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Polyamory - three (or more)-way RELATIONSHIPS - Hi all.... I'm writing this because Mr. Halfbaked and I finally found someone to swing with, and it turned into more...for ALL of us. Well, me and Mr, and the female half of this couple (long story, relationship was on the brink WAY before we got involved, and they broke up shortly after a few encounters). Thing was, I had already become VERY good friends with the female, and they had been a "play alone and together" couple, so we'd had threesomes with just him and just her, so we knew we liked being with just her. And my guy liked her a lot outside the bedroom, too. Anyway, long story short, we were talking and the subject of polyamory came up (not that we knew that word at the time), because he and i had developed feelings for her, and she'd developed feelings for us. So now, we are a love-triangle in a GOOD way. I am in love with him AND with her, and he is in love with her AND with me, and she is in love with me AND him. We're all in love with each other. So we just kind of made up these rules for our relationship...we have all-together time, and each couple within the triangle also has equal time with just the two. It's been almost a year now, and it's still going strong...We all live apart due to life/economic concerns, but we're thinking about combining households as we plan for this to be a permanent thing. We even want to have a "commitment ceremony" with the three of us, after Mr. Halfbaked and I legally tie the knot (he and she share the same last name, so after he and I get married, we'd all have it). The thing is, we have not found very many places to meet other people like ourselves, though we know they exist...We figured that maybe someone on HERE had some knowledge, either first- or second-hand, that they'd be willing to share. We realize that we're taking a chance outing ourselves on here....from the few people in the lifestyle we have told (we finally found a local club), that OUR lifestyle isn't necessarily welcomed. We figured it was worth it to put ourselves out there, since there are *very* few couples on here even close to local, so we wouldn't really be losing out on much. That said, if you're cool with sharing here on the forum, great. If not, and we totally understand, you could PM us...We're really just looking for other people like us....especially if they are swingers, because we still want to swing, too. Mr. and Misses Halfbaked...or maybe that's 3/4 now, lol ;-)

KSL swing story - - The story was terribley produced. Little to no research. As I said in the thread leading up to KSL being at the Club 90 party, they decided what story they were going to write before they even put pen to paper, and they were not going to let the truth get in the way of their story. I particularily liked the way it played women to be victims in the Lifestyle, especially when everyone knows it is women that really run the show and have the biggest say-so in who a couple plays with. Also, in surveys of swingers when asked "Who's idea was it to start swinging?" 34% of the time it was the wife that first brought it up. Sure, men still accounted for 54% of the survey (the rest couldn't remember who's idea it was originally), but it's not the men wanting sex with other women and drawing their poor defenseless wife into the lurid underground world of wife swapping to do it. Hell, anyone who's been around it for a while knows it's more "husband swapping" anyway. :p I've been following the comments on KSL's website, and these people have no life. They wait to watch the news every night and then add their two cents to every subject. None of them have any idea what they are talking about. As Ozzie Guillen says about arm chair coaches and sportscasters "the farther you sit from the plate the smarter you think you are." LMAO But all the comments are along the same lines, the evil cheating husband luring his innocent, unsuspecting wife into the seedy underworld. Then you get the fake profile they put up and within "six days, 70 married men, most from Utah, ask to start a fling." LMAO Damn, how many couples get emails every day from "free member" married men looking to cheat? We get at least one a day. The same old story over and over: Married Mormon family man who says "I love my wife but she doesn't like sex". These people need to look within themselves. We're not the problem, they are. Plus, most of us won't play with cheaters and after a time we've become very adept at sniffing them out. My wife gets at least one married Mormon man a day sending her an IM on her personal Yahoo! Messenger ID, and they find her in the Yahoo! directory (not Yahoo! Personals, the directory). They just go through looking for women online to contact. They don't know she is a swinger. Her Yahoo! profile is innocent as can be. If they are going to cheat they will find a way, with or without swingers. Wow... I'd love to say this on KSL's site, but like fun4usxx said, it will just add fuel to the fire and you can't win. You can't fix stupid. Mr. Caress4u

Forum Community - EVERYONE!! - This is a good site that rivals Playful Swingers only a lot less cliqueish!! Let's get these forums moving, come on folks ask and reply.

Creating an Amazing Swingers Profile - How to market yourself better - Then we are fake! We are only verified as real..... Maybe we missed a punctuation mark. Fitting to most that the squawkers are the ones that never go to parties or events and never tend to mingle with the Real peeps. Oh well, comment away

Why are there so many swingers from Utah? - - heyy Not everyones from UT.... us Floridians make up a big chunk of this site also!! :)

Kik group for UT swingers. - Contact me if your interested in joining a KIK group for Swingers - [quote=URNEWSECRET]Tried to send you more details but your not accepting messages lol[/quote] They probably are, just not from SMs

Too Young? - Are we just too young... - I can tell you this for a fact - based on both our experience AND our attitude - there is a whole lot LESS drama and insecurity with older swingers than there is with younger ones. Us "seasoned" folks aren't hung up on looks (ours OR theirs) the way those junior to us are. If you read a profile, and it specifies some aspect of how potential applicants have to look in order to be considered viable candidates for play, there's a 99% chance the profile belongs to a younger couple. Vanity, ego, hangups and elitism diminish with age. And as 2THAT said above, if you've never been with an older couple, you don't know what you're missing.

New to SLC - - Hey all, My wife and I just moved to downtown Salt Lake City from the midwest, and we're looking to have some fun. We're pretty new to the lifestyle. Right now we're interested in attending parties or clubs were we can watch and build up our courage to join in. Are there any swingers clubs in the city? If not, are there any regular parties that draws people our age? Thanks

Lake Powell 2013? - - [quote=JIGGY601]We would like to join the trip timing sounds good. We have a boat and truck to pitch in we can have couples ride with us if need be. was just curious because we new to the swingers thing. is it balls to the walls or what happens happens no push or a free for all lets hang and have fun.Would also like to know what to bring so can plan. [/quote] It's a fun time with a chance for a hook up if you are looking for one. No group I have ever been with would put pressure on anyone to do something they didn't want to do. Last year was very low key and people hooked up but it was never a wild crazy party. Lots of nudity and fun flirting but never any pressure to do anything. PLAYNW3 thanks for dragging me behind your boat last year, hopefully I can get you to do it again.

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