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Vanilla friends / lifestyle - revealing our lifestyle to longtime friends -

T4REAL69, The Don

There will always be those that are quick to pass judgement on others. We choose not to bother ourselves with people like that. We are no ashamed of who we are, nor are we scared of any of our friends or family finding out. As you can tell by my actions on these forums, I (Don), do not live my likes based upon what others think of me. I could give a fuck less. The people I love and live for already know, love and accept me. I say why bother wasting your time with people that suffer from delusions of being holier than thou. They can fuck off. I see it as a "need to know" situation. If our friends are indeed in the "need to know", we tell them. If we see potential in involving them, we bring them along to a party. If they have an issue and try and force their morals, we cut our losses. What's cool is now nearly all of our friends are swingers or swinger friendly. So it's really no longer an issue. Think about this. If a person... your "friend" were to say, "Swinging isn't right". Could you not just say, "What makes it wrong?" After all, you are not forcing them to do it. It maybe wrong for them. How is that wrong for you? It doesn't involve them at all. If they are so concerned with what you do in the bedroom, perhaps they are not basing the friendship on the things that really matter. They are not true friends.

-Don- "Ich habe einen kleinen Vogel in meinem Kopf."

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At what point do you out yourselves to family and friends?? - - Most of our long-term friends know we've always had an "open relationship" (and the guys are all jealous LOL), and a couple of my wife's close girlfriends know about the nature of the "clubs" we go to on weekends sometimes. (We've even managed to play with one or two of those friends ;) ) As for family, we'd never tell either side. Hers would have a real hard time I think, my siblings are younger than me but not kids anymore and probably wouldn't care. I'd say both sides would be comfortable with a "don't ask, don't tell" philosophy. Just a comment on Dr. Ziggy's post - we're the "live & let live type," and we're not at all ashamed of what we do. We wouldn't care if the whole world knew if it didn't affect our lives, but the reality would be very different, I'm sure. A new swing friend once asked how I'd feel if our kids became swingers one day. My response was that, if they were making a responsible decision when they did so, that I'd hope they find as much enjoyment in it as we have. He said that was the first time anyone had ever given him that answer, and it was the one he was looking for.

Vegas JP/TSC National Swingers Convention - August 5-9-, 2009 - I'm not advertising for them, just curious if anyone from Utah is going. http://www.jpjustparties.org/ Would love to go if any lovely ladies need a partner.... Mav

New Lifestyle Destination Coming Soon - There is a new lifestyle-only "BnB" club opening this Fall in the Ozarks - Funny you should mention this... my wife has a dream of opening a swingers BNB when we retire.....

Why are there prostitutes on Swingular? - - [quote=ANONYMOUS]I do marketing for a living if anyone wants to hire me. ;)[/quote] I was referring to the prostitute being a smart business person for using a swingers web site. Because as everyone has pointed out. WAYYYYY TOO MANY SINGLE MEN and not enough single women.

International Swingers Day - How are you celebrating? - How was it? We're thinking of going in the near future. Where y'all get a room at? Close by the club? I'm not familiar too much with slc. This is the Mrs. C btw 🙂

NEW YEARS EVE IN FLORIDA - - We will be here 90.00 dollars no reservation needed prime rib and many other items on there menu plus party favors at midnight and breakfast early morning......see you all there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to CLUB ELITE! Tampa Bays Premiere Swingers Club Club Elite, located in Port Richey Florida, was founded in September of 2007 for the purpose of providing a home to the swinging community of not only Tampa Bay, but the entire nation. The owners, Eric and Angie, have been ambassadors of the swinging lifestyle for over a decade. They have hosted parties all over the state of Florida and have also managed several clubs and events in the Tampa Bay area. Through their years of service they have become very well known and loved through out the swinging community world wide. With some assistance from a close knit group of friends Club Elite began to take shape on August, 6th 2007. A location was found, licenses were acquired, and construction began. The club illustrates the love and passion that Eric and Angie have for the swinging lifestyle. They have poured their hearts and souls into the creation of Club Elite and are making it the home for Floridian swingers and swinging visitors from around the world. Be prepared to experience the Elite side of swinging. Club Elite is sure to be the soul destination for swingers who demand only the best in atmosphere, friends, location, and experience. Club Elite is truly the home of homes for the elite swinger. Please come in and experience the lifestyle as it was meant to be experienced! Only at Club Elite! Much Love, Eric and Angie

Why are there so many swingers from Utah? - - It always seems like the big groups of swingers are somewhere else! ;)

Long term girlfriend - New to all this and curious - Yeah is called being a poly couple. We are currently on a long term relationship with a girl but she is not close to us atm (She's in Spain). We will reunite with her permanently next year. We had 2 other relationships with 2 girls in 2000 and 2009. The best thing we can tell you is to talk to girls anywhere you can find them, keep in mind that this site is the least likely to produce any results. Be honest with the ladies but don't press the poly agenda too hard nor too soon otherwise she may get scared. Most girls who get into relationships with couples start by just hooking up in a swingers setting. So start easy. Let love flourish naturally between you 3. Just give the girl a chance to get to know you both, see how cool and how chill you guys are, share a great deal of sexy, fun and beautiful times together and show her that love between you 3 is possible and can be beautiful and uncomplicated. DM for further info. Dan, Susana and Mayra.

Is HABITS still the place to go? - - however if some of us pitched in on making club Edge an AWESOME swingers club that would be great!!! The sound system is soooo high tech and sounds great. They have some of the top dj's in the area. completely awesome!!! There is private area for conversation or VIP reasons and private booths. It has a huge dance floor with lots of extra room to socialize. Huge back area for smoking and socializing too.Every party thrown there has been off the roof and sooooo much fun for everyone including all of the single people out there too. The staff is soooooo nice and great with their customers. The drink prices are not to pricey and drinks taste very good with full flavor not watered down like some of the other bars. May be worth looking into for more parties in the future?!!

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