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What really defines a TRUE swinger? - - We never have viewed single males as swingers. To to us and most of our swinging couple friends single males are cheap sex toys you carefully pick from, use them on rare occasions and then return them and forget them. Sounds harsh but the great thing is that is exactly what the majority of single males that we have all met like. We have only met a couple single males out of hundreds that have broken the mold and surprised us.

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - Just watched the story on the news and was EXTREMELY relieved it wasn't aired on a Get Gephardt segment. LOL Yeah, so the lady in question said she decided to swing with her husband to save her marriage after she gained a lot of weight (guess swinging is easier than a diet or taking up jogging) and that they went to "orgies" all over Utah...naming several cities and "even Bountiful" (the story showed the Bountiful temple a few times during the piece- she said being a Mormon she felt very uncomfortable swinging in a home within view of the temple). She also claimed that she was at a house party and the hosts young kids walked in. She says she started drinking because going to parties she felt like she was in the 5th grade where you wouldn't be chosen for a team...her husband was chosen to play but she wasn't. She has to go to rehab for her drinking. Eventually she wanted to quit but her husband supposedly refused and started going out solo and gave her gonorrhea. They are now divorced. Heidi Hatch was the reporter and apparently she started a profile and was communicating with couples here on Singular (yes, they identified Swingular by name and showed numerous screen shots and even some profile names) who wanted to make sure swinging wasn't portrayed in a purely negative manner. They also had a totally Mormon marriage and family therapist who talked frequently throughout the story. Here is the link to the story on the KUTV website. Oh, and they mention Habits and Club 90. [url=http://kutv.com/news/local/dangerous-liaisons-the-popular-state-of-swinging-in-utah]Swinging Story[/url] There was a hyperlink to Swingular in the online story that now is inactive. Guess too many Elder's Quorum Presidents were logging in to get their jollies. [em]Emo_67[/em]

Members, we need your help! - Your feedback is needed to get more members in your area. - Swingular still remains our favorite and most active site we're on. In our travels, we've still yet to find any place that rivals Utah swing scene. Rob...we ALWAYS name drop Swingular's name in the chats and emails on other sites...lmao, much to their chagrine. And no...we're not ass-kissing here...but seriously, a large national database of swingers on Swingular would totally kick ass.

wanting to play - 3 some or more? - [quote=EVILDOERS]It's your zip code. Everyone knows there are no swingers in Rigby. The hotbed of swinging in Southeast Idaho is Rexburg and St. Anthony...and possibly the greater Malad/Preston metro area. If it were me I'd put a personals ad in the BYU-Idaho student paper or the jobs board in the student resources center. Something along the lines of "Hot sexy couple seeks young nasty co-ed as live in love slave and sex toy. References required. Please sext a naked pic and a list of your fav postions and kinks to TATTOOCOUPLE11."[/quote] I would love to see this add in a BYU rag!

Female sex fantasies. - What do women really think about sex? - Women rarely fantasize about the carnal and brutal side of sex men obsess about 24/7. Women dream about protection, stability, health, family life, abundance of resources, being respected and being married to a nice guy, good provider and overall, happiness. Admittedly I have not read the texts that you and evil speak of. I am not sure what percentage of women rarely fantasize or what percentage dream of the other group starting with protection. Nor am I interested in a PDF of the article or text. Personally it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other what the percentages are or the motives behind them. I will grant you that a lot of what we hear here is male generated fantasies. I do think there are many women that do have fantasies as I do. None of us trying to play the imitation game or cool movie star like swingers as you report. It seems a lot of your responses are your opinion to the text, I am doubting whomever said imagination is good, that’s how we got to the moon, or the correlation to Native American casinos. My imagination makes my mind wander wether it be sex based fantasies or spiritual fantasies. My imagination also is a component of my career that assists me greatly. Just my bent.

What is up with Utah?! - Swingers in Utah and nowhere else? - We are gonna have to make our way to Utah....Close to Vegas so we figure why not. If you swing while living in UT, you maybe gamble too and we may get lucky on a trip! Have some very cool friends from there! You guys ROCK!

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - No-one much on this site are even from our area anyway. Gumby up baby!

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - to all those out there, after spending 11 yrs in the corps, and serving in the last Gulf war, kudo's to all of those serving and to all of you supporting them. To mr DON Juan go jerk off and die

New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - I wish there was a club in southeast Idaho.

9/11/21 NCL cruise to Alaska - Any swingers cruising along with us. - The wife and I are on the Carnival Mardi Gras Oct 30th.. Anyone going with us?

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