new couples & singles in a regular club & converting them over to swinging over meeting playmates here because it's easier & usually less drama. Not to mention it helps weed out the wanna be's & the ones who used a 20 year old photo that was taken when they still had teeth or before they put on that extra 125 lbs.

Search abilities for international swingers. - Just a suggestion. - Hi. Good to see that we are not the only ones that like to see intenational couples on swingular. Yes, we joined swingular for the international touch and hope to stay there for a long time. We are not only interested in ex. dutch swingers living in the USA, but in every swinger couple worldwide. Its so interesting to get in contact with international swingers. They still belong to our best friends. And having contact with a native swinger from another country, whats a better way to learn more. A swingers hug from the NEtherlands. BEa and Alex

Ldscouple74 - Are there any active LDS couples here - [quote=DANDTCURIOUS]LDS swingers? ...isn’t that’s like an oxymormon lol 😂🤣😂[/quote] No more so than Catholic swingers, or Baptist swingers, or Jehovah's Witness swingers or Muslim swingers (I could go on.). All of which we've met over the years. You can certainly question how someone might rationalize fucking other people recreationally with belief in any given religion, most of which I'm certain wouldn't condone swinging. But it's not really all that different from how most people in the vanilla world view sexual fidelity even when religion isn't in play.

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