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Hubertus Swingers

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Why we ORGY - Why we ORGY - HUGE orgy tonight at the Sheraton downtown. Buttloads of swingers have been bussed in for the event (Don't believe me? Drive down 5th South tonight). Don't miss out. Top secret security clearance required (that's one level BELOW Swingular VIP Verified fyi)

Where are the Midwest Swingers? - - I agree. It is almost impossible to find anyone from Illinois or Missouri in the chat rooms, let alone anyone that wants to chat with a single male. Everyday I go into the chat hoping that there is someone local to chat with, and come up empty. I do value the chats that I have with other members from the western and southern states, but it is so hard to find a topic to talk about in detail besides sports, the weather, or the economy. Most people dont come in here to chat about how cold it is outside.

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - Posted By: XXXTASYX2 Reply posted on: Jan 8, 2008 - 1:39 pm AKLIM69 All I was saying is that a few bad experiences can make people NEVER want to try something. Also, there is the issue that if they are not really interested in it from square one, and there are a few bad experiences, the question people like that ask is "Why am I bothering?" Take our case for instance. We don't really desire for single males or females. Those we have played with in the past have come with baggage. So, why would we be interested in venturing into that territory? Baggage + lack of interest makes it a hard sell should some single male or female come looking.

Southern Utah Parties - - We are in St. George. There isn't a vibrant scene but ibwouldnt say it is a ghost town either. It isn't a swingers paradise

Vegas Baby! - Clubs - Lived in Vegas for 5 yrs and just visited a few days ago. We agree with the "Nasty .. and not in a good way" comment. Been to them all and some that are no longer there. The Sin City Swingers parties are good, been members a long time. Don't waste time or money on Reds (Red Roster). If your not THE FIRST to use a room for the night, your just laying with everyone else that's been there. Green Door same way. Cleanest and best places are gone. Hit the clubs, sure you will find some great like minded people. Have fun... and be sure to cum back and share your story..

Las Vegas - Who knows the in's and out's of Red Rooster - "Go to the w w w . lvrj . com and research the keywords "swingers" "bust" etc. There has been many busts at all the clubs cuz of lack of business license. The only club with license is Green Door and REd Rooster II. " Both of these places have licenses as "health" clubs, there is no such thing as a license for a swing club, Sunrise Manor was the only recent place busted and shut down due to it's proximity to housing and the neighbors caught wind of what was going on inside. You would be wise to stay away from both. Mike at The Red Rooster has successfully kept the law away from his place for years and has been on TV numerous times and interviewed about the place and swinging in general. We've attended parties at the Red Rooster and Couples Oasis and can recommend both - both have a No means No policy and have a mix of all ages shapes and sizes of people depending on the nights you attend, with Fri & Sat being your best bet

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - I'm very proud of both my husband and my two oldest sons who proudly served their country in two different branches of the military. They would have gladly given their lives to protect the very freedoms that make this country what it is today. And we all still get a lump in our throats when we hear of a soldier lost. When we see military tributes and when we hear the national anthem. One of the most touching quotes I've heard is one my son brought home from basic training. ......"A true soldiers doesn't fight because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him"........

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - 05 Saleen Mustang 06 f250 king ranch 4x4 diesel 94 impalla ss 07 suzuki burgman 400 couldn't figure out how to upload pictures

Alex - New to the lifestyle looking for my first encounter into couples and single females - Utahldscouple / openmarriage - My mistake. I read two different responses and mistakenly attributed them both to openmarriage! The other was "don’t understand how single guys can be swingers". My bad.

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - Hmmmm ... more popular than I imagined. And that's a good thing!!!

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